Best Yoga Poses For Thyroid Treatment


Thyroid disorder can really happen to anyone. Thyroid is a disease that is a medical condition which affects the thyroid gland. Although it is best to consult a doctor and discuss the way forward but it has been known that yoga and meditation can help in relieving a lot of issues and stress associated to the thyroid. Yoga for thyroid is indeed the best medicine available.

There are mainly 2 types of thyroid classification – Hypothyroidism which is caused by not having enough thyroid hormone and the second one is Hyperthyroidism which is caused by having too much of thyroid hormones. Both are not normal conditions in which some of the most common symptoms are of fatigue, low energy, and inability to tolerate cold, weight loss or gain which is sudden, very slow or fast heart rate, constipation, dry skin, or diarrhea depending on the kind of thyroid you have. In both of these two types of thyroid, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism, there could be a part of the next which would have swelling and also known as goiter.

Yoga has a great significance in treating the thyroid disorder. There are various stretching, compressing and twisting yoga asanas with help in massaging the thyroid gland and instruct the gland to release thyroxin in the right quantity thereby helping in body metabolism. Thus we say that yoga for thyroid problems is the best home medicine available. Yoga installs about using the weight of your body against you in a process to make it better, stronger, fitter and healthier along with more flexibility.

You can have been practiced in India since a long time and there are various forms of yoga with have benefits in different parts of the body to attend to the troubles and pain that we have. An overall treatment for the body, where there are various forms of yoga in during certain illness. Yoga poses for thyroid problems could be an ultimate cure for it. Yoga helps in a lot more than just thyroid, like controlling diabetes, back issues and much more. Baba Ramdev who is a spiritual leader and known for the contribution in the field of yoga, agriculture, Ayurveda etc. has developed yoga sessions as well for thyroid problems in India. The techniques are very effective and yoga sessions are worthy trying as they have no side effects.

Thyroid disorder is affecting over more than 12% of the US population at some point in time in their lifetime. Thyroid disorders a common throughout the world. Any dysfunction in the butterfly shaped gland which is located at the base of the neck could result in thyroid disorders. Both Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and goiter are some of the most widespread forms of thyroid disease.

When we say thyroid treatment by yoga, it does not mean that yoga will be instantly able to cure the conditions, but, with the practice of yoga, it is easy to keep the glands healthy and regulate metabolism preventing any further complications. Six months of intense yoga practice could help Hypothyroidism and produce the need for thyroxine medicine as per a study.

The list of yoga asanas that is effective to reduce thyroid. See out for a qualified yoga teacher who could help you to put together the customize sequence of the asanas in Yoga that will be beneficial for your condition of health. You must check with a doctor as well before beginning The Yoga program just to be sure of the type of thyroid disorder you are affected with.Yoga-for-Thyroid02

You Might Be Affected With Hypothyroidism If:

  • You might be slowly feeling disinterested in the everyday activities and affairs, getting lethargic gradually and developing a more of laid back attitude of life towards everything.
  • You might not be very interested to do your routine work as always and started feeling more happy than usual.
  • You feel like you remain constipated most of the time recently.
  • Suddenly you have started gaining weight and you cannot seem to explain why as you might not be consuming extra food all overeating either.
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror with you notice that the face is getting puffier.
  • If you that you are upset seeing your long thick hair to suddenly lose it lasted and density especially when bunches of hairline scattered over the house.
  • The menstrual cycles are irregular and it is better to check with the doctor as there could be other reasons too.
  • Sudden hair growth on your face with is becoming embarrassing
  • The throat swells up and surely noticeable.

You Might Be Affected With Hypothyroidism If:

  • You might experience a rapid heart rate and elevated blood pressure.
  • You can have sudden hand tremors.
  • You develop a lot of low tolerance for IIT.
  • You might experience more frequent bowel movements and irregular menstrual cycle.
  • You might experience sudden weight loss.
  • The thyroid gland is visible is swollen into goiter which could be either symmetrical or one sided.
  • Your eyes might also appear quite prominent which is the sign of exophthalmos, which is a condition related to Graves disease.
  • Increased appetite, nervousness, and restlessness.
  • Inability to concentrate, irregular sleeping patterns, hair loss, nausea and vomiting.
  • Breast development in men.

