7 Good Ways To Relieve Stress Naturally

Relieve Stress Naturally

Stress has become an issue with many far and wide. Round the globe, many young and older people have started to be troubled mentally and physically by stress. Stress is not just one single issue but it is accompanied by many other complications. You may unfortunately be suffering from stress and it may be sad to undergo it. You experience so much of it in situations where you are failing to cope with them. Stress however, can be relieved by eating healthy and exercising healthy. There are ways to relieve stress naturally, which might play a luck for you.

I am a stress bearer myself. I work for the entire day, but at the end of the day I do undergo stress with work issues and personal issues which sometimes give me a tough time dealing with. So I studied as to how to overcome stress or get a relief naturally. Now I am able to work and deal with life’s biggest things without undergoing stress. It has almost dissipated and I am happy that many health issues troubling me for many years now have disappeared gradually. I do not believe my eyes even today that I could feel a great change in me. Some of these ways to relieve stress may help you to get a good relief eventually.

Ways to relieve stress naturally

1Listen to music

Music has ever known to be a relaxation for many people if undergoing stress or not. But some may not even devote any time for music. I suggest you to listen in to your favorite tunes to calm down your senses and bring a kind of relaxation to the nerves. Whenever your stress is on, take a break to listen in to music. When music goes into your ears, it can have a positive effect on your body. The cortisol levels and blood pressure may be reduced and you are relieved from stress. The cortisol hormone responsible for stress is calmed down so it can be a good idea to absorb some music.

2Spend time with your family

To help relieve stress to an extent, spend time on weekends with your family. It can also improve your social relations and keep you relaxed and joyful. This might let your cortisol levels to go down and relieve you from the ill effects of stress. Make it a habit to allot some time for friends and family too. I do not think you have to keep busy with work all the time. Some fun in the weekends can be of great help. Lunching or dining at a friend’s home can also be equally helpful.

3Eat right

Stress and diet are closely linked up. Eating sugary and salty foods or processed foods cannot be healthy. They may internally be the cause for stress. Instead, eating foods high in oxidation can be a great assistance in reducing stress. Fruits and vegetables and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids can be your best food option.

4Laugh all the way

Laughing can be a good idea for keeping stress under control. Stress might induce you to become moody, but at the end of the day, it can be complex for your health. It may increase the blood sugar levels. If you want to be a healthy one laugh to your heart’s content whenever you get an opportunity. This can release endorphins that bring a good change in your mood and reduce the effects of cortisol, stress releasing hormone.

5Drink green tea

Drinking green tea is always a good option for various health issues. Relieving stress is another use of green tea. It can bring you to a good mood through oxidation and calming down the brain’s over-activity. Try drinking green tea instead of coffee that contains caffeine and caffeine can aggravate stress. So green tea is a better option than sugary tea or coffee.


Yoga can be an effective solution to beating out stress. It can give relaxation and peace of mind to the mind and body. Practicing yoga everyday can help you to reduce the effect of cortisol by lowering it. There are many exercises in yoga to relieve stress and you can be a lucky one to gain those benefits by practicing it.

7Sleep better

It is well known that stress can make you sleep deprived. You may have difficulty in sleeping at all or sleeping for long hours. In any case, stress may be the reason. If you are a person already undergoing stress, remember that lack of sleep can aggravate stress. Sleeping as per doctor recommendation for at least 8 to 10 hours can lower the effects of stress. Have a good night’s sleep by going to bed early and rising up early even if you are piled up with important work since sleep at night is the only priority at night.

The above ways to relieve stress can be only some I may have collected but there may be so many other ways to beat out the effects of stress. However, eating right, drinking plenty of water and sleeping well with exercise added up can be your best ways to relieve yourself from stress.

Prdeepa Polineni