20 Practical Ways to Stay Relaxed Through Out The Day

20 Practical Ways to Stay Relaxed Through Out The Day

There must be times when you are not able to focus on yourself or your work. Your mind is more occupied with stressful thoughts than the goals and vision of life. As your thoughts ripple your actions, you must let your mind be stress free. Let your mind feel relaxed with the stress management skills. For this you must practice some of the ways to stay relaxed through out the day.

The mental stress can be a cause for sleep deprivation and insomnia. There are many health risks associated to stress and unrest mind. Only then you are always asked to relax instantly. Choose the easy to do and instant ways to relieve your stress through out the day.

Look for the practical and instant relaxing ideas to encounter the mental stress. Here we have listed a good number of helpful ideas to stay relax all the day. These ideas will help you any day and any time.

Why is relaxing important?

Blood flow in the body is the main function that keeps us active and energetic through out the day. When you relax, blood in the body it helps flow normally. Relaxation is the key for your body and mind to function well. It gives you more energy when you are relax compared to being stress. You will be able to gain the focus on your tasks, concentrate well and positive thinking.

What are the best ways to be relaxed all the day?

1. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises

If a deep breathe can set your right, then how about breathing exercises? You have various type of breathing exercises to control different health issues. One of the efficient breathing exercises is mindful breathing.

Mindful breathing is helps you aware of your own breathe and focus on it. It helps enhance self awareness, better concentration. It is relaxes your mind and relieve the stress. Learn a breathing exercise and practice it when you are stressed. A study(R) found that the breathing is a way to relax through out the day.

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2. Soak in a warm bath

Soak in a warm bathMental stress is not just affecting your thoughts and actions but also your body. It is tightening your muscles with tension. When you are over stressed, have a warm bath. Let your body soak to relieve the physical tension. Eventually, it makes you feel relaxed when soaking in warm water.

3. Take a nap

Take a napA nap is not just effective to minimize your jet lags but also to reduce the mental stress. A recent study shows that a short nap can reduce your stress and help strengthening the immune system. Stressing for longer time can affect your body functions.

A short sleep time can make you more patient, less stress, increased power for learning. Also it helps you work efficiently. You will naturally feel free and recharged after a nap.

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4. Drink a glass of water

Drink a glass of waterA research (R) says that drinking water can control depression and anxiety to a good extent. The minute you are stressed, you can consume a glass of water. It is a way to relax and relieve the stress instantly. But do not gulp the water instead drink sip by sip. Moreover, don’t forget to stay hydrated. This can help you stay relaxed through the day.

5. Drink a cup of herbal tea

Drink a cup of herbal teaA warm cup of herbal tea can rescue from the stress (R) and anxiety. Prefer herbal tea not coffee when you are stress. Caffeine in coffee can elevate the cortisol levels and cause more stress. Whereas herbal tea soothing properties which also relieve you from physical and mental stress.

6. Meditate

MeditateMeditation is a popular way to relieve the stress (R). You can sit in a relaxing position and slowly clear your mind. It allows you to focus on inner strength. Meditation can relieve your from physical tension which can shrug the mental tension. You can make it a regular practice to manage your stress though out the day.

7. Eat some dark chocolate

A study found that consuming dark chocolate can relieve the stress(R). When you want to instantly feel relaxed, you can eat a piece of chocolate to feel better. It puts you out of stress within a seconds. This is a known and proven way to relax through the day.

8. Be surrounded with greenery

Be surrounded with greenery

Go out and be surrounded with greenery. Studies found that greenery lower the blood pressure and stress levels (R). Nature helps you better than anything else. You can also place a few tiny plants at work place, houseplants at home. It keeps your mind calm and free from anxiety. You can stay relaxed through out the day.

9. Have a good lunch

Have a good lunchWe tend to hurt ourselves in stress which is unfair. You must treat yourself better and best when you are stressed. The best way to manage your stress is eat a healthy meal. A nutritional meal that is also delicious will make you feel full and happy. Again don’t binge eat which leads to other health problems. A small, healthy and tasty meal can put ou out of stress for real.

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10. Listen to soothing music

Listen to soothing musicIf your mind is extremely disturbed then let the playlist help you. Choose the soothing music that calms your mind and helps relieve the stress. In fact, you can stay relaxed through out the day with music alone.

11. Write it down

Write it downWhen you are not able to control your stress just take a book and pen. Write it down whats making you feel stressed. While you complete writing, you will be able to feel relaxed. You will know how small or big the problem actually is. It may realize that and starting seeing situation with a different perspective. This will help you feel relaxed as you self expressed and able to sort it out.