Yoga Asanas For Thyroid Problems

Yoga poses for thyroid problems helps in stimulating the thyroid gland and controls the thyroxin secretion. Yoga exercise for thyroid is a natural solution to treat such disorders.

1. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)

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This asana is the particular position by the blood flows from the next to the head region due to the important for helping in mitigating the thyroid. Undoubtedly if the person follows a regular practice of Sarvangasana, they feel new vigor and strength and remain happy and healthy with confidence.

This is a position where the entire body support is on the shoulders and hands which helps them reversing the blood flow. The neck gets locked while performing this, as a result, the blood flow gets reduced towards the neck and the head portion. As the blood gushes backward, it helps the people with low blood pressure. It also creates an increasing the blood flow to the lungs and an aid to the respiratory issues.

How To Do:

  1. Get into the savasana pose buy lying down straight on your back
  2. Bring together your feet and place your hand sideways close to your body
  3. Bring your legs closer to the chest and left you all over body up.
  4. Take your hands and place them at the back such that you could slowly lift up your legs
  5. Your entire body would be in a straight line with your upper arm support in the back
  6. Who is this post for about 10 seconds and breathe normally
  7. Now to come back, so name with the support of your hands get your upper body down
  8. Gradually get back on the mat and rest.

Remember never to jerk up instantly before or after finishing the asana.

2. Halasana Pose

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This is an exercise tanker compression to the neck and thereby stimulating the abdominal and thyroid glands. It also comes down the brain and reduces the stress and fatigue. Dispose resembles to the Indian plough and hence it is called Halasana.

In the beginning, it might look a little uncomfortable and difficult to do, but with practice, it just comes out perfect and give you enough benefits. Human Reliance how practicing this post and hold and get help to make your spine, neck, and hamstrings stretch out enough for your body to feel open and relaxed.

One of the most noticeable benefits of Halasana pose is the extreme stress that it gives to the backbone right from the net until the tailbone with the last one near your bottom. Also along with this it is very good to burn the fat around the gut and improves the functioning of the thyroid gland by improving the blood circulation.

How To Do:-

  1. Light on straight with your hands on the side first.
  2. Slowly raise your legs followed by your hips. At this point in time, you can also use your hands the support the back.
  3. Take your legs backward over the head and towards the floor sucks that you can we please your toes on the ground and I’m still lying on the backside.
  4. Who is this course as long as you can while you read slowly and keep looking forward.
  5. As soon as the blood rushes to your head, you can feel the piece of your breath and count until 100.
  6. Once you are done, slowly come back with your hands and bring your legs back to the ground to lie straight while exhaling.

3. Matsyasana

Yoga-for-Thyroid05A pose that takes the form of a fish and therefore it is called Matsyasana. It helps in stretching your neck and hand stimulating the thyroid glands. Dushasana provides a gentle feeling that is needed for the thyroid patients during the stress level and reducing the stiffness of the muscles and joints. This helps in relax in the body and preventing mood swings mother leading to depression which happens in commonly in a lot of cases of the thyroid.

How To Do:-

  1. Light on a street on your back with legs wide apart.
  2. Bring together your legs and your hands with your palms outwards over the head, and going into a completely full body stretch position.
  3. Repeat twice and focus on the breathing mainly while you inhale and exhale.
  4. Keeping your hands under your torso near the glutes, bring in the hand as much as possible.
  5. Lifting your body up with your weight resting mostly on the elbows, drop your head back and arch the back. Get your feet together and relax.
  6. Relax the body and focus on the breathing while relaxing your eyes mind and head.
  7. Continue your breathing and concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation.
  8. Bring back your head up and look at the toes and slowly drop down your body.
  9. Movie of palm out and keep the hands and legs apart while relaxing.
  10. Roll the wrist and release the pressure off them.
  11. Move your neck left to right and bring the tools together interlock your fingers putting your hands at the back of your neck.
  12. Counter the neck position now and going to the front left and right diagonally back impact on the floor.

