Hex Press for Stronger Pectoral Muscles

Hex press

Firm and chiseled, that is exactly how men wear their boobs. Muscles of the chest may be considered to be top of the priority list for body builders and casual gym rats alike. The pectoral muscles is what they are ofttimes also known as. Pecs if you have got no time to elaborate. The muscles of the chest require symmetry, a roundish to squarish appearance, and rigidity above all. Or that is what, which is most desired by those, who dedicatedly work them out.

There can be no denying of the essence which free weights have in the overall development of the body, as compared to machines with their belts and pulleys. The range repetitions bring about toning of the muscles, while the heavy duty ones add mass. The pectorilis major and the pectorilis minor are the two categories into which the muscles of the chest are divided. This differentiation however, is based on the size of the muscles which gives definition, shape and size to your chest. However the entire chest may as well be differentiated into the upper, middle and lower chest, based on the regions of the body, where the exercises performed have their effect. Certain exercise might have a primary effect on some parts, while other parts still may be worked upon secondarily. You may choose to focus the gains of the exercising on a particular region for a particular day.

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The hex press requires the implementation of dumbbells in its exercising motions. Been a free weight workout, apart from the toning and mass gins, the exercising motions of this workout also brings about neurological gains. As is the case with any form exercising, an optimal balance must be maintained in between working out and rest periods, both in the long as well as short run, in order to experience maximum gains. Read on in this publication about the Hex Press for stronger pectoral muscles.

Procedure for Dumbbell Hex Press:

  • The incline exercise bench, and the dumbbell set may be said to be the only 2 things necessary for the performance of this exercise. Although you may want to carry along every ounce of gut that you may fathom to muster. This exercise is ideally done on an incline of 30 degrees, however could be performed on an absolutely horizontal bench.
  • The grip of the dumbbell is very important in this exercise, as the handle of the weights must be parallel to the line of your knuckles. The movements of the particular exercise play a vital role in defining the symmetry of the chest muscles. Moreover, the primary effect of the exercise is concentrated over the central part of the chest. The muscles which are located right at the center of the chest are the ones which define the symmetry of the overall appearance.of the pectorals. We say it now and we hall says it again. That’s what is important. At all points while performing the motions of the exercise, you must keep both the dumbbells joined together. Moreover the joining lines of the two dumbbells must be at all times on the same vertical plane, as that of the center line of your chest. If accomplished perfectly, they may prove to be extremely efficient in giving your chest that much desired definition.

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  • To perform the working out motion for this exercise, you may want to raise both weights, keeping in mind that they remain conjoined. Extend your arms out to their maximum extent. The maximum extended position of your arms, perpendicular to your torso is the final position of the exercise. Going back to the initial position would complete one repetition of the exercise.
  • This exercise is most popularly performed on the incline, at a respective angle of 10, or 30 degrees. You may however, perform it on the horizontal bench, or as well as the yoga mat, at the ground, on the floor, if ti suits you so.
  • Going ahead with the procedure, you may want to assume your position, on the surface of your choice. Hold the dumbbells, we repeat with the rod of the weights parallel to the line of your knuckles. Bring both the weights together. The line joining the two dumbbells must be on the same plane as that of the center line of your chest. Keep the weights on your chest very gently. The arms and the hands must bear all the weight. This may be considered to be the initial position of the exercise.
  • The lifting of the weights against the force of gravity forms the straining motion of the exercise, while coming back down, with the force of gravity on your sails, may be considered to be the relaxing motion of the exercise. You may want to control your breathing procedure in such a way that you muscles are provided with sufficient oxygen, just after you have performed the straining motion of the exercise.
  • Carry out as many repetitions as you are supposed to do, or are capable of. Increase the weights for the subsequent sets of exercising. Happy international chest day to you.

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By Abhro