Techniques For A Good Massage At Home – Everyone Must Try!!

Techniques For A Good Massage At Home

Often we try to find the solutions at home for health and well being which is quite sensible. It is good to give a soothing massage to your friend or family members at home. The only need for a good massage is an oil and rubbing the area repetitively- this is how a home massage seems. If you have done this there are chances of feeling better but what makes it effective is many more things added to it. Learning the tips and techniques for a soothing massage can make your a best home spa.

A wrong massage can misfire with its potential effects. So,never forward yourself to give a massage to someone unless you know the right way to do it. It doesn’t mean, you need a professional or visiting spa is the left out option. Massage at home is safe and sensible as you thought but not unless you know the techniques. If you are eager to learn the massage techniques then we can be a learning help for you. We have shared the tips which can make you a skilled massager for your dear ones.

Tips to give a soothing massage to someone

Tips to give a soothing massage to someone
1. Know the purpose of the massage

Massage is an element that works for various purposes. You may use it to relieve mental stress or treatment for minor injuries caused by sports or workout. Knowing the purpose of the massage itself changes the way you do it. If your purpose of massage is to recover and injury then it is a strict no unless you are highly skilled. It is not enough to know the basic techniques for massaging an affected area. You must seek medical treatment rather than doing it on your own for self or someone else.

If you want your friend, family member or partner to feel relaxed with your massage then it is fine but still be gentle enough. The basic massage techniques can make it effective.

2. Pleasant atmosphere

If you want someone to experience the pleasure of a good massage then you must set a pleasant atmos[phere. Most of the time, people who want to receive the massage would love to indulge in the peace and calmness. Make sure that the surroundings are calm and choose a room with dim lights. Too much light can bother the eyes and disturb the moment.

3. Comfortable surface to sit or lay down

Make sure the person you are giving massage to is laid down on a flat surface for body massage. If you are giving a head or shoulder massage then it is good to sit in a chair or on a smooth surface. Massaging when the person is in an uncomfortable position can trigger anxiety and irritation. So, it is important to check their comfort and preferences before giving a massage.

Generally, professional spa massages are done on the special beds which are not available for everyone at home. You can buy a massage bed if someone at home needs massage every week or more often. A best alternative to massage bed is the bed you sleep in or the floor if you are comfortable. It is better to spread the blankets to make the surface comfy for the person.

4. Turn the soothing music on

Another brilliant tip for an effective massage at home is to add music. If you have set up the room with a comfy bed, dimmed down the lights then set up the music. Choose soothing music that calms your senses. And ask to prefer the music that the person wants while during the massage. Music can help relieve mental stress, anxiety when combined with a good massage.

5. Use a good massage oil

Always, use a good oil that enhances the effects of massage. An oil that is light on skin and not overpowering fragrance can be a good one to choose for massage. It must suit the skin type and must not trigger anxiety. You have various essential oils that work amazing mixing with natural oils.

You must choose the oils which do not disturb the senses at bedtime. Few oils are an overwhelming fragrance and they leave you with an awakened feeling. Better choose the oils with mild aroma like lavender, cedarwood. A fusion of aromatherapy and massage works in calming the senses if you choose the right oil.

6. Hydration is important pre massage

Hydration can help pre massage, but how? So, dehydration is a common result after a good massage. So, the person who is getting the massage must be moderately hydrated before a session. In order to grab the benefits of a good massage, you must be hydrated priorly. When there is lack of fluid and dehydration of muscles after a massage can be an unpleasant experience for you. Then not to blame the massage session for it.

7. Avoid heavy meals before message

It is always advised to have light meals before massage. Having heavy meals before a massage session and you need to give a break of at least 90 minutes prior to it. It is to wait until the food is digested and doesn’t cause any discomfort to your body. You may experience nausea and unpleasant feelings if you go for a massage post a heavy meal so it is a tip that you must keep in mind while giving or receiving a massage.

8. Don’t get off the table soon after massage

Have you ever felt lightheaded or guidy after a massage at home or spa? Then not to worry as it is common. A long massage session takes time to show the results and understand that it is not to panic. Lay down still for a few minutes or continue sitting in the chair even after the massage. Once you feel better and feel relaxed, you can make a move.

9. Give proper support

While you are giving a massage to someone, make sure that you provide good support with cushions, blosters, towels. For example placing a bloster can relieve the pain and stress in vertebrate. Such support is important while you are giving a good massage to someone at home.

How to give a good massage?