Remember none of this should be done with a jerk and the fish pose is usually known as the counter post for Sarvangasana. Matsyasana is a great way to beat stress and you must help concentrate on your breathing very properly. It will leave you energized refreshed and relieved. This is one of the best yoga asanas to cure thyroid.

4. Setubandhasana

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Stretching out the neck area to quite an extent activates the thyroid glands. It helps in calming the anxiety, relaxing the brain and improving the digestive system.

How To Do:-

  1. Lie down on the map straight on your back.
  2. Draw the feet in work towards the hips.
  3. Your feet must be parallel to each other.
  4. Knees must be pointing outwards.
  5. Life your body up with the stomach going towards the ceiling along with your hip, back and thighs.
  6. Chin and chest must be locked.
  7. You could either keep the hands sideways or engage them in supporting the back. You could as well clasp them under the back and stretch.

5. Bhujangasana

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Given this pose, there is a lot of compression and stretching that takes place in regulating the thyroid glands. This pose helps in improving the blood circulation and the amount of flexibility of upper and Middle back strengthening the entire shoulders and back toning the abdomen and expanding chest in reducing stress along with fatigue. This also helps to eat symptoms of asthma.

How To Do:-

  1. Start in the prone position by lying flat on your front stomach in a comfortable level surface.
  2. You must make sure the feet are together with the toes against the floor.
  3. Spread your hands on the floor keeping your elbows close to the Ribcage.
  4. Cheap and Healing by using your eyes and focusing on the breathing pattern.
  5. You must feel the stability on your thighs and pelvis as they are rooted to the ground throughout while you perform Bhujangasana.
  6. Excel gradually before opening your eyes and continue that the slow breathing while you do this again.

Make sure when you inhale and exhale you put an effort to push the chest forward and Inverse steadily straightening the arms. Deepening your steps to create a graceful or in your back, the navel should be of the Mack maximum 5 centimeters. You must also ensure that you are stressing just as much as you can and must not force yourself out of the way. This is a great yoga for hypothyroidism.

5. Sirsasana

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An answer now which is one of the finest yoga postures as it helps managing and concentrating on the thyroid glands. It is a poster where balancing the metabolic activities and functions of the body is bringing wakefulness and alertness to it. This posture which is very unique which is also called as also called as headstand and Shoulder stand are one of the most unique innovations of yoga practice. It assists the venous flow of blood towards the heart, strengthening the muscles of the heart. This is also great in improving digestion as the intestine gets cleaned while releasing the congested blood in the colon.

How To Do:-

  1. You must understand that there is no right way to get into this pose As Long As You practices it safely.
  2. Do not jump into a headstand directly which is a completely wrong way of doing it.
  3. You must gradually put weight on the head and then 30% about the weight of your body bears most of the pressure.
  4. Your vertebrate of the neck and shoulder should support the muscles for the headstand
  5. The arms, Shoulders, stomach, and pectorals must be strong enough to take off the weight of the delicate neck.
  6. Concentrate on your breathing such that it is strong enough and Powerful. You cannot practice this post is your breath is clumsy and labored.
  7. You must build the stamina to hold the Pose as long as possible for at least 5 minutes. You can start it initially by holding the post for at least a minute or two.
  8. You can do this pose every day and repeat once a day except especially during menstrual cycle for women.
  9. To begin with, initially, you can seek the help of the wall by performing the headstand against under the supervision of an experience trainer. The number that headstand is not a quick fix it is all about recognizing and nourishing your body overall.

Diet Tips For Thyroid Disorders:

Along with exercise, it is very important that you maintain a healthy diet for Thyroid. You must intake food with

  • High fiber content
  • Avoid fat and carbohydrates
  • More of trust on green and leafy vegetables
  • Ginger enhances thyroid function and hence you could chew Ginger or make ginger tea
  • Black walnut contains iodine which also nourishes the thyroid gland
  • Curd, fish, radish, oatmeal contains a good amount of Iodine which has been taken regularly in the diet for thyroid problems
  • Walking in the sun regularly for about 10 to 15 minutes is important to get the sun rays for your body
  • Carrot, sprouts, Pumpkin, spinach, wheatgrass, and seaweeds are also good sources of iodine.

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