Important Ways To Keep Your Sperm Healthy

keep your sperm healthy

Having sex is an integral part of our lives. It is important, therefore, to take care of sexual health. It becomes even more necessary to take care of your sex life, when you are planning to start a family. Sperm health plays an important role in this. It is, therefore, highly necessary to adopt healthy habits to keep your entire sexual life happy. Getting rid of few unhealthy things will definitely provide you better sex life and stronger sperm health. Fortunately, there are various ways to keep your sperm healthy, which you can consider. Sperm health is directly linked to your overall body health, growth as well as development. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep yourself fit to maintain stronger health of your sperms.

We have provides a list of important ways on how to keep your sperm healthy and enjoy the benefits of some quality sex life.

Important ways for sperm health

sperm health
1. Avoid long usage of laptops on your lap

If you are spending too much time on your laptops for creating documents, preparing presentations as well as uploading posts and images, the chances are high that you are using laptops on your thighs. Apart from that, you might be using a broadband connection for your internet usage. According to the experts, we all are surrounded by the internet and although it provides various benefits, it provides adverse effects on your health too. According to various studies, it has been proved that harmful radiations from your Wi-Fi connection can decrease the health of your sperm. It also affects the viability of your sperm by causing damage to the DNA of your sperm. Keeping laptop too close to your testicles, where the sperm production takes place, causes high damage to the sperms due to non-thermal effect. The radio frequency electromagnetic waves produce through Wi-Fi connection causes damage three times more than using laptop without Wi-Fi connection and 7-15 times more than not using laptop at all.

Therefore, it is important that you use your laptop on a table or far from your testicle as much as you can. This becomes even more important when you are planning to start a family with your partner.

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2. Control alcohol consumption

If you are a person who is having alcohol way too much than you should, this is exactly for you. According to various scientific studies, it has now been proved that alcohol consumption is highly dangerous for your overall health as well as for your sperms. Excessive alcohol consumption, according to the experts, can lead to chronic alcohol intoxication which can affect themovement as well as the density of the sperm as it causes abnormal sperm morphology. If the situation get worsened, your sperm count may get decreased due to unhealthy conditions and it will also lose its quality. At the extreme stage you may cause complete absence of strong sperm in your ejaculation which in turns lead to infertility.

To avoid this, you need to limit your consumption of alcohol. Once you start this, the positive effects will start to show in just three months, according to the experts. During this period, it has been found that characteristics of semen gets elevated in a dramatic stage and can provide complete normalcy of your sperm health. So it is important that you cut down your overall alcohol consumption for better benefits.

3. Stay away from junk

Balanced diet is again an important thing you should always keep in mind while raising your sperm quality. Consumption of junk food or processed fat can reduce the sperm quality. In various studies, it has been found that consuming too much processed fat instead of fresh vegetables and fruits can damage the entire health of your semen. Inadequate consumption of various important nutrient such as lycopene, vitamin C as well as fiber decreases your whole sperm health.

To counter this, it is important that you consume fresh vegetables and fruits a lot and cut down the intake of meat as well as carbs. This will provide you important nutrients which will keep your overall growth at a good level.

4. Keep an eye on stress level

Let’s face it, in today’s life it is highly difficult to live without taking any stress. However, when it reaches the uncontrollable stage, it can cause various disadvantages. Various scientific studies have shown that taking lot of stress causes decreasing the ability of fertilizing egg. Too much stress also damages the production of releasing glucocorticoids, which triggers the production of testosterone and sperm. This can also affects your semen quality as well as fertility. However, the work stress is not usually harmful, but the stress in our personal life or the stress which occurs due to any major event happens in your personal life needs to be cured.

To avoid this you need to get enough sleep and perform yoga regularly. This will help in managing your whole stress. This will provide enough relaxation. Apart from this, meditation can also help you in keeping stress level in check.

5. Get rid of smoking

Smoking, as it has always been said, highly injurious to your health. It is important that you avoid smoking if you are planning to start a family. Regular smoking affects overall sperm health and reduces density, sperm count as well as the number of motile sperm while ejaculation. According to the results of a study, it has been proved that the people who smoke regularly consists lower sperm health than the people who don’t smoke at all. It has also been found that high level of sperm fragmentation occurred in the sperms in people who smokes regularly.

It is, therefore, important that you think about removing the habit of smoking completely. Regular smoking is indeed harmful and deteriorates your health. Avoid smoking through a proper medicinal way is always recommended.

6. Absence of enough sex

Not having enough sex is the main cause of decreasing the quality as well as the overall health of your semen. According to some researchers, absence of sex for the period of more than 2-18 days affects your semen quality negatively. Although the volume of the semen is increased if you “save up” your semen, the motility as well as morphology declined in your semen. It has also been found that major negative changes also takes place in the semen if you don’t have sex for a long time. It can also cause deterioration of sperm as well.

To avoid this it is important that you have sex regularly with your partner to keep yourself healthy and boost up overall sex life.

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By Prajakt K.