8 Best Tips For a Healthy Summer

tips for a healthy summer

Summer is arriving and you may be preparing to face the summer’s burning heat soon. Summer can be challenging for its heat that might be nagging you the entire season. You may be dehydrated, or tanned or be affected by a summer stroke. Any of these may land you in trouble at any time of the hot season. But you have to be cautious not to give the summer an easy chance to interfere with your overall health or skin health. Be sure to follow some tips for a healthy summer. I have a few helpful tips for you to follow right at the onset of summer.

Health tips for a healthy summer

1Drink smart

Good hydration is essential round the year so is it for summer too. Most of the water in the body is eliminated by the system in the form of sweat and due to high temperatures you could also get dehydrated. Constant supply of hydration is a must during this season with its scorching heat that might suck up all the moisture.

You had better carry a water bottle with you always to counter the effects of dehydration. Try drinking smartly by preparing for yourself different kinds of juices with high water content. Reduce the intake of wine, coffee and sugary drinks. They can add up to dehydration since healthy drinks can only aid in keeping your body hydrated. Healthy drinks have much water content in them that supply your body with enough water throughout the day when consumed.


Summer is the perfect time to get yourself wet in waters. A routine of the boring winter can now be replaced with the fun summer has to give you with swimming. Swimming can make you sweat and the waters cool your body down and balance the temperature in your body so that you feel cool inside out. Try to incorporate swimming into your daily summer’s routine so that it can be your best summer sport as well as a way to cool yourself down.

3Replace your kitchen oil

Olive oil is known to be exceedingly good for the overall health. So replace your cooking oils with olive oil to grab the best benefits it has to bestow upon you. One benefit is for a healthy summer. It contains essential fatty acids that can help spare sun damage. The fatty acids also help in retaining the moisture in the outer surface of the body that may be lost due to excess heat. To catch hold of all the essential fatty acids, try a consumption of one table spoon of olive oil daily.

4Cut down on unhealthy calories

It is an unknown fat that you tend to add up more calories in summer. Most of us have a habit of indulging in an ice cream or sodas to beat out the heat of summer. But it may actually be a wrong practice since it can add up extra calories and cause you to gain weight an also get dehydrated.

So eating foods that are high in water content is the best summer food option. Whenever you feel you are thirsty or hungry indulge in a large piece of water melon that might provide you with the necessary amount of water content to keep you dehydrated. You can also try eating fish, shrimps, soups, fruit juices etc that possess healthy calories and and do not make you dehydrated.

5Apply sunscreen

You should apply a sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go into the sun. It can protect your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the skin by preventing tanning and sunburn. See that your cream contains at least an SPF of 30. Sitting in peak hours in the sun between 10am to 4 pm can be adverse on your skin since the sun is at its hottest and emits UV radiation. If you wish to be in the sun for longer, you had better apply sunscreen once in every 2 to 3 hours.

6Eat yogurt

Yogurt possess the quality of cooling your body down. The protein can also keep your tummy filled and keep you away from snacking on salty things. It also has water cannot in it so that it does not dehydrate your body. It can also keep your digestive health. Pop a cup of yogurt in the fridge for a cooling effect.

7Drink iced green tea

Drinking green tea can keep yourself away from getting dehydrated. Green tea is the perfect way to keep your body hydrated when it is super hot outside. Sipping a cup of cool green tea does not deprive you of hydration and it may furnish you with enough nutrients. The nutrients in summer can be lost in the form of sweat and green tea can be a very good help to regain the nutrients.

Heat stroke


Try filling yourself up with steamed leafy veggies to save your skin and also for a good digestion. The caroteinoids present in these veggies convert it into vitamin A in the body that is an expert in preventing you from sun’s damage. They also decrease sensitivity to UV light and repair flaky and dry skin. Make a smart salad with greens by adding carrots cantaloupe, watermelon, apricots, tomatoes that can have additional benefits and can keep you away from dehydration.

The above tips for a healthy summer can be very helpful for you to have a gorgeous summer with a good skin and the best summer health.

Pradeepa Polineni