Products to Manage Incontinence

How to Treat Incontinence

Countless women from the world over are known to suffer from certain measures of severity of urinary incontinence, conveniently abbreviated as UI. It is often mistaken for an age related occurrence, yet the fact remains that younger people may also be affected by the condition. An early diagnosis, followed by prompt treatment, would in the first place require that the symptoms are recognized early. Only then could the women population think of getting their life back on track. In this publication after providing a brief discussion of the disease, we shall go ahead and discuss some products to manage and how to treat incontinence. Read on ahead, in any case.

How to Treat Incontinence

1What is Incontinence

Urinary incontinence, as a disease in the case of a woman could be as metalling taxing as it is mentally. They seem to lose control over their urinary bladder. This may lead many women to avoid leaving the house, so that they are never too far away from a cubicle. Suffering quietly, out of obscene shame is quite the norm among women. Although the truth remains that the condition could not only be managed, but also treated to get better. So you might as well seek professional help if you think you may be suffering from a case of urinary incontinence.

Women very often tend to expel a few drops of urine while laughing very hard, coughing, or performing any strenuous activity. While in case of some other women, a sudden and a strong urge to urinate may overcome them from time to time. In certain cases, women may also dispel urine, while involved in sexual activities. An occurrence which may lead to much emotional stress.

The cause of occurrence of the disease is often associated with the malfunctioning of the muscles and nerves which bring about the action of urination, and the process of holding of urine in the bladder. Obesity may lead to the exertion of additional pressure on the muscles of the abdominal area, which may trigger, or worsen a case of incontinence, as and how the case may be. Losing weight may surely lessen the measure of the condition. Yet the patients are always advised to visit a doctor at the first appearance of the symptoms.

In America, as much as a third of all women suffer from some or other case of urinary incontinence. As many as about 33 million women in America alone suffer from a case of hyper active bladder, which means that they have a frequent urge to visit the cubicle, irrespective of the fact whether they are suffering from an episode of incontinence or not. Old age, advanced stages of pregnancy, child delivery, and the number of children you have may also lead to development of incontinence.

Studies have shown to us that risk of urinary incontinence although mostly linked with old age, may however be caused during pregnancy, post delivery, as well the number of children you may have had.The mode of child delivery, whether C section or vaginal, does not matter, as a case of incontinence still may be developed. Studies also often indicatethat urinary incontinence may also be developed after menopause due to the drop in levels of estrogen. Taking estrogen supplements might not cure the case of incontinence completely.

Obesity might play its part, although. Occurrence of the condition in case of men is also not uncommon. Although the episode in case of the men is treatable once the cause of it is determined. As much as 11% to 34% of older men are known to suffer from cases of urinary incontinence. It may not be an issue with the men alone. This case may not be exclusively associated with only the old, as younger men are also known to suffer from the condition. The men, however seem to be less open about their situation to their doctors. Hence, the figures in case of the stronger sex might as well be considered dubious. Discussing the problem may be considered to be the first step of the procedures that may also include treatment and diagnosis.

2Products to Help with Incontinence

Medicines, surgery, exercise, diet and discipline may be said to be the common modes of therapies available. There is a wide range of products available for both men and women. Using these products, either individually or in combination may provide relief from the situation. These products are known to be flexible and may be easily incorporated with daily activities, for the convenience of the patient. Find below a concise list of products that may be used by a patient of incontinence.


Pads are the absorbing materials that may be lined up along with the underwear in order to arrest the leaks. Women may be considered to be more used to carrying out the pads as compared to the men folks, due to the natural process of menstruation. Pads are very effective in most cases apart from being extremely use friendly. Moreover, they come in a large number of varieties, catering to the individual needs of a person.

4Urinary Incontinence Devices Specially Made for Females

There are countless devices available in the market, that specifically cater to the issues of a woman. Inter as well as external devices of the urethra, to go with those of the vagina may also be there at the disposal of the patient. The external devices of the urethra put into application, a mild adhesive, or a mild process of suction in order to prevent the leakage of the urine. Whereas, the internal devices of the urethra are inserted to the particular part, in order to temporarily block the passage of urine. They may lead to adverse effects if positioned improperly. Finally the vaginal devices which are placed internally in order to provide support to the neck of the urinary bladder, and thus provide relief from incontinence caused due to stress.

5Urinary Incontinence devices for Men

Urinals which are worn on the body and also consist of an attached disposable bag in which all the urine leaving the body collects down. These are more often than notused as a substitute to disposable sheaths which are attached on specially manufactured under garments. Devices which bring about their effect through compression of the penis are used as clamps on the organ, and are reusable. The devices must be removed from the clamps in order to pass urine.

The other type of device available for men is those which bring about a retraction of the penis, wherein the device covers the penis, and thus collects all the urine which may be drained out later. It may be in the form of a sheath, which in appearance may be similar to a condom, and attached to a urine bag, which may be drained off as per the convenience.

The Use of Catheters

Catheters are these very flexible tubes which are inserted into the bladder of the patient, in order to bring about the immediate draining of the urine that may have collected in the bladder.

Drainage Bags for Urine

The drainage bags of the urine are so designed that the urine is collected either through the use of sheaths or that of catheters.

Fecal Products

The fecal products are mostly used in case of persons who experience leakage in the bowel passages. The devices commonly include the use of plugs, pads, and collector bags.

Toilet Aids

These devices are such made that they help the patient undergo the toiletry procedure. These are specially designed for those who are unable to sit on the toilet seat. Urinals which could be held by hand, bed pans, directors of passage of urine, raisers toilets, bidets as well as wipes for the behind side.

Protectors to Bed and Chair

These protectors also come in the form of pads that could be fixed up on beds or chairs, as the case may be, in order to absorb the leaks.

Odour Control, Clothing and Skin Care

You may want to make certain clothing modifications, like adding zippers to pyjamas, or wear skirts. Special under wears are also available which hold pads and other devices. Options are also available to control odour and provide relief from skin irritation.

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