Top 10 Foods For Summer Energy

foods for summer energy

As the summer season has arrived, temperature has started to soar day by day. It is essential to keep yourself away from various hazards of summer such as overheat as well as dehydration. Equally, it is also important to keep your energy maintained in the summer to cope with the season and to keep yourself away from medical emergencies. It is also important to keep yourself away from sun damage as well as food poisoning in this season. Apart from all this, it has been an important thing to restore lost energy by eating the right foods in this season. Although you can eat various types of food in summer, consumption of right foods provides your ultimate benefits in this season. Various foods for summer energy are available which provides you required nutrition in the summer season.

Here is the list of 10 such foods which you can consider to restore your lost energy during sum

Foods For Summer Energy

1Fresh Juice

Juices have always been considered as one of the best summer options. They not only save you from conditions such as dehydration, but also provides you exact nutrition. Juices of fruits like grapes, pomegranate, lemon and watermelon helps in keeping your body cool and also helpful in strengthening the digestive system. Apart from this, carrot juice is also good for the eyes as it keeps them cool and counters any diseases. Besides, juices also prevents skin from sun damage and helps in keeping it shiny and healthy. However, remember to use honey as a sweetener for juices instead of sugar.


Apart from the fact that salads are very easy to make and don’t require cooking, they are highly nutritious and provides extra nourishment to your body especially in summer. Salads of vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, tomato as well as onion are low in fat and high in antioxidants as well as water are advised to eat in summer. Eating salad after lunch can be helpful as it also contains fiber in large amounts and helps in digestion. It also gives you the feeling of fullness which results into the consumption of fewer calories and reduced cholesterol levels.


Soups, which are very low in calories, are one of the best foods for summer seasons, according to the experts. It has been found that the hot soups not only makes you sweat, but brings the body temperature down with the help of other ingredients in soups such as mint as well as coriander. You can keep yourself refreshed with the consumption of a bowl of soup made from carrots, beans and onions with various other household herbs. Apart from the fact that they are ineffective to heat, soups are extremely easy to digest.

4Coconut Water

It is another one of the best options for the summer season. Coconut water is considered as one of the purest form of water and can prove highly helpful if consumed on an empty stomach. Consumption of coconut water on an empty stomach helps in preventing your important organs such as lungs, kidneys and eyes from excess heat. It also helps in regulating blood circulation. Sodium chloride content in coconut water helps in purification of blood, experts says. Rich in potassium as well as magnesium, coconut water prove helpful in making your energetic.


Choosing buttermilk instead coffee as well as tea in summer can prove beneficial to you because of the various health benefits buttermilk posses. This easily digestible substance helps in keeping your body cool. It is also rich in vitamin C and have been proven helpful in solving various stomach issues such as ulcers and indigestion. Apart from all this, it is also helps on preventing your skin from summer heat.


If you want instant energy in summers, there can never be a better alternative to fruits. Rich in water, fruits not only balances water content in your body, but provides better nutrition to it due to its high content of vitamins, carbs, minerals as well as fatty acids. It also helps in preventing your body from excess heat. Apart from all this, fruits also require less amount of energy for digestion. It has also been found that eating fruits in dinner is good for all round body development.


According to the nutritionists, nuts such as cashew, pista, almonds as well as walnuts prevents your body from various dangerous diseases. Although these nuts are highly helpful for the body in any season, especially in summer, these nuts are helpful in countering diseases such as nervous disorder, dryness of skin as well as eyes. Apart from strengthening nerves and vision, nuts are also important for healthy heart and skin.

8Dry Fruits

Frozen grapes, dates are the dry fruits which not only helps in restoring the lost nutrition in the body but also helps in preventing many diseases. Dates, which are also rich in protein, fiber, calcium, iron as well as vitamins, helps in protecting skin and eyes from sun damages as well as all around body development. Frozen grapes are also considered as very important for the athletes as it resolves tiredness caused due to lack of nutrition. It is also easy for digestion.

9Grilled Food

Grilling the food is considered as one of the best method to make your food healthy and it also proves a healthy lunch or dinner for your whole family. Grilled vegetables, fish, chicken are the foods which are the best options in summer and they are simultaneously easy to digest. It also helpful in burning your calories, which can result into weight loss. However, you should remember to use sauces as well rubs less spicy and oily to keep your whole body cool.


Last but not all the least, water is single handedly the important food in summers as well as in any season for living things. In summer you lose lot of water through sweating and therefore it is required to drink lots of water to restored the lost water in the body. Drinking enough water helps you your body from dehydration and also makes you energetic. Avoiding sodas and drinking water as well as energy drinks during workouts in the summer helps in gaining the lost water, according to the experts.

These are few option of foods which can give you better energy in summer and can prevent your body from various health problems.

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By Prajakt K.