7 Best Detox Drinks For Summer

detox drinks for summer

Detox has ever known to be the best way to eliminate toxins out of the body and get you clear with any impurities lingering in your system. Also, you get to enjoy the taste of the drinks that can also keep you from dehydration. The summer’s heat is a cause of concern for many since the burning heat makes you dehydrated and tired.

Drinking these heavenly juices and healthy drinks not only quench your thirst, but also drive you crazy with their sweet flavors and chilling temperatures. You may like to sip a juice of any fruit after a long day’s work or after a journey in a sun. You might as well do it since it can be a good idea to hydrate yourself constantly. As you detox your body every season, you can do it this summer also through some juices that can flush out all the toxins an give you a toxin-free system .

1) Drinks

a) Lemon water

Lemon water

Lemon has ever been known for its quality of detoxification. It has a super power enough to detoxify the body to a great extent. It can eliminate the toxins from within and can keep your system cleansed. The vitamin-C present in lemons is responsible for the technique. For this, you can take half a lemon and squeeze its juice and add some honey to it and drink it as it is or chilled through refrigeration. You get a kind of refreshment and you can also beat the summer’s heat along with detoxifying your body.

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b) Lemon and ginger water

Lemon and ginger waterGinger is known for its wonderful detox properties and the power of healing. Lemon as I have mentioned, has the property of deep cleansing the body from within. For this, just add lemon juice to the water and grate a piece of fresh ginger root. Then add the grated ginger to the lemon water. You can drink this fresh juice to drive out toxins from the body and keep you hydrated throughout the day. Try drinking this juice first thing in the morning.

c) Green tea

Green teaGreen tea is best known for its detoxifying properties. It can also be refreshing when taken with a few cubes of ice so that it can make an ice tea. You can add a few leaves of mint while brewing to enhance the quality. For this, heat water with green tea leaves. Wren it is 2 – 3 minutes, the heating process is done. Now just dip the bag of green tea and let it be for 3 minutes or as directed by the green tea pack . Add a few mint leaves and let it cool for a few minutes. Add ice and enjoy.

d) Cucumber water

Cucumber waterCucumber is always known to have a cooling effect. It can cleanse your entire system by eliminating toxins from the liver and keeping a good digestive health. It can also keep you hydrated during this summer. Cucumber water is made of water and cucumber. The water can keep you hydrated whereas the cucumber can keep you hydrated along with the presence of water and detoxify the liver and digestive system. You can drink the water in place of water. For the drink, take a few slices of cucumber and add them in the water. Let it stay for an hour or so that the cucumber may be working with the water. Drink this whenever you are thirsty. You can also try adding mint leaves for additional effect.

2) Juices

a) Water melon juice

Water melon juiceWater melon gets you at the idea of delicious flavor that accompanies it. It is a master in driving away toxins from the body since it contains a compound in it called citrulline. This citrulline is responsible for detoxifying the liver and filtering the kidneys. Water melon may also be good for the overall health of the liver. Water melon juice is also not time consuming to make it. You can just stir a few pieces of water melon in a blender and strain the seeds so that you can get a glass of fresh and delicious juice. You can sip it to your heart’s content as well as catch hold of the health and detoxifying benefits it can give you.

b) Pineapple juice

Pineapple juicePineapples are best eaten every summer for they are abundantly available to you during the season. Pineapples are known for their power of cleansing the kidneys by filtering them thoroughly and juice taken can have a similar effect. You can enjoy the delicacy of the drink too. It can eliminate any waste in the digestive system for its fiber content and give you a healthy digestive system. It can reduce gas and bloating too. It also has cooling properties that can soothe you during a hot summer. For the juice consumption, you can slice the pineapple and blend it into a juice. A juicer can also help you with achieving the right flavor of the juice.

c) Carrot juice

Carrot juice

Carrot has always known to eliminate impurities from the digestive tract and keep a good digestive health. It can be with the case of carrot when taken in the form of a juice. The juice extracted from carrot can be the best way of detoxification. It has loads of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can aid in the detoxification of liver and hence help in the elimination of toxins out of the digestive system. For carrot juice, you can add chopped pieces of carrots in a blender and stir well until you get the carrots ground well. Now you can add a little water and blend the second time. You can also add pieces of fruit or honey for sweetness.

These amazing detox drinks for summer can keep you hydrated as well as detox your system by deep-cleansing it. You can choose any of these drinks to get the desired result.

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