Healthy Food for Healthy bones

Healthy bones

Though hereditary factors, mainly determine the size and thickness of your bones, lifestyle factors such as intake of nutrition, avoiding smoking and daily exercises also play a key role in making your bones stronger and longer. At every stage of life, healthy and nutritious, balanced diet promotes stronger, longer and healthy bones.

A good diet includes adequate calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D and the mineral calcium. In childhood and teenage years, good nutrition helps to build bone mass, thereby reducing vulnerability to osteoporosis later in the life. In the Younger and older adults, a nutritious diet helps to protect bone mass and strength. It speeds and aids the healing of fracture and reduces the risk of having another fracture. Various enjoyable eating habits, including calcium-rich foods, may be helpful for strong bones and the high quality of life that comes with them. There are various nutrients, which is considered as healthy food for healthy bones.

Healthy and Nutritional Food for Healthy Bones



One cup of yogurt is enough for a day to keep your bones healthy. It contains 30% of calcium and 20% of vitamin D. Try to have homemade yogurt, because packed one contains less nutrients. Most people get the vitamin D from the sun. Those who are not able to expose to sunlight can cover the deficiency of vitamin D, by having yogurt in their diet.



Whenever a question has been asked about the healthy bones, first answer that comes in everyone’s mind is intake of more milk. “Milk and dairy products are good calcium sources,” says Dr. Michael Lewiecki of the New Mexico Clinical Research & Osteoporosis Center. “In general, each serving of dairy, one cup of milk, a small container of yogurt, an ounce of cheese has 300 milligrams of calcium.” That is, you can have your entire daily-recommended amount of calcium just by ingesting three servings of dairy.



Cheese, especially that is made from the milk of grass-pastured animals, is an excellent source of several important nutrients. Cheese contains rich content of vitamin K2, which is even more important to your heart, bones and our brain. It also provides a cornucopia of vitamins and minerals that gives calcium, protein, and fat. Cheese is full of calcium. Just 1.5 grams of cheese is sufficient to contain more than 30% of your daily required calcium.



Sardines have an awesome nutritional pack that is even in a single serving of sardines has around 20 grams of protein and is full of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and potassium and contains 200 calories. They are often packed in olive oil, which itself is an important component of a healthy diet. They have a savory taste that can be delicious in pastas and salads.



Eggitarian people may have strong bones, because they are consuming 6% of vitamin daily from each egg. Studies tells that egg has rich content of sulphur, which creates collagen. There are two types of collagen that helps in getting nutrients for bones, which are mineralized and matrix collagen. Mineralized collagen is responsible for stronger bones and matrix collagen gives flexibility. We may know from our nails about the strength of the bones.



Salmon are rich in vitamin D and Omega-3 nutrients. But the maximum content is of vitamin D in it, that 3 piece of salmon will give you 100% of vitamin D. So one piece of salmon is enough for a day to consume the required quantity of nutrients. So eat up for your heart and your bones.

7Fortified Cereals

Fortified Cereals

Let’s suppose you do not have time to go out and get vitamin D from sunlight or you are not consuming salmon to get enough quantity of vitamin D that is required for our body. Fortified cereals will help you to get enough quantity of vitamin D. Whole grain and walnut contains 20% of vitamin D that is sufficient for a day.



One handful of almond is sufficient to provide you around 20% of magnesium that you need on a daily basis.. Almond is also rich with other nutrients like fiber, saturated fats, proteins and calories. You may also hear from your grandma that almond gives you sharp mind and help you to think quickly.



The Soybean is rich in calcium and magnesium nutrients. So Half cup of soybean daily is enough to get 25% percent of magnesium. Isoflavones in soy foods may restrain the breakdown of bones.

By: Shaveta kandhari