How To Reduce Body Heat? 20 Natural Ways To Combat Heat Stress

how to reduce body heat

A rise in the body heat can often be a normal phenomenon and sometimes even because of an underlying health condition. Whatever the reason be, if you have been persistently looking for ways on how to reduce body heat naturally, this is the right place to be in.

It is not just some clear ways but there are even some ways that contribute to aiding you to reduce body heat immediately.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the home remedies for body heat that can provide you with very promising results.

What Is Body Heat?

What is Body Heat

So, the question of the hour, what is body heat?

Body heat is described as the body’s ability to generate and dissipate out of the body to maintain a balanced homeostasis of the body. Ideally, the body’s temperature is believed to be 98.6°F but the same can vary by a few degrees, either more or less. For the most part, the body temperature of an adult varies within the range of 97.8°F and 99.0°F.

If you have been wondering about what it is in our body that manages and controls our overall body temperature, it is the combined efforts of the hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system which helps regulate the temperature of the body.

What Causes Elevation Of Body Heat?

Often times, the temperature of the body rises to unexplainable levels because of a number of reasons which is known as heat stress. It can be because of a number of reasons – from extreme hot weather conditions, to food habits to some form of underlying factors.

Apart from this pragmatic overview, there can be a number of other underlying reasons which can be a contributing factor to the elevation of the body heat from the normal levels.

  1. Suffering from any form of inflammatory response inside the body because of any form of infection is often a major cause behind the rise in the body heat of an individual. The proliferation of the any kind of microbial activity often ends up being the primary reason behind the elevation of body temperature.
  2. Exposure to hot and humid climate is also one of the most common factors that impact the body heat. If you have been under the direct sunlight for extended periods of time or if you have been indulging in some physical activity, chances are that your body temperature will spike up.
  3. Consuming extremely spicy and oily food has the possibility of elevating the body heat too. Not just that, other types of foods like nuts, meats and other types of protein rich food can often end up increasing the body heat of an individual.
  4. Medications can also often influence the body heat and if there are some kinds of medication that you are having for the treatment of a specific condition can influence your body temperature too.
  5. The secretion of excess thyroid hormone, otherwise known as hyperthyroidism, often ends up impacting the overall balance of the body temperature too.
  6. Dehydration or the lack of proper water and fluid balance in the body is one of the most common causes of rise in the body temperature.
  7. Tight fitting clothes and even the material of the clothes play a quintessential role in the retaining of body heat which tends to raise the temperature of the body on a whole. Synthetic clothing tends to trap moisture and heat which contribute to elevation of the body heat.

Symptoms Of Elevation Of Body Heat

Symptoms of elevation of Body Heat

Majority of the time, the elevation of body heat doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a fever. In other words, fever is not the only symptom associated with the disrupted body temperature. There are a few additional symptoms that an individual is most likely going to experience when there is a spike in their levels of body temperature.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of heat stress include:

  • Signs of fever
  • Hot sensation on touching the skin
  • Hot flashes
  • Feeling of uneasiness
  • Restlessness
  • Shortness of breath


Check Out These Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Body Heat.

How To Reduce Body Heat?

How to reduce body heatWhen it comes to answering the most sought after question of how to lower body heat, there are multiple ways in one can achieve the same. Right from several types of foods to a number of other natural remedies that help regulate the overall temperature of the body, the possibilities are quite diverse which is exactly what you need to lower body temperature.

In this section, we have shared some of the amazing ways to remove excessive heat from the body without imposing any negative implications on the body.

1. Buttermilk


Chilled buttermilk is an amazing way to combat the sudden spike in the body temperature. If you have been exposed to any form of hot weather conditions, consuming buttermilk can have a multifaceted benefit for your health.

Not only is it hydrating, it also aids in replenishing the lost nutrition from the body because of the excessive sweating that accompanies the heat stress. The high concentration of probiotic and essential nutrients in it actually does help replenish the lost vitamins, electrolytes and minerals.

2. Coconut Water

Coconut WaterOften times, the increase in the body heat is predominantly because of the lack of proper hydration in the body and also because of the lack of electrolyte balance. If that is the reason behind the heat stress you are undergoing, drinking coconut water can not just rejuvenate and revitalize the body, it also helps to remove excessive heat from the body.

The natural electrolytes in the coconut water (R) helps maintain a steady balance of the lost electrolytes and help restore the lost drained energy from the body. It helps rehydrate the body and when the temperature of the body is out of bound.

