Health Tips for Stronger Nails

Tips for Stronger Nails

Nails are a very important aspect of a woman’s existence. They personify the grace and character that she desires to carry at every step in her life. Nail painting and care may not be just another adornment for a woman. You might as well call it a way of life for the modern lady. Read on about these health tips for stronger nails.

Natural Ways to Healthy Nails


Hygiene is of the utmost importance for healthy nails. You may want to make sure that the insides as well as the skin surrounding the nails are perpetually clean. You may want to clean the region with a acetone free remover. Subsequently, you may choose to scrub the area regularly with soap, applied over a toothbrush. The process exfoliates the skin by removing dirt and dead skin. As well keeps you away from harsh and expensive chemicals.


Nails are composed of soft keratin tissues. You may want to be extremely gentle while scrubbing them, or while putting them into any application. Been harsh with your nails would only make them prone to infections. Using too much of the metal under the nails might result into their separation from the surrounding skin, which results to an irregular arching of the nails at the tips.

3Regular Trimming

Nails are much like your hair, hence regular trimming for healthy growth is of the essence. You may want to clip your nails once a week, or at least once in two weeks. It is more of a habit, which is developed as a response to the growth rate of your nails.

4Health Over Length

Long nails are no doubt for the keeps. Yet chipping and breaking away of the nails, is not only a painful experience at the moment it happens, but is also unhealthy in the long run, as the injury may attract infections and eruptions. Shorter nails with rounder edges is easier to manage. Growing nails is a disciplinary procedure, which can only be mastered with patience, grace and gentleness. You may want to concentrate on strength during the early days, before you choose to embrace the style.

5Keep the File Handy

In case your daily life brings about extensive, yet unconscious damage to your nails, then you may always want to keep the nail file handy. Smoothing away the chipped edges, immediately after the injury is essential in preventing the contraction of infections. You may want to work the grain of the file in one direction in order to get the desired smooth finish.

6Preserve the Cuticles

The cuticles are the dead skin cells, which are present at the base of the nails of our fingers and toes. It brings upon an essential sealing effect on the nails. Cutting along or into, and subsequently tearing away the cuticle, makes the nail more vulnerable not only through chances of contracting infection, but also by removing the inherent protection that the cuticles provide.

At the most you may want to gently push back the cuticles, once a week, with something soft like wood. In the case, you may want to message the nails with a thick, creamy lotion. Although, most dermatologists would recommend you to leave the cuticles alone.

7Take Care of Your Tools

You may want to regularly disinfect the tools that you use on your nails. It is a ritual, if you may consider it to be, as essential as regularly cleaning surgical or makeup instruments. After cleaning your tools with soap and water, you may want to apply a coat of rubbing alcohol, in order to bring about its disinfecting effects. Disposable tools such as the emery boards must be often replaced. There is no point in keeping on using a worn out tool, when you have the means to switch on to a new one.

8Always Use a Base Coat

Those regularly painting their nails, would want to use a base coat, before putting on the colour of their choice. Doing so would not on prevent the nails from getting stained with the colours, but also makes the colour look more whole and opaque, with a single coat. Adding a coat of clear gloss in between subsequent coats of paint, would add the extra shine and protection to the nails. Taking matters to the next level if you may call it to be.

By Abhro