13 Scientifically Proven Factors That Can Help You Getting In The Mood (For S*x)

getting in the mood

S*x is nice but there are definitely going to be days when you wouldn’t just feel it in your bones even if your partner is jumping off their bones to “get some”.

Have you been in such situations?

One, two or even multiple times sometimes?

There are instances when getting in the mood can be a bit of a “chore” if you are not up to it at all.

There can be a number of downers throughout the day that can affect your libido and desire to consummate your love with your partner. From your boss’ consistent demoralization to the pesky and irritating traffic that you were stuck in. The possibilities are endless and can make you not feel good enough for s*x.

So, are there any scientifically backed factors that can change that? Sure there are and let me break it to you that the list doesn’t necessarily involve porn. Shocker? Well, if you are finding yourself in a situation thinking about how to get into the mood for s*x, here are the top ways to do so. All hail Science!!

1. Smell and Taste Tingles the Sensation


The Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago conducted a research to sort out which kind of smell and tastes influenced the s*x drive in an individual. Yeah, there are scientists for such researches too!!

Anyhow, the research claimed that there are actually certain kinds of smells that were heftily responsible for increasing the penile blood flow in a male individual. Now, for the male readers of this article, I am pretty sure you are intrigued to know what, right?

The study actually claims that for some odd reason, the combination smell of the pumpkin pies with lavender rocked the list amidst the other variants of smells that were tested out.

So, the leftover pumpkin pie that you were about to chug down, maybe, smell it first with a bit of lavender too? Just saying!

Pumpkin Cream Pie, Cinnamon, and French Vanilla Scented Mason Jar Candle

2. Renew Your Gym Membership


No, no, wait! Don’t get scared with the mention of gym and exercises. After all, you win some you lose some and if you are looking for ways to get yourself in the mood, this is a must do.

Science claims that gyming and exercises help release endorphins which are the primary boost that makes you feel charged and good. Not just that, the strenuous workout regime that you just did also promotes the healthy release of dopamine, the hormone that is responsible for orgasms.

So, maybe it’s time to let go off the sitting back and chilling and hit the gym. Run a mile or sign up for those Zumba classes – they seem like a fun activity, don’t they?

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3. Aphrodisiacs are a Great Boost


Aphrodisiacs are the ingredients which boost one’s libido and make them get in the mood. If you find a piece of chocolate lying around, just eat it. It just might be the little missing puzzle piece to get you hyped up and horny.

If you are hungry but your partner is in the mood for some action, kill two birds with one stone by munching on aphrodisiac foods which can help set the mood and fill you up as well.

And if you are thinking that only the oysters are the aphrodisiacs that can produce effective results, you are in the dark, my friend! There are several other varieties of food that can help you get in the mood, avocados, pomegranate, and salmon being a few examples for it.

If you are feeling bold, you can even include them in your lovemaking as well. Explore your kinks!

Herbal Aphrodisiac Infused Chocolate Candy

4. Horror Movies Can Be a Blessing in Disguise


Studies show that watching horror movies often gets the adrenaline at the peak (which is a very good thing). Why? Because, the higher levels of adrenaline assure higher levels of s*x drive too.

And believe it or not, much like every other cliché romantic movie, the “watching a horror movie with your partner to ramp up the closeness” trick actually does work. And while there might be multiple other ways to pump up your adrenaline, watching horror movies together is probably one of the most effective ones, if not the most.

So, next time you are planning on how to get into the mood, switch one a horror movie, cozy up with your partner under a blanket and that should get your hearts racing and desires heightened.

5. Keep Them Feet Warm


Wearing a pair of socks during s*x might not seem very appealing but reports have claimed that women wearing socks during s*x are more likely to have an orgasm faster than if they were barefoot.

Warm feetsies can help you reach your climax faster than you expected and there are actually some people who have a fetish for socks during s*x, so, if you are one of those few, it is definitely a win-win situation for you.

If you are getting in the mood, take off everything but let the socks stay.

6. Quit Smoking


Now that we have covered some of the areas that can help you get in the mood for s*x within a short span of time, there are a few factors that you need to embrace to gain rewarding results in the long haul.

The first one being quitting smoking!!

