Amazing Ways to Improve your Body Posture

Improve your Body Posture

Need of a good posture is of the utmost of importance for the process of our healthy sustenance. As important for the sake, as it is for the sake of your mind. That is what your posture us all about. Correct posture may be said to be more of a practice, which needs to be developed with time. The benefits which may be reaped as a result are tremendous, and the worth the keeps of a lifetime. If you got to explain it to a layman, about the importance of correct and healthy posture, then might as well say that it is a practice which brings about, or restores if you may say so, the biological arrangement which has been designed by nature. All the sensory organs of the body are at their most efficient. The nervous system is reinforced, all the circulatory systems of the body are channelized. The vital organs as well gain health.

Many common diseases, those related to the spinal cord, back, neck or hip are related to incorrect posture. Moreover, incorrect posture also brings about episodes of headaches and severe fatigue. It is in fact not for nothing, that the way of saying standing tall is associated with a reciprocation of respect and reverence. In literal terms, it may mean only as much as having the correct posture. Posture moreover, not only talks of the state of the health, but also speaks volumes of the condition of the mind, and its levels of confidence, or the self confidence of the person. In this publication, we introduce to you a certain number of ways, nine in total, about ways to improve your body posture.

How to Get a Better Posture

1Think of Your Body as a String

In order to reclaim the gift of healthy posture back into your life, you may want to start thinking of a piece of string passing through the top of your head, which has the tendency of pulling your head towards the ceiling. Such imaginative visualization techniques may help you in cause of acquiring a healthy posture for life. Such techniques have a tendency of restoring your sense of positioning and height, which in the case of a lot many among us,. Has not been realized since the younger days.

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2Have the letter X Taped on Your Back

This simple yet effective procedure may help you in acquiring a correct and healthy posture for life. You may want to ask for the help of a buddy on this one. A large X needs to be taped on the back, from the shoulders at one side to the hip on the other side and either side. Wear it and get a feel of it in order to maintain the correct posture throughout the day. In order to boost the effect, you may want to hold your shoulders back while getting the tapes on your back. The tape that you may use must be broad and non sticky, so that no harm is done on the skin. You may want to change the tapes every day.

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3Try to Walk Straight

Improving your walking posture may be easier than trying to get a positive effect on your sitting or standing posture. This is because your mind stays busy in the act of walking, and thus is unable to focus on the correction of the posture, to which it may react. The body gets accustomed to the incorrect posture and thus adversely reacts to the corrections. Then there are the health benefits of walking that are there to be enjoyed. You may want to walk as if trying to balance a book on your head. Through such imaginative visualizations you promote the process of correction of your posture.

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4Use of a Reference as a Reminder

In order to improve your posture in the long run, you may want to associate it with a particular object or a colour. Let us say a computer screen and the colour pink. So to say that if the idea is established and engraved in your mind that the respective object and colour is linked with correct posture, then you may want to check the correctness of your posture every time these things cross your line of vision. Developing an obsession may not be a bad idea in case of a healthy posture, as it might as well could have been some adverse obsession from the days of yore, that might have brought about the incorrectness in the posture in the first place.

5Put Focus on the Calves

Through imagination you may want to bring about the realization that the whole body balance and posture is dependent on the state and condition of the muscles of the calves of the body. Believe it not, it has a lot to do with your attitude towards life. A spring in the feet, a bounce in the step, maybe all about your state of mind, which on its own modest part is responsible for the slouch in your posture or the edge on your stance.

You may want realize for the sake of your own self, how a pair of strong calves frees up parts of your upper body, which brings up a subsequent straightening of the posture of the individual. A healthy posture relaxes the muscles of your neck and shoulders, and hence alleviates the unwanted stress on them. Moreover, the measure of correctness in your posture also brings about a reinforcing effect on the muscles of the stomach, which may also know as the abs. Rock hard abs anybody. Just chin up and chest out, may be all that you may need to do.

6About the Seating Posture

  • Sitting up straight, as often as you may manage may be the best habit that you may pick up at any time of the day, week, month or year. Desk jobs are the norm of the day in the modern lifestyles. So a healthy sitting posture would mean that you would be able to hold on to your livelihood for a longer time. You may go ahead and read these following ways of improving your sitting posture.
  • If you are among the multitudes who have to be at their desk job at the break of rush hour every day, then you may want to make sure that the chair you sit on had been designed with ergonomic considerations in mind. You may want to choose the chair depending on your height and weight. If the desired options are not available, then you may want to at the very least use a small pillow in order to provide support to your spinal column, or lumbar support as you may call it as also.
  • Further dwelling on the office that may be available for one’s convenience, or the lack of it. You may want to make sure that the back of the chair that you use is in alignment with your own back. In that even while sitting for long duration you would avoid the tendency of leaning forward, and thus slouch. A conscious effort may be needed initially on the part of the individual.
  • You may want to make sure that your computer screen is slightly upturned. In that way you would not have to lead forward, and thus attain a slouch in your posture, while reading the fine print on the screen. Specially for the case of small print, you may want to keep the fonts larger, as and how it may suit you. When it comes to sitting up straight, you may have to force the self during the early days.
  • You may want to keep both your feet on the ground, or on a foot rest just in case your feet do not reach all the way down to the ground. This habit will naturally bring about a correction into your posture. The position, and orientation of your feet with respect to the horizontal position is of the utmost importance while deciding your stance, be it while standing, sitting down or on the move.
  • Adjust the height at which your chair, as well the arm, rests are at. The arm rest is a prominent feature of office chairs and plays an important role in determining the posture of the person while seated. Your elbows must be folded at an angle not less than 75 degrees and not more than 90 degrees. You do not want to too far back so that you may have to reach out to the desk, and in the process your arms are flexed straight out. Similarly, you may not want to be too close to the screen, as it would mean that your elbows are at an acute angle. Either cases lead to a slouch in your posture.

7Change in Posture is Important

Even if you are used to a perfect posture while seated, you may still need to standand stretch out your insides. Standing breaks are of the utmost importance for those who are used to or involved in sitting job.

One may want to keep it mind that the body was not made to hold onto any particular posture for the entire day. Hence, you may want to keep making subtle changes and adjustments to your posture and keep moving around. Prolonged episodes of sitting may have a critically adverse effect on your insides bringing about a host of ailments and maladies, to the extent to affecting the life span of the individual.

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By Abhro