3. Increase Water Intake

Increase Water IntakeWater is a predominant factor that regulates the internal and core temperature of the body (R) to help maintain a proper balance between the fluid balance and the amount that you are sweating out. If the proportion is disturbed and you end up sweating out more than the amount of fluid you have in your body, chances are that you will end up being dehydrated.

The reason for body heat elevation is dehydration and the lack of proper fluid balance in the body. In order to combat that problem, it is best to drink optimum amount of water every single day without any fail.

4. Basil Seeds

Basil Seeds

Sweet basil Seeds, also known as “Sabja Seeds” is one of the most popular body coolants (R) known in the field of Ayurveda. This is predominantly a very common accompaniment in the drinks found in Asia, especially in Thailand.

These seeds are often soaked till they fluff up in the water and these transparent ones are then added to the drinks to help regulate the body temperature during the scorching heat of the summer. It is actually very effective in bringing down the body temperature and thus aids in getting rid of the problems associated with heat stress.

5. Onions


While many people have this lingering misconception that eating onions tend to contribute to increase in the body temperature, it does quite the opposite of it. It has been witnessed in the field of Alternative Medicine that eating of even the application of raw onion is linked with helping cool down the elevated temperature of the body.

If you have been consistently witnessing a heightened temperature, be it for the weather or some other temporary condition, it is best to just rub some fresh onion juice on the chest and under the feet and that helps draw out the excess heat out of the body and cools it down substantially.

6. Celery

CeleryCelery is one of those foods that reduce body heat extensively. Because of the fact that it is loaded with water and nutrients, it helps in hydrating the body and gets rid of the signs and symptoms of dehydration that could be a potent reason behind the elevated body heat of the body.

Not just that water content, celery (R) is also loaded with beneficial vitamins like Vitamin A, C and K along with necessary minerals like folate which actually does aid to lower body temperature to prevent any further risks of heat stroke.

7. Watermelon

WatermelonWatermelon for the aspects of body hydration and cooling of body temperature doesn’t necessarily require a separate explanation, now, does it? Given the fact that watermelon is 95% water, it helps combat any signs of lack of hydration in the body, which is exactly what aids in regulating the overall fluid balance, and in turn, the temperature of the body.

If you have been consistently feeling hot all over without any precaution, it might be because of the altered body temperature and the best way to get rid of it is by popping in some good chilled watermelon (R) slices in your mouth. It helps reduce body heat immediately.

8. Peppermint

PeppermintIf you have been seeking ways on how to reduce body heat, the best way to achieve so is by popping in some washed peppermint leaves into your mouth. The menthol content in the peppermint actually does aid in regulating the altered body temperature and brings it down effectively.

Menthol has a cooling property (R) which is exactly what aids in bringing down the extensive rise in the internal temperature of the body and getting rid of the body heat and helps bring the temperature down back to normal. Chew on some peppermint leaves when you are feeling hot.

9. Honey With Milk

Honey with Milk

Yet another one of the effective home remedies for body heat control is the consumption of milk with honey. The combination might not seem like the best option at hand but trust me, it works wonders in regulation of the altered body temperature because of heat stress.

Many people often times think that drinking milk ends up causing a rise in the core temperature of the body but it is how you drink the milk that marks the difference in the outcomes. If you want to reduce the temperature, it is always suggested to drink cold milk with some honey in it because that’s what aids in getting rid of the elevated body heat.

10. Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek is known as a very effective remedy for thermoregulation, especially for lowering the body temperature drastically. If you have been wondering how the same is effective, drinking fenugreek tea heightens the rate of sweating which, in turn, helps bring the temperature down effectively.

Not just that, if the hot tea is not something you prefer, you can make the fenugreek tea (R) ahead of time and chill the same in the refrigerator and drink the same. Not just that, the tea also helps in detoxifying the body and getting rid of the excess fluid off of the body.

11. Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C Rich FoodsIf you have been on the lookout for foods that reduce body heat, it is best to consume fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C (R) is not just beneficial for the body because of its high antioxidant properties; it also does impact the overall fluid balance in the body.

Vitamin C also replenishes the lost nutrients and thus aid in balancing out the lost essential nutrients (R) from the body and helps in combating the side effects and problems that one face because of the excess heat in the body. It is always best to snack on citrus fruits during the summers to keep the heat stress at bay.

12. Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraAloe vera is yet another one of the effective answers on how to lower body heat. The cooling and soothing properties aside, aloe vera (R) is also loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals which contribute to the process of body cooling effectively.

