10 Health Benefits Of Sunlight You Definitely Need To Know

benefits of sunlight

Sunshine – just the mere mention of it has a happy and positive connotation to it, doesn’t it? But could you have ever thought that these rays of bright light from the sun could actually be very beneficial for your overall health? Probably not, right? Well, let me break it for you that, for the most part, the benefits of sunlight tend to overshadow the common cons that we know about.

If you have always associated sunlight with sunburns and tanning and heat strokes, it is time that you are well aware of the sunlight benefits too because, trust me, they are abundant. Long gone are the days when people only associated sunlight with something that affects your skin and might end up being the reason behind skin cancer.

In this article, we are going to shed some light (all pun intended) on the sunlight benefits for skin, hair and our overall well being. So, scooch on and go outside and soak in some of the sunshine to enjoy its amazing benefits first hand.

Health Benefits of Sunlight

Health Benefits of Sunlight

Now that we have more or less hinted how beneficial the sunshine is for our health, let us take an in-depth tour into the basic benefits of sunlight that you possibly didn’t even know of.

1. Benefits Of Sunlight For Hair

Benefits Of Sunlight For Hair
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If you are here wondering how the bright sunlight would even promote anything good for the hair, it is time to change your thought process. The exposure to sunlight helps in the production of Vitamin D (R) in the body which is what boosts the hair growth.

That being said, make sure that you are not overexposing your hair for a very prolonged period of time because the same has negative effects on the body and the hair. Ensure to spend around 20-30 minutes on a regular basis to get rid of the problems associated with hair loss or weak hair roots.

It is believed that the epithelial cells that are found in the hair are very sensitive to UV radiation (R) and prolonged exposure might adversely affect them. So, be cautious of that.

2. Benefits Of Sunlight For Diabetes

Sunlight For DiabetesNow, as astonishing as it sounds, regular exposure to sunlight benefits in the prevention of the risks of diabetes, especially the Type-1 Diabetes. It is essential to understand for a fact that the more the sunlight, the more the levels of Vitamin D production in the body which has positive impacts in the prevention of Diabetes.

And it is not just a random fact but even a study (R) conducted by the University of Lund and Malmö University Hospital backs these claims up.

3. Benefits of Sunlight for Weight Loss

Sunlight for Weight Loss
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While there are still very non-conclusive studies regarding this, it is an actual fact that sunbathing can actually make you lose those extra pounds (R) from your body.

It is believed that sweating induced by the extended exposure to the sun contributes to the process. Even the healthy production of Vitamin D in the body helps in regulating the metabolism rate in the body which is an added bonus. So, if you are worried whether or not sunlight will actually help with weight loss or not, it actually does to an extent.

4. Benefits of Sunlight for Eye Health

Sunlight for Eye HealthWhen we mention sunlight as an amazing remedy for improving your eye health, it is primarily how it affects the associated that counts.

Our eyes are made of photosensitive cells (R) which have direct association and connection with the pituitary system of our body. The pituitary gland is one of the most important endocrine systems of our body which balances the hormones.

The sunlight is the major source which helps activate these photosensitive cells in the eyes which then helps trigger the functions of the pituitary. These cyclic events also have amazing benefits in boosting your eye health on a whole.

5. Benefits of Sunlight for Acne

Benefits of Sunlight for Acne
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Because of the presence of the UV radiations in the sunlight, it possesses amazing qualities in healing skin diseases, especially the ones associated with acne, scarring, psoriasis etc.

A recent study (R) also concluded in their results that the prolonged exposure to sunlight helped in relieving the signs and symptoms associated with healing the problems associated with psoriasis.

That being said, as the UV radiation possesses the potential of causing cancer because of heavy mutations, it is always best to be careful of how long you stay outside in the sun.

6. Benefits of Sunlight for Bones

Sunlight for Bones
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Yet another amazing sunlight benefits is in how it promotes bone health and makes them stronger. It doesn’t necessarily need an introduction on how the same benefits the bones.

Sunlight exceeds and influences the production of Vitamin D (R) in the body which is one of the primary factors that influences the absorption of calcium from the food that we consume. The more the calcium in the body, the healthier the bones are going to be.

Make sure to be very cautious of how long you expose yourself to the sunlight because an excess of it can have negative implications on one’s health.

7. Benefits of Sunlight to Lower Blood Pressure

Sunlight to Lower Blood PressureA study (R) conducted by the Harvard Medical School found that the lack of sun exposure was one of the primary reasons behind the heightened blood pressure in the body. While the exact reasons behind the same are not that conclusive, it is believed that the Vitamin D from the sunlight plays a very crucial role in regulating the blood pressure levels and also contributing to lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

8. Benefits of Sunlight to Reduce Cancer Risks

Sunlight to Reduce Cancer RisksThe heightened levels of basking in the sunshine are what acts as a protective shield from the risks of cancer. But, excess exposure to UV radiations also have the risks of developing cancer, so be very wise whilst soaking in those Vitamin D particles into your body.

Studies have even shown that sunlight has the capacity to reduce risks associated with prostate cancer.

9. Benefits of Sunlight for Improving Mood

Sunlight for Improving MoodSunlight and the bright sunny morning is more than enough to brighten up anyone’s mood, isn’t it? People often times associate sunshine with positivity and brightness, no wonder it is an amazing mood booster, isn’t it?

Well, when it comes to the grounds of science and research behind how sunlight is beneficial in boosting one’s mood, it is believed that it actually does help in elevating one’s mood. The main reason behind the same is because of the fact that sunlight exposure helps improve the secretion of serotonin (R) in the body which is known to be a “happy hormone” that is responsible for boosting one’s mood.

10. Benefits Of Sunlight For Depression

Sunlight For DepressionYet another amazing and amazing sunlight benefits is the fact that it actually helps elevate the signs and symptoms associated with depression. In medical terms, it has also been found that the lack of exposure to sunlight was linked with the induction of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Sunlight induces positive energy in the body and has amazing benefits in boosting one’s overall mood which also helps cure the signs and symptoms associated with stress and depression.

The benefits of sunlight are abundant; all you need to do is look past the negative connotations to get to the positive ones. From being an amazing boost to one’s bone health to positively influencing one’s overall mental health, the sunshine has the capability of doing it all.