8 Weight Loss Shakes For Slimming Down

weight loss shakes

As per manufacturers, protein shakes are a way to reduce weight. But the fact here is that substituting meals with protein shakes makes you lose weight. They just reduce your intake of your daily calories. But if you choose solid foods again, it might add up to weight. It is advisable to choose solid food wisely. Some weight loss shakes can be helpful for slimming down.

Plus if you depend too much on protein shakes you might miss out the nutritional benefits of wholesome foods. But if the protein shakes contain all the essential nutrients it is helpful in losing weight.Diet shakes have a control on calories. For those who exceed their calorie intake, diet shakes are a plus.

Weight Loss Shakes That Are Helpful In Losing Weight

1Spinach flax protein smoothie

Nutrition: 231 calories, 8 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 23 g carbohydrates, 9 g fiber, 11 f sugar, 19 g protein

This is made from spinach, almond milk, chia seeds and flax seeds. This can be a good way of consuming spinach for those who do not like it. You can add mango or banana. You will not get the taste of spinach. This drink gives the vitamin-A that we need in a day. The addition of chia seeds adds fiber. This makes a healthy drink as well as a substitution for a meal.

2Sunrise smoothie

Nutrition: 209 calories, 1.8 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 42 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 28 g sugar, 8 g protein

This is made from Greek yogurt, blueberries, orange and banana. This is a delicious smoothie you will enjoy to the core. The sugar content and high carbs are from the fruits. So you do not have to scare. The drink is loaded with vitamins too. It is fiber rich that will keep you slim and healthy.

3Dark chocolate peppermint protein shake

Nutrition: 153 calories, 3.2 g fat, 0.9 g saturated aft, 20 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 9 g sugar, 13 g protein (calculated with unsweetened almond milk)

This mint peppermint shake gives you a delicious taste whatever time of the year it might be. It does not even contain fat and sugar. It tastes similar to a dessert. It does not have waist-expanding properties. You can top your dessert with a fresh dollop of Greek yogurt. It can give you extra protein.

4Almond butter protein smoothie

Nutrition: 280 calories, 14 g fat, 1 g saturated fat, 39 g carbs, 9 g fiber, 17g sugar, 7.5g protein

You get the protein source from chia seeds, almond milk and almond butter. Made with just four ingredients, the smoothie is easy to make. The almond milk and almond butter give the dose of protein. Enjoy this for breakfast or lunch. Adding a little cinnamon can curb any belly fat and help regulate blood sugar levels. This can keep you from food cravings.

5Mango protein smoothie

Nutrition: 298 calories, 55 g carbs, 47 g sugar, 9 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 5 g protein, 5 g fiber

It is made from mangoes, avocados, fat-free vanilla yogurt and a little sugar. The ingredients can be blended well until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve. This can give enough healthy calories and can be drunk instead of a meal. Or you can drink it little by little. Mangoes contain folate, vitamins A, B6 and C and other nutrients that make you full. They help the body in proper digestion and burn more calories.

6Blueberry smoothie

Nutrition: 273 calories, 4 g fiber, 9 g protein, 29 g carbs, 14.5 g fat, 24 g sugar, 1.5 g saturated fat

Blueberries are packed with fiber and water. They make you feel full. They satisfy your sweet tooth and reduce your calories intake. They activate the fat cells in the abdominal tissue. This drink is made of milk, from blueberries and flax seed oil.

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7Banana peanut butter smoothie

Nutrition: 366 calories, 3 g fiber, 18 g protein, 16.5 g fat, 40 g carbs, 3.5 g saturated fat, 32 g sugar

This smoothie is made of milk, fat free plain yogurt, peanut butter, banana and honey. Bananas are loaded with potassium. They are low in calories and fat and high in fiber. Bananas boost the metabolism and speed up the digestion process. So they reduce the amount of fat stored in the body. This combination provides the body with enough nutrients and proteins that suppress the appetite.

8Berry oat smoothie

Nutrition: 280 calories, 4.9 g fat, 2.3 g saturated fat, 3.3 g fiber, 35.9 g sugar, 10.6 g protein

You may not be in a mood to eat oats. Then this smoothie is helpful. The antioxidants in blueberries with oats can give you all the health benefits. You can stay full all through the lunch time.

The above smoothies when taken instead of a meal can reduce the amount of calories you are taking. These weight loss shakes help you slim down eventually.

By Pradeepa Polineni