10 Pressure Points That Provide Relief From Period Cramps

Pressure Points That Provide Relief From Period Cramps

The period can be pesky and the uninvited cramps are painful and unbearable for many women. Although it is all-natural and a part of your female body, it sometimes may feel overwhelming. When a woman is PMSing one moment she may be feeling depressed or sad and may want to stay alone and in a second she may crave food, cuddles, and anything for that matter. That is what periods do to us females.

On the other hand, although periods can be annoying they are natural and they make your body feel at ease. Instead of hating we can embrace the change, our body goes through.

When you are on your periods and having those deadly cramps, apart from having a hot water bag, ginger or jaggery, try working on your pressure points. They work the best and give you relief from these cramps easily. In this article, we will list some of the pressure points which can be used to relieve you from period cramps. To understand more, keep reading below.

Pressure points for period cramps

1. Spleen 10 (SP 10)

Spleen 10 SP 10

Let us talk about the first acupressure point from the list. It is known as Spleen 10 or SP 10 acupressure point as it is located at the spleen meridian. This point helps to relieve menstrual cramps along with other pressure points. It also can help regulate menstruation and certain skin diseases such as eczema. 

You can find this point on the front of your leg, it is located about two inches up from the knee and towards the inside. Sp-10, like many of the others, is easy to find and stimulate, hence it makes it easy to low-key decrease the pain caused because of the period cramps even if you are at work or home. Another name for this is a sea of blood.

2. The conception vessel 3 (Ren 3)

The conception vessel 3 Ren 3

The second acupoint in the list is Ren 3 also known as the conception vessel. This point is located on the Conception Vessel meridian, which is a pressure point for menstrual cramps. Ren-3 is also said to be useful for other vital things in the female body as it can also help with infertility and hernias, which makes it one of the best pressure points for the uterus. This point is located on the stomach in the center of the body. To find this acupoint, move your finger down about 4.5 cun from your belly button exactly right above your pubic bone.

Cun is the width of your thumb, where the width of the two forefingers indicates 1.5 cun and side-by-side all fingers indicate 3 cuns. This cun is a traditional Chinese unit made to measure. Hope you understand the location of Ren 3 by this information.

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3. Spleen 6 (SP 6)

Spleen 6 SP 6

The third acupoint in the list is the spleen 6 (SP 6). Spleen 6 acupoints help in various ways to release pressure in your body for different reasons, one of which is period cramps. It is one of the most common triggering acupoints and that also helps with infertility problems, pelvic disorder, also if you face issues in the spleen and stomach, and problems such as headaches and insomnia in the head. Also said to be one of the best acupressure points for blood circulation in the legs. This point is located on the leg, four fingers directly up from the entire ankle bone located on the inside of your leg. You can massage with circular or upward and downward motions

This point is also known as the three yin intersection. This point can also induce labor, so you may not use it if you are pregnant and want to go into labor early.

4. Kidney 6 (KD 6)

Kidney 6 KD 6

The fourth point in the list is Kidney 6 (KD 6) the point has proven to give amazing relief to menstrual cramps and also some of the other issues like constipation, dryness in the mouth, epilepsy, and certain issues of the eye that is why it is one of the best acupoints. KD-6 is one of the best acupressure points for fertility in both men and women that can benefit them. You can locate the entire ankle bone on the inside of your leg and place your finger directly below the bone that is where you will find this acupoint. Another name by which this acupoint is known is called the Shining sea.

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5. Large intestine 4 (LI 4)

Large intestine 4 LI 4

The fifth acupoint in the list is large intestine 4 (LI 4), this is an amazing acupoint that has been extremely beneficial to our body. LI 4 has also been very effective in providing menstrual cramps relief. This large intestine 4 acupoints have also been proven to help other issues that are headache, constipation, sores, toothache, fever, infertility, body spasms, and many such. It is even one of the top best acupressure points to help a person get rid of smoking.

Li-4 is an acupoint located on your hand. To know exactly where it is located on the hand, look for the fleshy webbed area between your pointer finger and thumb, to use pressure on this acupoint press it downward and in a circular motion. This acupoint is also known as Junction valley.