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Your family member or partner may want you to give a massage. So, don’t run for the rescue as you need to learn the basic massage techniques to make it effective and a safe practice.

While you are learning the techniques to give massage to someone, know that there are different movements, pressure points, level of intensity. It depends on the body part you are massaging and the very purpose of the massage. Understanding this big difference can help you learn the basic techniques for a good massage at home.

Techniques for back massage

Techniques for back massageIf you are back is exhausted by hours of sitting, standing and over bending then the muscles become sore. The soreness needs a gentle touch to calm down. You can definitely rely on massage techniques if the back pain is causal just due to tiredness but not to due to injury. If it is due to any medical condition then you must immediately consult the doctor before massage at home.

If you are all set to try back massage at home for someone then follow the simple techniques but be gentle while you are doing it.

1.Techniques for head massage

Head massage has the major benefits for mental health and other conditions. A professional massage therapist focuses on soothing the nervous system.

Massaging the head can ease tension, relieve from migraine suffering, helps relax and soothes the mood. If a person has stress and anxiety issues often then a head massage can help combat these conditions. But you must practice the techniques for a good head massage.

I. Ear massage

Be it any kind of head massage, you need to start with ear massage. This can help relieve the person and have the best experience of your massage. You are assuring the person for a soothing massage and taking into a relaxed state of mind before starting the head massage.

II. Light and medium pressure

Many do head massage wrongly with the unknown techniques. You may think that vigorous rubbing and movements makes it a good head massage. But a light or medium pressure is good for a safe and soothing head massage.

III. Cover the entire head

If you are giving an oil head massage then cover the entire head to distribute the oil equally. Keep switching the areas of massaging to promote blood flow in the scalp. This technique can help grow hair and reduce hair fall. It is a wonderful massage technique which also results in lustrous hair.

Steps for a good head massage

  1. Choose a stable chair and sit comfortably.
  2. Allow the person to feel completely comfortable and relaxed.
  3. Spread a towel over the person’s neck and take a few drops of oil in your palm.
  4. Rub the oil in between your palms to warm it up.
  5. Apply the oil into the head and massage with the fingertips.
  6. Gently start massaging the ears before transiting to head massage.
  7. Then move your fingertips to temples.
  8. Massage the temple with your fingertips and then garu sally switch to head.
  9. Rub each area of the head for 4-5 seconds.
  10. Continue the massage for 5 minutes.
  11. Then wash off the oil from your hair or leave it overnight.

2. Techniques for neck and shoulders massage

Techniques for neck and shoulders massageA lot of people who sit in the chair at work or stand for hours of journey need an effective shoulder and neck massage. People who do the activities like typing, painting as part of their profession or hobby need a good massage. A massage that relieves the tension and pain. If you are ready to give a neck or shoulder massage then learn these basic techniques first.

I.Circular motions

Different types of strokes and movements can help make it a good massage. One of the tricks that works excellent is circular motions as it promotes blood circulation. It helps in flowing new blood and circulates the blood in congested areas which can be caused due to lack of movement. This often happens in neck and shoulder movements due to improper sitting and standing position as well. So, this technique is to learn for a good neck or shoulder massage.


Kneading the neck and shoulders can loosen the tight muscles. Remember to apply a slight pressure while kneading. The best kneading technique is to do with your fingertips. You can apply oil for a smooth movement for massage.

III.Use your thumb finger

If you are aiming to relieve the person relief from neck pain then work with your thumb fingers. Flatter both your thumb finger upwards on the back neck. While flattering your fingers, place your four fingers on the person’s shoulder blades. This kind of gentle pressure can relieve all the pain and tension in both neck and shoulders.

Steps for a good neck and shoulder massage

  1. First make the person sit on a chair comfortably.
  2. Place a comfy cushion in between the chair and the person’s front.
  3. Ask them to bend over the cushion and relax the shoulders, neck.
  4. Pour a few drops of oil into your palms and rub it thoroughly.
  5. Apply oil on the neck and place your palm on the neck.
  6. Open your fingertips widely and keep rubbing the neck in up and down motion.
  7. Focus on the neck areas where the tension is. Massage in circular motions with fingertips.
  8. Repeat the circular motions on shoulders as well.
  9. Extend your hands and lay both your palms on the neck of the person.
  10. Now move your hands on the neck in circular motions. Do it all the way down the shoulders.
  11. Stand to the person’s side and hold the neck gently with your hands.
  12. Keep kneading the neck all the way down the shoulders. Switch the side and repeat the movements.

