Best Cardio Workout For Men

cardio workout for men

You may be doing some workout or the other in the gym. Whatever equipment you have, you may be doing a workout with an effort to lose weight or build muscle. You must be dreaming of a physique that you want. For this, you may have to do it right. Doing the wrong workout could arrive you at the undesired results. There is best cardio workout for men that is available.

Cardio Workout For Men

Follow these tips when you do a cardio

1) Plan

Do tell yourself what you are doing beforehand. Aim at two or three sessions per week. Then try making them for more times in the week. You must be able to reach your goal.

2) What is in your hand

If you have a magazine or a book that you might want to catch up with, throw it aside. Do not think of reading when you want to do a cardio. Focus on only one thing at a time. Make time for workout and save time for the book during bed.

3) Warm -up

Doing a warm-up will increase mobility and decrease any injury and will prepare you well for the workout. If you neglect warm up you might get an injury.

4) Avoid steady state cardio

Unless you are on a long distance run, do not do at the same pace for longer. High intensity interval training will increase your metabolism than working out on a steady pace.

5) Mix in exercises

Try mixing in body weight exercise between your runs. This will break up a boring session and add to your strength.

6) Cool down

Bringing your heart rate down will improve recovery process and slows down the body after an intense session.

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Some cardio workout sessions that you can do

Many complain about running as it hurts them a lot. But there are many exercises that can be a part of cardio workout.

1) Jump rope rounds

Jump rope rounds

With interval workouts, you can get more benefits than you would get treading on a treadmill. Try doing these short circuit of body exercise. You can do them in four minutes, as many rounds as you can. You must do jump rope after each interval as many times as you can for one minute.


    • 10 squats: Stand with feet your hip-width apart. Now squat down as low a so you can. Keep shoulders up and back flat. Press through heels to stand.
    • Pull-ups: Start from a dead hang. Pull yourself fully up to the bar. It must be in level to your collar bone.
  • 10 push-ups: Keep your hands close to your body. Now lift your chest up and lower it down.

After you finish the four sessions with one minute jump rope after each session, do this entire set for four times.

2) Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball

Whenever you are near an ocean, give a try playing volleyball. Moving around on sand consumes more energy than on the cement. You will generate high power when you are jumping up as the sand shifts under your feet. This cardio can also help strengthen legs and ankles that tend to weaken as you grow older. Unlike treadmill, you can go with volleyball for hours together.

3) Cycling


If you are bored to run isolated, you can take a bicycle and start pedaling. Cycling is great because you can change your intensity depending on the terrain. You can go mountain hiking. It is more intense and requires more speed. When you have to go up a slope push yourself hard to go up.

4) Boxing


Try hitting the boxing bag and just see how good a cardio it makes. With boxing, you shuffle, twist, keep your arms up at a high level. You also use a lot of speed to hit the bag. Whenever you hit hard for a considerable amount of time, you start having your blood pumping and your heart beating fast. Give as many punches to keep you do the best cardio.

5) Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks do not require any equipment. You can do them anywhere you like. They are so simple to do. Do them by stretching your arms. Or put your arms across your chest for flexibility. It involves the upper body as well as the lower body. Cycling just keeps only the lower body to move. You may add quick bursts of jump jacks for increasing your heart rate.

6) Swimming


When you do swimming, you use every muscle of yours. It uses every bit of energy. You do it at the same time do not feel sweat. The pool keeps you at cool temperature. This way you will do swimming longer. Alternate simple pace with fast pace will increase your heart rate.

7) Burpees


Burpees will increase your heart rate that is a characteristic of cardio. It may not be good for beginners, but something good for those who are already fit. It is a perfect cardio. Burpees are so efficient to use all the muscles at a time.

Cardio workout can be a good way for weight loss or build muscle or maintain a good physique. It is good to do cardio for best fitness results. They keep the heart pumping and burn more calories.

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