6. Urinary bladder 23 (BI 23)

Urinary bladder 23 BI 23

The sixth acupoint that made it to our list is known as Urinary bladder 23 (UI 23). This Urinary bladder acupoint is a prime addition to our list of acupressure points for menstrual cramps. This acupoint is the area on the bladder meridian that helps with period cramps, and many other issues related to lower back pain, cough, deafness, and even bone disease. ). This Urinary bladder acupoint also is one of the top acupressure points used to provide relief for constipation.

You can locate this acupoint that is on the back and at the same level as your belly button. You may need help from someone to stimulate this acupoint for you. It is located between the L2 and L3 vertebrae, about 1.5 inches on either side of the spine. You need to be gentle and careful while putting pressure on this acupoint, as it is sensitive to your body. This acupoint is also called a Kidney transporter by many. 

7. Stomach 36 (ST 36)

Stomach 36 ST 36

The seventh acupoint in the list is the stomach 36 (ST 36). This acupoint not just helps to relieve menstrual cramps but will also help you with issues related to the stomach, such as vomiting, pain around the knee, and cough or asthma. ST-36 is also one of the best acupressure points for fertility, it promotes overall wellness and helps in strengthening your immune system. This acupoint is located on the stomach meridian. This point is located about 3 cun below the bottom of the knee and slightly to the outside. It is also named as leg three miles.

8. The conception vessel 12 (Ren 12)

The conception vessel 12 Ren 12

The eighth acupoint in the list is known as the conception vessel or Ren-12. This pressure point helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach area and as a result, it alleviates menstrual cramps, gastrointestinal issues, jaundice, insomnia, and other such issues related to the stomach. Ren-12 has also been recognized as one of the great pressure points for weight loss. This point is located exactly on the centerline of the body, about halfway between your chest and belly button. You need to be gentle and careful while putting pressure on this acupoint, as it is sensitive to your body. The other name for this acupoint is the middle epigastrium

9. Liver 14 (LIV 14)

Liver 14 LIV 14

The ninth acupoint in the list is called liver 14 (LIV 14), this acupoint does an amazing job of providing qi that is the energy through your body, and hence it does a great job of stimulating blood flow. This acupoint also helps to induce your period. Although you may not get your period immediately after stimulating this point but by engaging the point consistently it could come with time. Liv-14 can also help with pain in the chest, depression, and hiccups.

This pressure point is located on the outside of the chest below the 6th intercostal space in the ribs, about 4 cun from the centerline. If you are pregnant, do not stimulate this point as it could induce premature labor as well. You need to be gentle and careful while putting pressure on this acupoint, as it is sensitive to your body. The other name for this acupoint is the Cyclic gate.

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10. The conception vessel 7 (Ren 7)

The conception vessel 7 Ren 7

The tenth and the last one on our list of acupressure points for menstrual cramps with many other issues is known as The conception vessel 7 or Ren 7, which is greatly effective in regulating heavy menstrual bleeding. Ren-7 also helps to reduce menstrual pain, regulate menstruation, help heal hernias, and help with postpartum hemorrhage. Ren-7 is located on the same line as Ren-3 and Ren-4 acupoints and it is easy to find it. Simply move your finger about one cun below your belly button and voila! you have found this acupressure point. The other name for this pressure point is called the yin intersection.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can acupressure help with period cramps?

Acupressure and acupuncture are some of the great practices that can help with many issues in the body, during menstrual cramps it can help to ease out the pain instantly. It is also said that certain acupoints can even induce a period, though it may not happen constantly.  So yes! Acupressure does help for your period cramps. 

Is it safe to apply acupressure during periods?

Acupressure could affect your period, it not just helps to relieve the pain caused because of period cramps but also proves beneficial in many ways to your body. Hence, it is not just safe but also benefits you.


Pressure point or Acupressure point has been greatly useful to provide from menstrual cramps. It not only just provides relief but also stimulates blood circulation and helps in many other issues related to your body as well.

These Acupressure points are extremely sensitive parts of your body. They have the ability to reduce pain and provide relaxation too. Hope this post will help you in providing relief by using these 10 acupressure points to massage your body. Thank you for reading.