9 Astounding Foods For Stronger Bones

foods for stronger bones

Bone health is one aspect of the health that should be heeded to and most of us often disregard our bone health. Lacking attention, our bone health may deteriorate that can stir up some health problems like osteoporosis or arthritis or any other underlying bone issue. Poor bone health can give you a tough time to focus on your daily activities and you may not be able to be active enough for the chores. A good bone health is essential for another reason, i.e your body is made up of bones and having stronger bones is advantageous. Eating bone healthy foods can initiate a good bone health and keep your bones strong enough for you to be flexible and active. You may have heard these foods for stronger bones showing up mostly everywhere in the list of healthy foods. They are wholesome foods that are necessary for bone and overall health.

Foods For Stronger Bones


Dairy products are apart of everyone’s daily cuisine in some way or the other. Milk, curd, cheese, yogurt are some foods either of which we cannot do with. These dairy based products are a boon in disguise to many for they have much calcium in them to keep a good bone health and make the bones stronger by supplying sufficient daily measure of calcium. So why not incorporate any of the dairy products to enrich your bones with calcium?

2Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables, although not everyone’s favorite, can be good for bone health as well. They contain calcium, magnesium and vitamin – K that you can have access to when consumed to expect healthy and strong bones. Deficiency of vitamin-K can make your bones weak. Kale, collard greens, mustard greens, arugula, bok choy, parsley, water cress, mesclun belong to the green vegetable kingdom which give the amount of calcium you need per day. Inclusion of these bone saving foods in your diet is the best idea to protect your skeleton.

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Soy, as you know, is loaded with a high protein. It is known to keep bone health too, thereby giving you strong bones. Soy can assist in the prevention of osteoporosis, a bone disease. Being a rich source of isaflavones, it can hike up the bone metabolism and keep the bones supplied with enough calcium. The calcium content in soy is however less, but can help. Fortified products of soy or soy milk are better sources of soy.


Nuts are power houses of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. To mention, they are absolutely convincing for bone health. They are a fabulous source of magnesium, which strengthens the bones when used up in necessary quantities. Snacking on the wide variety of nuts can help you with benefiting the bone health. A handful of nuts as an evening snack can get you through.

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5Whole wheat bread

Eating whole wheat bread has an advantage over white breads for a crucial reason. The husk that contains necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for bone health is wiped out in the process of making the white bread. The calcium and magnesium present in the husk are a necessity to help in strengthening the bones. So it is good to stock your kitchen with wholesome breads made of whole grains .

6Fish such as sardines and pilchards

Fish have ever known in households for their multiple health benefits. It is not known to many that eating fish along with the bones can be astoundingly beneficial for bone health. Sardines and pilchards are eaten with their bones and eating the bones shows evidence for a good bone health. The sardines are one of the rarest food where you can get some vitamin-D that can absorb more calcium from foods. Sardine including their bones re also rich in phosphorus that strengthens up bones. Why not try a fish salad topped with some veggies?


Eggs are a part of everyone’s meal rarely or often. One would always prefer a veggie omelet filled with a stack of favorite vegetables from the kitchen. Eggs enrich any kind of meal with their high protein and fat and satisfy your taste buds to a good extent. It can be a favorite to kids eating the boiled egg yolk too. As the taste goes, so is it with their nutritional value and strength giving nature to the bones. Being a rich source of vitamin -D and calcium, eggs supply the essential amount of calcium to the body.

8Fortified foods

Fortified foods like some cereals, milk or juices, add up health benefits for they are filled with all the essential nutrients needed for the functioning of bones. They have been proven to prevent bone fractures and bone diseases and this is credited to their richness in magnesium, calcium, vitamin-D, vitamin-K responsible for bone health.

9Dried fruits

Dried fruits may be most of your tummy fillers during evenings. They are highly nutritious credited to the presence of nutrients and minerals. Bone health can also be protected with dried fruits. Eating dried fruits like plums, prunes or apricots is worth eating for they nourish the bones. These fruits are capable of keeping the bones away from breaking down.

The above foods can cater to the diverse bone requirements and help keep bone density to attain stronger bones. Then why not eat a healthy meal for stronger and healthier bones?

Pradeepa Polineni