15 Amazing Herbs For Weight Loss

Herbs for weight loss

When you plan for a meal with chicken or fish with a salad or brown rice you are no doubt missing the benefits of herbs and spices that burn fat. Herbs and spices are the best way to add to food and lose weight. Herbs and spices can boost metabolism too. Hence, they can help to burn body weight faster.There are amazing herbs for weight loss that you should know.

15 Herbs For Weight Loss

Some herbs that help in weight loss are


The yellow bright yellow spice can help your body burn fat. According to a study, a substance in turmeric called cur-cumin can help lose weight than when you take a diet without cur-cumin. Turmeric increases body heat that in turn can increase metabolism.You can sprinkle turmeric on soups stews and roasted vegetables or nuts.


This spice is known to balance blood sugar it can help you to curb cravings of food and to keep you full longer. Hence makes you eat less that might contribute to weight loss. You can sprinkle some cinnamon on oatmeal, in cottage cheese, plain yogurt or to your brew to make a tea.


Cayenne when added to your food tastes like a warming spice. This means cayenne boosts the metabolism by increasing the body temperature. It suppresses your hunger cravings. Adding the spice in a meal can help you burn up to 100 calories per meal. Try to sprinkle Cayenne on roasted nuts, or in soups or scrambled eggs.


Cumin is very effective in reducing weight. Cumin when added to food burns calories up to three times more body fat. It improves digestion process and production of energy, according to a study. It is hence beneficial for your weight loss. Cumin is universal to add up to food.You can add cumin in salad, soups, stews or marinades or flat bread.


Ginger is a very good cleanser. It can help to remove food clogged in the digestive system. It hence prevents fat storage and helps in weight loss. It can prevent rise in blood sugar levels after a carb rich or sugar rich meal. Grate ginger and sprinkle on stir-fries, baked fish, fruit salad or tea.

6Nettle leaf

This leaf is full of nutrition. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins like C, A. They aid in purifying blood and burning fat.

7Black pepper

Black pepper can help boost metabolism. The substance piperine is filled up in pepper. It can help boost metabolism.


This spice increases your body’s ability to burn fat by boosting the metabolism. You can add it on baked foods, coffee or meats.

9Acai berry

According to studies, the juice from acai berry or powder can improve the ability to lose weight. It prevents fat building up in the body. It has energizing proprieties.


It can help in losing weight. It aids in stimulating the nervous system and helps you avoid emotional eating due to stress or tension.


This flower can help cleanse your body and help to slow down your digestion. Dandelions help to feel fuller for longer. They give you nutrition too that keeps you less hungry. Start eating this flower to lose weight.

12Flax seeds

Flax seeds give you a sense of fullness and make you eat less. They help you in overeating and hence help you to lose weight.

13Coconut oil

Coconut oil can help increase metabolic activity. It helps thus in releasing energy and promoting weight loss.


This is a safe weight loss agent. The seeds make you fuller for longer and slow down the absorption of simple carbohydrates. So you lose weight.


Garlic may stink, but works for weight loss. Eating this herb can burn more fat, according to a study. You can add this in your meals.

How to buy, store and use

    • Do not buy spices in large quantities. They lose their flavor and potential after a year.
    • Keep the dried herbs and spices away from sunlight and moisture.
    • When substituting fresh herbs for dry, use three times of fresh herbs as the dry.
  • Use them in recipes as early as possible as they have a chance to develop flavor. You can also add them to cooked food or at the end of cooking.

Add the above herbs and spices in your diet.You will have extraordinary health benefits along with an increase in the metabolism as well as in losing weight. They improve the overall quality of the diet. The herbs for weight loss must come in use to you with their weight loss properties.

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