3. Techniques for hand massage

Techniques for hand massage

Giving a hand massage is a basic requirement at home as you involve your hands throughout the day to accomplish multiple things. As you pressurize your hands with chores, lifting the objects and various other activities like sports, hobbies and tasks at office can make your hands feel the tightness. It causes soreness in your hands which can be relieving it all.

We have given the brilliant hand massage technique and the steps. If your aim is to relieve the mental stress with a good hand massage then you can try out the techniques mentioned here. If you want to give a basic hand massage to soothe the tired muscles then follow the steps.

I.Use your thumb

You can relieve your thumb fingers to remove the mental stress instantly with a massage. First grasp the left hand of the person with thumb finger on the palm and other fingers on back of the hand. Apply slight pressure in the middle of the palm rubbing in for 15-30 seconds. Switch hands and repeat the movement.

II.Fingers stretch

Grasp each finger, stretch for 5 seconds and release. Then switch the hand with the same finger stretch while you are giving a hand massage. This loosens the joints in the fingers.


Give your hand the smooth and calming strokes which busts all the stress. If you are suffering any pain in your hands then this massage technique can aid in alleviating it. You just have to hold your hand with your thumb on the palm and four fingers at the back of your hand. Then give vigorous strokes on your palm with your thumb finger.

Steps for a good hand massage

  1. Let the person lay down on a massage bed or a smooth surface.
  2. Place the hands beside the person’s body laying on the surface.
  3. Now pour a few drops of massage oil and then grasp the wrist with both the hands.
  4. Keep flattering your thumb fingers gliding up till mid forearms and go back in a smooth flow to your wrist.
  5. Repeat this movement for 3 times consecutively.
  6. You can give an arm pull by holding the wrist in one hand and elbow in the other hand. Pull it holding both the points by lifting the hand slightly.
  7. Still hold the hand and take it straight over the head while you change your standing position. Now giving the same kind of stretch for 3 times.
  8. Now switch to another hand and repeat the same kind of stretch.

4. Techniques for foot massage

Techniques for foot massagePeople crave for a warm and smooth foot massage after a long day. You can give a happy foot massage to your partner or to your family member after they come back home. It is amazing to make a spa-like setup at home to give a luxurious spa experience. While you are all set to give foot massage, learning the techniques is important too. The tips and techniques will add the goodness to the therapeutic foot massage.

A good foot massage can help you get rid of pain, soreness and tightness in the foot. Foot massage seems simple but it has variations like pressure points, heel massage, toe movement. Form here you can learn some of the best foot massage techniques.

I.Arch rubs

If you want to focus massaging the under area of the foot then use this technique.

You need to hold the top of the foot in one hand and then rub the foot arch with the thumb finger of the other hand repeatedly.

II.Toe bends

You must be gentle and careful while practicing toe bend. Hold the person’s heel with one hand and hold the toes in the other hand. Now gently bend all the toes back and forth. Repeat the movement by increasing the pressure and give a flexible bend of the toes.

III.Heel squeeze

If there is any soreness due to long standing or sitting then you may need heel squeeze. You may want it when you wear heels and suffer with pain in the heel area of the foot. To do this foot massage right, you need hold the top of your foot in one hand and hold the heel in another. Now repeatedly squeeze the held points for 2-3 seconds and release it.

Steps for a good foot massage

  1. Let the person lay down on a massage bed or a smooth surface.
  2. You must sit close the feet of the person to give a good foot massage.
  3. Rub a quality oil into your palms and apply to the person’s feet.
  4. Hold the feet in your hand and smoothly glide the thumb finger on top of the feet while gliding the other fingers on the underside of the feet.
  5. Continue to give 3 long strokes consecutively as described above.
  6. Now switch the movement by holding the feet with your two hands. Place the thumb fingers on the top of the feet while your fours fingers are on the underside of the foot.
  7. Glide your hands from top of the foot to ankle applying a gentle pressure. Continue to give 3 strokes consecutively.
  8. Now switch to the second foot and repeat the same movements to finish the foot massage.

Wrap up,

Giving a massage to your dear ones shows your care and love for them. It can be the best method for a therapeutic feeling mentally and physically. As you are helping them get rid of the pain, discomfort and unpleasant experiences it is going to be a priceless service given to someone and be received. But massage at home needs some love and more techniques. A massage with wrong strokes, movements and motions can worsen the conditions instead of healing. So, learn the massage techniques before practicing it on someone. Also never try giving a massage to someone for serious health conditions like fractures, migraine, muscle misalignments and others. Such conditions need immediate medical help.