5 Foods that Will Naturally Cleanse your Liver


Many may look at detoxing, as a mean to lose weight and clear the skin. A healthy liver is another reason why you should take detoxing all the more seriously. Regular consumption of alcohol, and fatty foods have an unexplained effect on your body, specially the liver. If you consider yourself guilty, or somewhere on the fringes, you may do with some liver detox every now and then. The essential organ, which may not be no bigger than the size of your fist. The health of the liver is the utmost importance for the sake of our existence.

Holistic nutritionists and healers say that, the regular occurrence of abdominal cramps, pain in the liver, or the appearance of dark spots on the skin, all may be due to some or the other issue experienced by the liver. Tell tale signs if you may call them to be, that your liver could do with some detox.

While on the go detox remedies may be among the trends, yet the traditional way to go about it, taking one day at a time, and thinking of the long run, is the how you should go about your detox regime. Specially when it comes to caring for your liver. A long term detox plan may sound painful, to say the least. It is in fact not all that bad as foretells your imagination, and could be easily adapted into your lifestyle by indulging in a few of the tastiest of the natural foods that nature has to offer. By incorporating some of these foods we mention, you may promote the well being of your liver, in ways you might not have imagined before. Read on about how to naturally cleanse your liver.

How to Detox Liver Naturally

1Green Tea

Drinking green tea regularly is as good a way to support healthy liver function, as you may come across. Green tea is known to be rich in antioxidants and otherwise contains catechins, which is a polyphenol that prevents the liver from contracting inflammation. Green tea is also known to form a protective shield on the liver against toxic substances like alcohol, and insoluble fatty acids.

2Dandelion Root

The roots of dandelion are known to be very effective in stimulating the detoxification process of the liver. It not only rids the body of the harmful substances, but also acts as an excellent alternative for coffee. Regularly consuming dandelion roots would also help against bloating, as it is known to assists the natural process of digestion.


It may be unfair to term turmeric as a new wonder food, specially if you have been versed with some of the eastern traditions and customs. The antiseptic properties of turmeric has been known to mankind since the age of the sages. Moreover, it is also rich in curcumin, a powerful antioxidant in its own rights. Scientific studies have proved to us that turmeric has the capacity to bring about the regeneration of the liver cells, and as well protect the liver from cancer and other severe diseases.


Adding garlic to your meals, may be considered to be a simple way, by which you may boost the functioning of your liver. Been a potent source of the mineral selenium, that is required for the production glutathione, which happens to be one of the most important antioxidants which the body synthesizes and utilizes for its functioning.

5Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are a great supplement to add to your liver detoxification regime. They contain extremely high levels of sulforaphane, which is a powerful antioxidant in its own right. Broccoli sprouts in fact contain as much as ten times more sulforaphane than your regular broccoli. Adding fresh broccoli sprouts to your daily meals, is sure to do wonders to your liver detox regime.

By Abhro