7 Best Benefits of Sunbathing and How it Contributes to Your Body

Benefits of Sunbathing

We get vitamin D from the early morning sun but many think it brings more harm than benefit by being under the sun. Yes, it sure does but bathing in the morning sun gives more health benefits than you can imagine. So when was the last time you lazed under the morning sun? Maybe you do not even remember and that is normal since the majority of people do not know the benefits of sunbathing.

Sunbathing has to be done at proper timing and duration or it may bring many skin issues. The morning sun is best to get benefit from apart from that it may burn your skin or cause rashes. Sunlight as you know is very valuable for plants not just for them, but also for human beings too. We often leave our homes by applying sunscreen and no wonder in today’s times so many people suffer from issues due to lack of vitamin D. If you are here to know all the benefits of Sunbathing we advise you to keep scrolling and find out more.

What Does Sunbathing Mean

Sunbathing Mean

Sunbathing is an activity lying and being under the sun for a short duration to get a tan can have major health benefits. Today it can be a little difficult to believe that being under the sun can have a positive impact on us. Sunbathing does not mean being under the sun at any duration or suffering under it just to get vitamin D, as there is a difference between being in sun for 15 mins and frequently spending time out for tanning

Sunbathing is also a therapy done to heal from various health issues by doing it the natural way. When your body gets exposed to the rays of the sun in the morning it benefits you from skin and health issues.

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Benefits of Sunbathing

1. Sun Exposure heals skin issues

1.	Sun Exposure heals skin issues

When your skin is exposed to the sun it heals your skin and treats conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and other skin infections. When morning sun reflects on your skin it makes you sweat and causes sweat improves your skin, it also feels as therapeutic as being in a sauna and helps in releasing stress and makes your body calm too. Research (R) specifies that being out in the sun has significantly cleared skin issues like psoriasis in more than 80% of people. However one must not be bathing in the sun for too long as it may cause other health issues or skin cancer, it is advised to be done under medical supervision.

2. Sunbathing eases depression

Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression mainly found in people during the cold winter season. It is caused because of sunlight destitution. To people who are not able to get sun exposure mainly seen in them. Sunlight helps to increase the level of natural antidepressants in the head which are responsible to relieve depression and sunbathing has proved to produce serotonin (R) too which thus helps in lifting your mood and being stress-free.

3. Have better sleep

In today’s world, so many are fighting against insomnia and also opt to take sleeping pills which can at times even harm your body so if you are looking for natural ways to deal with this issue, sunbathing can help. As sunbathing helps in the production of melatonin which will help you to sleep and improve sleep quality. Also as sunbathing helps in depression and makes you feel better just by being out for some time induces better sleep. So next time when you are sleep-deprived try sunbathing the next morning.

4. Helps lower blood pressure

Nitric oxide is a substance that helps to lower blood pressure and is released into the blood vessel when you get exposed to the sun. lower blood pressure reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes and that is how sunbathing helps to improve your heart condition and prolong life. So if you are someone dealing with hypertension, this will help you out. That is why it is said that sunbathing not only just give you vitamin D but also has many health benefits too.

5. Boosts immunity

Our elders have always advised of sunbathing because it has been an ancient technique to boost immunity to your body. As you already know sunlight helps you with vitamin D, which has immunomodulatory properties that are vitamin D3 but apart from this, sunlight also boosts infection-fighting cells in your body which helps to fight diseases and build your immunity system.

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6. Lessens Alzheimer symptoms

Alzheimer’s patients who have been exposed to the sun have shown better results on their mental examination. The research done by the American Medical Association (R) has found that patients who have Alzheimer’s symptoms have shown fewer signs and symptoms of depression, nighttime wakefulness, agitation, and lossless function.

7. Improves bone health

Vitamin D helps in the absorption of bone strengthening and phosphorus in the human body. As you know humans get vitamin D from sunlight and a study (R) shows bone density and vitamin D3 are related to each other. D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin and it regulates calcium in the body. As you age you may notice your bones being weak or fracture of bones, with the absorption of vitamin D3 from sunlight you lower the risk of such bone issues. That is how sunbathing helps to improve bone health in humans.

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How Long Should You Spend Sunbathing

How Long Should You Spend Sunbathing

Sunbathing has many skin and health benefits but many believe being in the sun can harm their skin. Let us tell you that being out there in the sun for some time has shown many more benefits to people than no absorption of sunlight. Experts say it is normal and completely fine to bathe in the sun for about 20 minutes without sunscreen.

It may also vary depending on how your skin may react to sunlight and how harsh sun rays may fall where you live. So it is best to start slowly for around 5-10 mins and later increase it.

How Long to Wait to Shower After Sunbathing

If you want to tan by sunbathing you may wait for 45 mins to an hour to shower so the tan can settle on your skin. If you do not want to tan you can shower anytime after sunbathing, it all depends on you. Although you may take a cool shower as it will help to soothe the skin and feel great after being in the sunlight.

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How Long for Tan to Develop After Sunbathing

Sunbathing and tanning go hand in hand, if you have pale or fair skin you may notice the tan sooner but if you are dark skin the tan would be there but may not be visible to you as much. However, it takes 1-2 hours after sunbathing for the tan to settle on your skin.

Tips for Sunbathing

Here are some tips to safely sunbathe

  1. When you start to sunbathe, start by being out for a shorter duration. And once you see your skin can take up the heat well you may increase the duration maximum till 20 mins
  2. If you feel your skin is burning or heating up, take a break in between
  3. Always the first hydrate yourself well and then go for sunbathing
  4. Eat foods that prevent skin redness like tomatoes so there won’t be skin redness issues.
  5. Let your whole body be soaked under the sun as that is what the term refers to bathing, try to cover in minimal if not completely.


Sunbathing has many skin and health benefits which you may not be aware of, one of the natural ways to deal with various skin issues, improve your immunity and bone health but make sure you do not spend too much time being considerate with the time factor is important while bathing in the sun or being exposed to sunlight. Hope this post has helped you to understand the benefits and how it affects your body. Thank you for reading.