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15 Foods To Beat The Summer Heat Wave This Time Of The Year

15 Foods To Beat The Summer Heat Wave This Time Of The Year
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Summer heat wave can definitely be a daunting condition, isn’t it?

Persistent sweating and dehydrated bodies often contribute to deteriorating wellness of an individual.

Are you one of them who despises the summer month of the year just because of how taxing it is for one’s health?

We are well aware of how water is one of the most important components of hydration for the body during times like these.

But, consistent drinking of this tasteless fluid can become a little too boring. Worry not, because, there are a number of fruits that do contribute to your hydration needs, all the while ensuring to not make it monotonous with the consumption of just water.

Buckle up and sit back because this article is going to delve into the top 15 types of foods that can help you beat the scorching and excruciating blaze of the sun above your head.

#1. Watermelon


There shouldn’t be a speck of doubt regarding how refreshing a watermelon is. But did you know that it is equally hydrating? Probably not, right?

Watermelon constitutes of 92% of water, which is pretty much as if you are drinking water, only that you are actually not. So, if you are tired of chugging down glasses after glasses of water to combat the summer heat, switch to watermelon.

Drink freshly pressed watermelon juice, add it to the smoothies or even just enjoy the fruit in cubed forms as a snack anytime throughout the day.

#2. Cantaloupe


Cantaloupe is not always the fruit that many people reach for. The reason being the odd and bland taste that it has. But, there are actually people who love it just for the same reasons.

So, if you belong to the latter category and love the taste of cantaloupe, munch on a few pieces of it or add it to your salad because this fruit consists of 90% water which is a great alternative of water if you want to keep yourself hydrated throughout the heat.

#3. Cucumbers


Cucumbers are one of the best foods for beating the summer heat wave. Containing around 96% water in it, it sure helps in keeping the body hydrated and maintaining the water levels in the body that you probably lost throughout the day.

Munch on cucumbers throughout the day or even put them over your eyes to attain a feeling of relaxation.

The only side note, if you have cats in the house, try and ensure that the cucumbers are not just lying around anywhere because apparently, cats are terrified of cucumbers.

#4. Strawberries


The mere mention of strawberry should be more than enough to hype up your senses regarding the concept of hydration throughout the summer months.

Strawberry is loaded with necessary minerals and nutrients too, which is beneficial for the one’s health. It is made up of 92% of water which is good news for people who aren’t that fond of drinking water.

Munch of a few strawberries throughout the day, or even enjoy these tart fruits with a drizzle of chocolate for an improved taste.

#5. Celery


Celery is not a veggie that people categorise as nice on the palate. And as much as that’s true, it is also considered as one of the most effective remedies to combat dehydration.

Not only is it rich in water, which makes up 95% of its concentration, it is also rich in other essential minerals. Experts and specialists claim that consumption of just three stalks of celery can effectively balance out concentration of natural salts in our body like that of sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron etc.

It is also said to be an amazing remedy for a hangover. So, not only is it going to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun but also fight the pounding headache that you might suffer from because of a hangover.

#6. Grapefruit


Next on the list is grapefruit. The heightened concentration of water along with the amazing tartness of the fruit helps keep the body hydrated and rejuvenated. It is composed of 88% water which is amazing news because that means that you have any form of hydration in your bag except for water.

Often times, the excessive sourness of the grapefruit is not something many people are fond of. If you are one of them, add a pinch of salt and a bit of chilli powder or paprika to it and that itself is an amazing snack on its own.

#7. Iceberg Lettuce


Amongst the other forms of lettuce, iceberg lettuce is probably the least hyped one. Why? Probably because of its taste.

That being said, this form of lettuce is the one with the highest water content and is also the cheapest, so you can save on your budget too.

Iceberg lettuce consists of 95% water which makes great food for fighting the summer heat. Make a salad bowl and add some hand torn lettuce, some watermelon, cucumbers and a bit of feta cheese for that extra kick and you are good to go.

