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Natural Remedies to Boost Digestion

The digestive system of a person plays a very important part in determining the overall health of the individual. The switching off of the digestive system, if you may call it so, may lead to a number of ailments. Some of the diseases which may be developed as a result of indigestion may be sighted as irritable bowel syndrome, which is abbreviated as IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, and gas. Moreover,one may also contract certain allergies from some food items, experience abnormal, or irregular weight gain,suffer from episodes of eczema, which is nothing but acute inflammations of the skin, often leading to the formation of vesicles. More over indigestion may also lead to severe exhaustion, sporadic episodes of asthma, and in certain cases even cancer in any of the various parts of the digestive system.

If neglected for far too long, then these symptoms with their respective severity, may lead to major health problems, which may be pretty chronic in their disposition. Although if you focus on the state and condition of your digestive system, then the condition may get better, to the effect that the chronic condition may be reversed. Read on ahead and find what you could do in order to heal your digestive system. The tips that you may sure of, will work. Read on ahead about these natural remedies to boost digestion system.

How to Heal Your Digestive System

1Chew the food

The very essential and ever so elusive process of food digestion starting at the very source if you may say so about the mouth. Putting in the extra effort in chewing your food eases the work that the digestive system has to put into breaking down the nutrients into easily absorbable form 0f the body. There are a lot of digestive juices present in the saliva. Thus chewing your food extensively mixes it with saliva, thus speeding the process of it breaking down

2Eat Whole and Real foods

You may want to focus on the consumption of real and whole foods. Farm fresh, organic and free of pesticides. You may want to avoid the fake stuff, which may constitute of processed, canned, and tetra packed stuff, junk food and fast food. You may typically want to avoid those food items which have a high content of refined salts, processed sugars, and processed oils. These substances are highly undesirable for your digestive systems, and may take a long time to digest, even after which they may remain in the body in their semi to undigested form. What we may commonly know as free radicals.

Moreover, these foods that you may rather abstain from do not provide any nutritional value whatsoever to the body.

3Consume More of Fermented and Cultured Foods

Foods that are fermented or cultured have high content of bacteria that are beneficial for the system. Eating fermented foods help in regenerating the flora of your gut by natural procedures. The more variety you add to your plate as far as fermented and cultured foods are concerned.

The greater the variety of fermented or cultured foods that you may add to your plate, the better it is for your gut health. Sauerkraut, kefir, fermented vegetables, kimchi, or Kombucha are examples of such foods that you may indulge in. If the case of your gut disorder is severe, then you may start eating slowly, then later build up on the start. Enough time to adjust and change must be given to the body in order to bring about the required changes to the internal environment.

4Be Considerate Towards Your Liver

Providing the much needed, vital support to your liver may go a long way in determining the overall health of your digestive system. An efficient and effective liver is one of the keeps. Juices and soups are an excellent way of boosting the health of your liver, which in turn goes a long way in determining the health of your digestive system. Certain bitter herbs such as dandelion and milk thistle may also boost the state of your liver.

5Importance of Hydration

Lack of adequate hydration may be an extremely important reason for where digestive disorders take root. Apart from your daily routine of hydration, you may want to drink a glass of water every day, mixed with a spoon full of either apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice. Every now and then, indulging in some herbal tea may be a great way of keeping your hydration levels to the mark.

To the concoction, you may add ginger, fennel, peppermint, fenugreek, in order to boost the digestive functions of your body. You may otherwise try dandelion tea with milk, in case you are looking for a substitute for coffee.

6Importance of Stress Management

It is not just the mind upon which stress has its impact. The body as well gets wrecked pretty bad as a result of the stress that you may experience. The digestive functions of a person seemed to get affected all the more severely as a result of stress.

In order to rid yourself off stress, you may want to give time, and realize for yourself what kind of stress busting activity works for you. Then further analyzing the health benefits of the relaxing activity of your choice, you may decide to indulge in it, or make the activity, a part of your life style. Gentle meditative procedures, breathing practices, light yoga and the kind may be an excellent place to start.

7Importance of Detoxification

Detoxification, no matter how gentle or severe your body may be able to handle, is still of the utmost importance. Aloe Vera juice would not only boost your detox regime, but also may prove to be extremely beneficial for your overall digestive health.

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8Importance of Supporting Your Guts with Glutamine

Glutamine, promotes and supports the regeneration as well as the repair of the living tissues that constitute the inner lining of the intestine. Moreover, it also brings about a soothing effect on any inflammation that might have been developed in the intestines.

Glutamine is easily available in the form of a supplement. Also find ahead the foods which are naturally rich in the particular compound. Meat, fish and eggs, products from the dairy, a host of beans and green veggies such as spinach, kale and parsley. They all got glutamine mate. You may however want to check with a professional of health care before you embark on a journey of supplements.

9Why Probiotics are Important

Probiotics are the class of healthy bacteria that are found naturally within the intestines. They may also be consumed as supplements, or obtained from foods rich in them, for the sake of your health. Curdled and fermented products are rich in probiotics. You may how so ever want to discuss the matter with a professional health care personal, before you embark on a journey of supplements.

10Getting to Know Your Body

The various doctrines of dieting, trending foods. These are surely not what you may want to have in mind, if your thoughts concern a healthy digestive system. In the stead you may want to get to know about your body first. In that case, you may live the life you want, and eat the foods which you crave. You may always want to be at the driver’s seat, as far as your digestive health is concerned. What may work for you, may or may not work for some one else. So it is best to have a comprehensive knowledge about your body. Recurring health disorders are signs that your body may be sending out to you.

By Abhro