Important Benefits Of Coconut Water

benefits of coconut water

Coconut water has been considered as one of the best thirst quenchers all across the globe. Various athletes recommends drinking of coconut water after performing intense workout as it contains electrolytes, antioxidants as well as vitamin C along with various other important nutrients for your body. Along with strengthening your liver, regular consumption of coconut water results into low blood pressure as well as cholesterol level and diabetes. Additionally, it is also beneficial for your love life as it helps improving the quality and quantity of semen in men and provides various beauty and health benefits to expectant as well as new mothers.

Benefits of coconut water were unknown to the western world as compared to Caribbean as well as Southeast Asian region. Coconut water is found in both tender green as well as fully mature brown coconuts. However, you should not be confused it with the other coconut milk which is made by mixing the coconut meat into the water. We have made for you a list of some of the important benefits of coconut water which you should consider to keep yourself fit.

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Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut WaterGreat replacement for sports drink

As mentioned earlier, various athletes recommends drinking of coconut water after Workout and replace it with those carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages which are available in attractive bottles. It helps in neutralizing the reactive oxygen process which triggers after working out as it contains various antioxidant properties. Along with containing essential mineral as well as electrolytes, it also helps in providing hydration as well as moisturization to your body.

Regulates blood pressure

Coconut water has been found as a great drink to lower your blood pressure. It manages your blood pressure like a powerful medicine, without any side effects, and also helps in keeping an eye on it. According to a study conducted on seven persons, suffering with hypertension, regular consumption of coconut water showed significant reduction in the blood pressure. Also, it was found in the study that consumption of 300 ml coconut water twice a day is enough to keep your blood pressure in check.

Effective remedy on diabetes

Along with various benefits of coconut water, it also keeps a great control over your glycemic index, according to the experts. Although the findings have not yet tested on humans, when examined on rats, coconut water showed significant reduction in blood sugar level as well as oxidative stress.

Aids stomach

Coconut water also helps in aiding your stomach and has been proved a great remedy for various stomach diseases. It also helps in retaining lost fluid in the gastrointestinal tracts caused due to dehydration in patients with suffering from diarrhea. It also helps in providing much needed moisturization to your stomach.

Strengthens liver

This natural product contains antioxidants, which helps in providing protection to your liver and strengthens it by providing overall health. According to a scientific research, it has been found that coconut water helps in healing damaged cells in your liver. Especially green coconuts have been found highly effective in strengthening your liver due to its antioxidant properties which counters oxidative damage occurs in the liver.

Manages cholesterol level

Manages cholesterol levelManagement is one of the major important issue the whole world is facing today. Changes in lifestyle as well as bad eating habit triggers increase in cholesterol in your body. However, coconut water can save you from this. According to a scientific research, it has been found that coconut water converts excessive cholesterol in your body to bile acids which then excreted as waste from the body. It also helps in removing the accumulation of fats in liver as well as in the aorta.

Beneficial in pregnancy

In pregnancy, expectant mothers need a drink which is healthy but low in sugar, less in caffeine as well as aeration-free. Coconut water fulfills are this criteria and also helps in reducing anemia during pregnancy with the help of folates and vitamin B9 content. It also helps in increasing the quantity of breast milk in new moms, apart from promoting the growth of the fetus. It provides ease on common problems in pregnancy such as slow digestion, heartburn as well as constipation. Although it has various health benefits, it should not be consumed with lots of food as may lead to nausea.

Helps in weight loss

Coconut water contains no cholesterol, which leads to weight loss and provides a great replacement to other sugar drinks and sodas. It provides high nutrition to the body and is low in calorie-content. Coconut water cuts your sugar intake and provides energy to the body.

Removes kidney stone

Kidney stone, in many times, can be very fatal. In studies, it has been found that coconut water acts effectively on removing the risk of kidney stone in your body. Regular consumption of kidney stone helps in reducing as well as dissolving kidney stone. It also helps in removing them from the body. Additionally, it also helpful in removing infections occur in your bladder.

Promotes sexual health in men

Coconut water is highly helpful to men to promote sexual health. Regular consumption of coconut water helps in improving the quality as well as quantity of semen in men’s body. Additionally, it also helps in the cleaning urinary path and prevents urinary tract infection from occurring in the body.

Beauty benefits

Beauty benefitsApart from having anti-aging properties, coconut water helps in providing flawless skin. It provides required nutrient to the skin and restores elasticity with reducing age spots as well as wrinkles. It also regulates the intestines functions which helps in promoting hydrated as well as smooth skin. Apart from acting as a great natural toner, coconut water also helps in removing acne, pimples as well as lightens blemishes. Rinsing your hair with coconut water also strengthen your hair and makes them even more shinier and attractive.

These are few important benefits of coconut water you should try by starting regular consumption of coconut water to keep yourself fit and strong and away from various health disorders.

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