Smoking tends to inhibit the normal flow of blood to all the parts of the body which means that your genitals are not being supplied with the sufficient amount of blood that it should be getting. This, in turn, results in preventing them to be not warm enough to be aroused. Sad luck!! Check the guide to quit smoking naturally.

So, the next time you ponder on what’s preventing you from getting some tonight, think about your smoking habits and if you continue with the same, there are chances that it might negatively affect your libido.

7. Slather Your Daily Diet With Vitamin B Rich Foods


Several research and experiments have claimed that a woman’s s*x drive can be boosted with the consumption of Vitamin B rich diet. The consumption of multivitamins from the Vitamin B family can definitely help contribute to getting in the mood.

Avoid supplements and just increase the dietary intake of Vitamin B. Eat more watermelon, swiss cheese, soy, fish, bread etc.

8. Give Yourself Some Sweet Pampering


According to science, one of the most common reasons for you to not be in the mood is because of the impending stress throughout the entirety of the day. The heightened levels of cortisol hinder with the hormonal release of other s*x hormones that are responsible for getting you in the mood.

So, what should be done to fix that?

Well, pampering yourself is one of the best ways to do so. Prepare a warm bath for yourself and add some fragrance and bubbles and soak yourself in it for as long your heart desires. It will draw out the tension from your muscles and help you relax.

Confine yourself from the outside world for these 20-30 minutes and focus on pampering yourself and getting the much needed “me” time to help decompress and get rid of all the negativity throughout the day.

Once you have reenergized and rejuvenated yourself, getting in the mood will be like a piece of cake for you. It even lifts up your mood and you are more than enthusiastic enough to try out new things in bed which you might not have done otherwise.

9. Masturbation Might Help


It is scientifically proven that masturbation helps increase your s*x drive. It helps you understand the kind of things in bed that you like and the kind that you don’t. Nobody understands your body better than you, so pleasuring yourself can be one of the best ways to get yourself in the mood.

You can use your hands, s*x toys or anything you are comfortable with. Experts suggest that playing with yourself gets you in the mood and helps arouse you which are exactly what you are aiming for, right?

Several experts have even claimed that even this method can be futile and not get you in the mood and even that is okay. Don’t fret!

10. Provoke Your Thoughts About Something Threatening


In a very interesting study conducted by the Kansas University, a group of men were asked to think about something threatening and the researchers were awarded with some highly interesting readings and observations.

It was deduced that men were more likely to engage in s*x when encountered with a threatening environment. Scientists claim that it is the common urge to mate when posed with a stressful situation and is nothing uncommon.

The study was conducted on just men, so, we can’t really affirm if the instincts are going to be similar for women too or not. Well, there’s nothing wrong is conducting another study, isn’t it? And this time, on women.

11. Cracking Jokes Aren’t Lame


How many times have you had people come to tell you that using jokes as pickup lines is a no go? Probably hundreds? Thousands? Well, studies claim that women are more likely going to get in the mood when their partner is jovial and funny and not the opposite.

Not just that, if you are in the initial days of just trying to score a girl’s phone number, a stupid knock-knock joke might do the trick, you never know what works best.

12. Stubbles Are S*xy


Stubbles are something that would never go out of trend. Women love guys with stubbles, might despise a full grown beard, but stubbles are an instant turn on for several women.

If you have been looking for ways to get yourself in the mood, try and ask your man to grow a stubble. And before you throw me under a bus thinking I am reaching and being unrealistic, there was an actual experiment conducted back in 2013 that actually claims that there was a correlation between men’s facial hair and women’s perception of attractiveness and desires with it.

13. Red Wine Came To The Rescue


A very good news for all the wine lovers because this specific point is going to make you happy. In a conducted study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it has been claimed that the daily permissible consumption of red wine has effective results in boosting a woman’s s*xual health.

That being said, don’t just fill your entire body with red wine for getting in the mood because consent and consciousness are the two important factors in s*x. Sip on moderate quantities of red wine with your meals or in between meals, whatever floats your boat.

The ways to get yourself in the mood is going to vary from person to person based on their likes, desires, and needs. These above mentioned 13 scientifically backed up ways can definitely be the little kick you need to push your s*x drive through the roof, or just inside the house is fine as well.