Massage For Weight Loss – 7 Benefits And 3 Types!

massage for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, we are either trying out new diets or hitting the gym early in the morning. But, how many of you knew of massage for weight loss? As weird as it does sound, massage does help promote weight loss and that too in the most natural way, without imposing unnecessary side effects.

Finding it weird is common as not many actually know about the same. But, if you want to escalate your weight loss results the natural way without unnecessary supplements and invasive procedures, there are several types you can take a look into.

Here, we are going to be highlighting some of the benefits of massage for weight loss and the varying types that you can indulge in.

Does Body Massage Help with Weight Loss?

Does body massage help with weight loss

If you are thinking that being reliant on just body massage is going to bring in results, you are completely mistaken. Massage is an accessory kick that takes your weight loss results forward.

Just relying on massage and stuffing your face with unhealthy junk food won’t get you the results that you want to achieve.

This is the reason why you do need to keep this as an additive to your weight loss efforts.

If you are questioning whether or not body massage helps with weight loss, it depends on the kind of cumulative efforts that you are putting into your weight loss journey.

Benefits of Body Massage for Weight Loss

Benefits of body massage for weight lossTo be honest, the benefits of body massage for weight loss are very amazing, especially when you are trying to tone up your muscles during the process.

An adequate and professionally done body massage does have the possibility in helping reduce the excess fats in the body, just ensure that you are getting it done from somewhere with the expertise in it.

Full body massages have direct impacts on the body’s metabolic rate, helping improve the overall results with the successful weight loss in no time at all.

Body massages are relaxing and also have direct impacts on the muscle tone, further promoting better weight loss results unlike anything else.

Some of the benefits of massage for weight loss include:

1. Promotes Better Blood Circulation

Promotes better blood circulationIt is likely that you must be thinking how improved blood circulation helps with weight loss, right? Well, correct and optimal pressure on the body and the muscles, in general, helps amp up the circulation, promoting better oxygenation of the cells too.

The same has been found to have positive benefits in promoting the burning of the calories and prevents the unnecessary fat deposition (R) in the body too, thus keeping your weight in check.

Improved blood circulation also impacts the metabolic rate (R) of the body, further promoting the weight loss results effectively.

2. Can Supplement the Exercise Results

Can supplement the exercise resultsIf you have been indulging in exercising for weight loss, it is likely that adding body massage to the mix can further help promote the results of the exercise.

Getting a full body massage after a hardcore workout session can effectively help you lose the strain and compliment the results of the exercise too.

They have direct benefits on reducing the muscle tension and the stiffness (R) that you are likely going to experience after a workout session.

It also reduces any complaints of inflammation, improving your endurance and lets you exercise even more efficiently.

3. Relieves the Complaints of Stress

Relieves the complaints of stressStudies have found that higher levels of stress and cortisol in the bloodstream affect the body’s metabolic rate and enhance the risks of weight gain.

Not just that, stress has also been associated with overeating, which is a very common marker for weight gain.

One of the most common benefits of massage is that it helps calm your mind and reduce the high-stress levels in the body.

Effective stress management contributes to an overall better well being and helps in reducing weight over time.

Massage also promotes the release of the endorphins (R) and the feel good hormones into the bloodstream which have positive benefits in helping get rid of the risks of stress and possible weight gain.

Proper management of stress has also been found (R) to help regulate the levels of the hunger hormones, further aiding in weight loss.

4. Prevents fat deposition

Prevents fat deposition

When it comes to weight gain, one of the most common markers behind the condition is propagated because of the fat deposition.

If your body has an affinity of causing fat deposition inside the fat cells, it is likely that a body massage can effectively help reduce the risks.

Even studies have found that regular massaging and rubbing of the same area of the fat deposition in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise can result in healthy weight loss.

If your body experiences excessive fat accumulation in the cells, it is likely going to contribute further to weight gain.

Massaging on a regular basis can help keep that risk at bay.

5. Promotes Better Nutrient Absorption

Promotes better nutrient absorption

When it comes to the impacts of massage for weight loss at home, it is likely promoted because of the heightened nutrient absorption in the body.