Not just that, aloe vera is also claimed to be an adaptogen which has beneficial impacts in moulding the body’s thermoregulatory properties to be aligned to what kind of weather the person is exposed to. It helps the body adjust to the external changes and even prevents the risk of heat stroke.

13. Light Coloured Clothing

Light coloured clothingIt is not just about the home remedies for body heat, there are actually quite a few other aspects that one needs to look out for in order to have a balanced body temperature, the primary being the type of clothes you are wearing.

The colour and the material of the cloth are very important to maintain, especially during the summer days because those are the days which pose the maximum risk of heat stress. Avoid wearing clothes that are very dark in colour and even try and wear clothes either made out of cotton or something of a breathable quality that will help in proper perspiration and won’t lock the moisture and heat inside.

14. Sandalwood


Sandalwood (R) is yet another one of the common home remedies that has beneficial impacts in alleviating the heightened temperature that majority of the people face during the summer days or because of any form of underlying health condition.

If you can’t access the sandalwood powder or the wood itself, even the sandalwood oil has similar benefits like the wood itself and is also quite easily available. Make a smooth and thin paste using water and sandalwood powder and apply it on the chest and the forehead and just leave it on. Alternatively, apply the sandalwood oil on the same spots and massage it into the skin.

15. Poppy Seeds

Poppy SeedsPoppy seeds (R), which are not quite extensively found all around the world does have impactful benefits in getting rid of the altered body temperature. The opium like properties help in inducing sleep and also aids in regulating the body temperature to be able to induce body cooling properties that help in preventing any possible risks associated with heat stroke.

The only thing to ensure is that you should be very cautious with the amount of poppy seeds you are consuming because it is the seeds of an opiod plant which when consumed extensively can induce negative impacts on the body.

16. Pomegranate

PomegranatePomegranate (R) is a beneficial food that helps reduce body heat naturally. This is primarily effective in individuals who are either suffering from dehydration which is leading to the consistent signs of heat stress.

Drinking pomegranate juice actually has beneficial impacts in lowering the body temperature extensively, so drink a glass of the juice actually does aid in getting rid of the excess body heat from the body. The rich quantities of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are also quite impactful in replenishing the lost ones from the body.

17. Sweat It Out

Sweat it out

Many often tend to oppose the condition of excessive sweating when the same is actually quite beneficial if you have elevated levels of body heat. Sweating is the body’s natural mode of thermoregulation (R) (R) which is why when you have heightened levels of body temperature, the body perspires to bring the body temperature down.

It is essential to sweat because it is also a mode of getting rid of the accumulated toxins in the body.

18. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seedsFennel seeds is yet one of the ways on how to reduce body heat. While there are no concrete reasons as to how these are actually beneficial in lowering down the temperature (R), it is believed that it actually has a cooling effect on the body which is what aids in getting rid of the excess accumulated heat in the body.

Soak a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a glass of water overnight. Strain the liquid and drink this in the morning.

19. Radish

RadishApart from having a rich water content, radish is one of the foods that reduce body heat. It is loaded with beneficial amounts of water required to replenish the lost levels of fluid in the body but not just that, radish is also loaded with essential Vitamin C properties which impose antioxidant (R) properties and helps lower the body temperature.

Apart from that, the beneficial anti-inflammatory (R) properties of the radish aid in fighting off the accessory reasons behind heat stress.

20. Cucumber

CucumberCucumber is an amazing body coolant, mainly because of its high water concentration. This is very effective in combating the signs of heat stress that is caused mainly during the summer season, especially owing to dehydration and the imbalance in the levels of electrolytes and other essential nutrients from the body.

If you stay in an area with a dry and humid weather condition, it is best to consume one cucumber every day to combat the signs of heat stress, and to avert the signs of heat stroke.

Side Effects Of Elevation Of Body Heat

Side effects of elevation of body heat

Heat Stress or heat exhaustion needs immediate remedies to be tended to because of the fact that otherwise, there are chances that the consistent rise in the temperature can even result in a heat stroke which is definitely not something favourable.

Some of the side effects of elevated body heat include:

  • A consistent feeling of fever and temperature on the body
  • Exhaustion and tiredness
  • Being constant thirsty because of lack of hydration in the body
  • Excessive sweating for thermoregulation
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • A headache
  • Lower blood pressure because of lack of electrolyte balance, especially sodium
  • Rapid heartbeat and pulse

If you have been constantly seeking answers for how to reduce body heat, I hope this article was helpful enough. While the heightened body heat might not seem like an alarming condition to look into, it actually is. It is important to ensure that you take sustainable outreach to help combat the situation and regulate the temperature accordingly.