#8. Cauliflower


On a scale of 1-10, how shocked are you on the mention of cauliflower in the list of foods for summer? Pretty shocked, I presume? But, let sort that out by stating that cauliflower consists of 92% water.

So, if you were looking for a good alternative to keep your water balance in check, cauliflowers can be the answer to that.

You can boil them, bake them or even stuff them over a pizza. For your convenience, we have attached a gif of an easy cauliflower curry recipe that can help you out if you are in a quagmire.

#9. Portobello Mushrooms


Portobello mushrooms are one of the most underrated mushrooms and all because of the lack of availability and people not knowing how to cook them.

This particular variant of mushroom consists of 90% water which itself should be more than enough to assure you why you need to up the consumption of it during the summer days.

Avoid over baking or persistent grilling because it’ll draw out the water from the mushroom, rather avoid overcooking it so that the water content is intact which is what you need for hydration at the end of the day. Refer to the easy recipe in the gif to make a delectable snack for you to munch on.

#10. Apples


Yet another amazing food that makes its place for beating the summer heat is apple. Not just for a number of other health ailments, it is amazing for keeping you hydrated and refreshed which is a necessity during the scorching heat of the sun during the summer months.

Apple consists of 86% water which is definitely amazing for your hydration needs. You can simply just munch on an apple as a snack anytime you feel dehydrated or tired because of the heat.



Tomatoes are loaded with amazing properties which help make it one of the best foods to consume during the hot weather of the summers.

Tomatoes constitute of 95% of water and are also rich in natural oxidants and Vitamin C, all of which is very beneficial for fighting the symptoms of dehydration during the summers.

The only line of caution is to not eat uncontrollably because tomatoes also contain lycopene which has cancer forming properties that you definitely want to avoid.

#12. Oranges


One of the most important nutrients in our body is potassium which controls a number of body activities. During summers, we tend to lose it in hefty percentages through sweating.

Oranges are one of the best ways to replenish the lost potassium in the body. It is rich in potassium and helps curb the body’s deficiency which is caused by the consistent sweating because of the hot weather. Not just that, oranges constitute of 87% water which is amazing for the hot climate.

Snack on orange pieces anytime throughout the day or include a glass of freshly extracted orange juice in the breakfast.

#13. Yoghurt


Yet another amazing remedy for curbing the rising temperatures of the summer is with the consumption of yoghurt. Yoghurt is loaded with essential proteins, water, and even the good probiotic bacteria which makes it one of the best options for consumption during the summers.

It helps fight the sounds your stomach has been making because of hunger and prevents you from eating the highly salted or greasy food that inflicts negative impacts on the body during summer months. The water content keeps you fairly hydrated and the probiotic content helps with digestion.

Eat yoghurt as a condiment or eating when you are feeling hungry in between meals. It contains around 85% water.

#14. Berries


And the spectrum of berries for beating the heat in summers doesn’t restrict to strawberries only. Even blue berries and raspberries are loaded with amazing hydrating properties along with other essential vitamins and minerals that are lost because of excess sweating during the summer months.

Berries can be added to smoothies and shakes or even enjoyed on their own as a snack a few hours before or after meals to replenish the lost nutrition from the body.

#15. Green Tea


Don’t get wiped out because I mentioned tea in the segment. Are you fretting about how would you drink something hot in this hot weather? Well, drink it cold them. You can either opt for iced green tea or switch to the matcha variant of the green tea.

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants which is very beneficial for the body. Consuming green tea contributes to the overall well being of an individual which is definitely an added bonus.

Combating the scorching heat during summers can be a very tedious task, primarily because of the fact that your body is dehydrated half of the time and for the rest, your feel drained and exhausted to even carry on. If you wish to keep yourself hydrated and even supply your boy with the lost nutrients, try and consume any of the above mentioned fruits or veggies.

That being said, it is necessary to know that there is no permanent replacement for water. You can instigate the addition of any of these fruits or veggies in your diet, but make sure that you are also drinking sufficient quantities of water at the same time.

These listed foods can help you survive the sometimes unbearable conditions of summer heat wave during the year of 2018.