12. Plan ahead

Plan aheadOne way to manage your stress is to manage your time. You need to know how to manage your time wisely. An unorganized day leads to stress and steals your peace. Instead of activating the instant and last minute actions, we suggest you to plan ahead. The predictable and prepared situations keeps you away from stress.

13. Pick small solutions for every problems

Pick small solutions for every problemsIt is common to face the problems in various aspects. Stressing over a problem can drag you into tougher situation. So, look for the solutions which are doable and practical. Don’t be in urge to solve the whole problem at once. First start with smaller steps and sort out the problem bit by bit. This can help you be stress free and feel less burdened.

14. Go for a walk

Go for a walkWhen you stressed and want to instantly relax, go for a brisk walk. The physical exercises produce the hormone endorphins that reduce stress instantly. Walk is mild physical exercise that produces endorphins. It helps feeling you relaxed and stress free. Go for a walk, take some fresh air and it will set your mood normal.

15. Play with your pet

Play with your petDo you have a pet? If yes, then its good for you. Pets give you unconditional love. Animals never fail to teach you how to be happy and relaxed. Play with your pet and see how instantly your stress goes in the air. You can play until to divert your mind completely from the stressful thoughts.

16. Read a book or novel

Read a book or novelRead a book of your interest to feel relaxed. This is the best way to take a break from stressful thoughts. An interesting book can keep you locked with the it. Slowly it loosen your mind from the stress. But it is important to choose a good book that gives you positive thoughts.

17. Watch a fun series

Watch a fun seriesWatch a fun series that makes you laugh out. Laughing can smash the stress and improve your mood. Laughter produces the endorphin hormone and reduce your stress. You can manage your stress this way in between work, assignments.

Another benefit of laughing out is reducing cortisol levels. When you go through the mental stress, cortisol keep circulates through out your body.

18. Get a head massage

Get a head massageA head massage can aid in relieving stress and tension. A soothing massage can lower the blood pressure. It also improves the blood circulation in your head and neck. Massage eases the muscle tension that is caused due to stress. When you are stressed, you can get a gentle head massage.

19. Reach out

Reach outIt is always good to seek a help from your people. Be it a loving family member, understanding colleague or a trust worthy friend. When you are feel low or stressed, just reach out to someone close to you. Discuss your thoughts and opinions with them. Express your emotions which can relieve you from stress. This can help your quickly feel relaxed rather than keeping it in your head.

20. Count to 100

Count to 100To relieve from the stress, you must start counting which can help you calm your mind. You can try counting backwards which helps in relieving the stress. You can do this whenever the stress triggers your mind. It can keep you relaxed through out the day.

Benefits of Relaxing

Relaxing is a need and its an emergency in some cases. Stressing over for long can make you feel the need for relaxing instantly. So, you must not hesitate to relax your body and mind.You can know the benefits of relaxing through out the day-

Improves concentration and focus

When you are relaxed, you will be able to focus better and concentrate properly. Relaxation is a productive at work or home.

More patience

You need to increase your patience levels be it anywhere. A relaxed mind is the key for more patience.

Better listening

A relaxed mood can help you listen better.It is not only lending your ears but also mind but only when you are relaxed.

Positive thinking

If you noticed, you tend think positive and spread positivity when you are relaxed. Positive thinking can keep you motivated in life.

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Peaceful atmosphere

You proactively want to make the atmosphere peaceful when you are relaxed. You try to sort out the unsettled things around you.

Risks of not relaxing enough

If you are holding you stress and not relaxing enough then it may lead to various health issues. Stress can be a direct or indirect risk factor for your health. Some of the risks are explained below-

Heart strokes

Study (R) says stress can cause approximately 9.1% hypertension. Hypertension can lead to heart strokes which means stress is a direct cause. This tells us the importance of relaxing through out the day.


Not relaxing can cause pressure to your mind. The pressure leads to forgetfulness. You will not be able to remember memorize things in daily life. Relaxing is crucial to be active and alert through out the day.

Low immunity

Constant stress can affect the immune system (R). It weakens the immune system and make you vulnerable to viral infections and illness. Staying relaxed through out the day is best solution to guard your immune system.

You have the ways that keep you relaxed through out the day. Encountering stress and anxiety is easier when you know the management skills and relaxing activities. All these ways are to work for you as mentioned.