Stress is one of the most common factors that reduce the nutrient absorption (R) from the consumed food.

If you have been looking for better ways to lose weight, massages are considered one of the best options.

Not only do they help manage the signs of stress, they also do help in boosting the body’s digestive power, further promoting the overall metabolic rate.

The same further contributes to a healthy weight loss result.

The better your body absorbs the nutrients and the oxygen (R), the more likely you are going to experience the weight loss results.

6. Regulates the Blood Pressure

Regulates the blood pressureHigh blood pressure because of stress is considered one of the most common reasons behind the issues associated with weight gain.

Hypertension is associated with inflammation (R) and heightened water retention in the body which can make it hard for you to lose weight.

Deep body massages (R) have been found to have positive impacts in reversing the impacts of high blood pressure, promoting streamlined weight loss.

7. Reduces the Toxicity in the Body

Reduces the toxicity in the body

If you want to lose weight, getting rid of the toxins from the body is a necessity.

The combination of the exercise along with body massage has been found to have positive impacts in helping promote better removal of the toxins from the body.

The heightened toxicity in the body is considered one of the most common reasons behind the fat accumulation in the body.

Lifestyle choices often contribute to heightened toxin levels in the body, so focus on changing those first.

Types of Body Massage for Weight Loss

Types of body massage for weight lossIf you seriously do want to indulge in getting massage for weight loss, knowing of the varying types is a necessity.

It is always best that you consider consulting your doctor first and get a better perspective of things.

There are three major types of massages for weight loss that even science backs up as effective.

They include:

1. Lymphatic Massage


The consistent complaints of weight gain and obesity has heightened risks of lymphedema.

Lymphedema is a condition which is characterized by a sudden inflammation in the arms and limbs, which is caused because of the negative impacts to the lymph nodes.

Lymphatic massage targets in flushing out the excess accumulated fats around the lymph nodes and promotes effective drainage of the lymph nodes too.

Once the excess fluid is effective flushed out, it is a lot easier to reduce the inflammation and the excess fluid retention in the body.

Even a conducted study (R) has highlighted the benefits of lymphatic massage in helping reduce the excess fats around the stomach, and the thighs.

Seeing a certified practitioner for this is a necessity. It is very important to talk to your doctor all the possible impacts first and then move on with the procedure.

2. Aromatherapy Massage


For the individuals who are struggling with stress induced weight gain, aromatherapy massage is one of the best massages for weight loss in such cases.

The masseuse used essential oils and special techniques in this massage to help get rid of the stress and the anxiety that could be provoking you to overeat or binge eat.

In a conducted study (R) with post menopausal women, the researchers found that the impacts of aromatherapy massage were effective in reducing the abdominal fat and the overall waist circumference. The massage was done for an hour straight and with a combination of “3% grapefruit oil, cypress and three other kinds of oil”. Doing so helped reduce their waist circumference and the abdominal subcutaneous fat.

3. Cellulite Skin Fold And Vacuum Massage


Yet another one of the effective types of body massage that promote weight loss is with the Cellulite Skin Fold And Vacuum Massage.

The implementation of the vacuum massage technique has created a rave among the people and for all the right reasons.

This treatment or massage is best effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and getting rid of the excess fat deposition from the body.

While the process of the skin fold technique helps in smoothing out the skin, the vacuum massage has direct impacts in reducing the appearance of the cellulite on the pain points of the body.

In a conducted study (R), the researchers found that the implementation of the skin fold technique effectively helped provide a cellulite remission in 40% of the participants.

If you are opting for vacuum therapy, instead of relying on the devices that are available in the market for the process, try and contact a professional in the field to get the procedure done.

These massages are effective in losing the fat from around the abdomen, back, thighs and even the chest region.

Massage for weight loss is effective only when done as a conjunction with exercise and proper diet. if you are relying on just the body massage to get the desired results, it is likely that the same won’t be effective. This is the reason why it is important that you do list out all the pros and cons and know the methods to get the desired results.