Home Remedies for Better Vision

Natural Remedies for Better Vision

Glasses and contact lenses, which aid our vision have a way of their own by which they eat away at our pockets. There may be various reasons, which could be sighted as causes for the weakening of eyesight. Genes, bad habits, lack of nutrition to name a few.

Before the situation gets out of hand, and you end up spending so much that it is not funny anymore, you might as well read about these natural remedies for better vision. Old school, no matter how old it may be, has always known to be effective.

Home Therapies for Better Eye Sight


What is commonly mentioned to as saunf in Indian scriptures.If high amounts of sorbitol gets trapped in the retina of the eyes, then any of the following conditions may be developed, cataract, retinopathy or unexplained blindness. Fennel is suitably bestowed with a compound called trans anethole, which prevents the sugar in the blood from getting converted into glucitol. In addition fennel is also rich in a number of anti oxidants and beneficiary nutrients which hinders the progress of cataract or other unfavourable conditions of the eye. Promotions of healthy eyes is the agenda.

You may mix a dozen almonds with about 4 tablespoons full of fennel. Add some crystallized sugar, known as misri in India. Coarse grind the mixture and eat this powder daily mixed with a glass full of milk. Make sure that you avoid drinking water for at least for 2 hours after drinking the concoction in milk. Before bed may be considered to be the best time for the drink.

2Indian Gooseberries

Indian gooseberries are known as amla in the country of their origin. They have known to be an absolute powerhouse of nutrients, most essentially, the ever elusive vitamin C. In fact amla is said to have twenty times more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C plays more than a hearty hand in maintaining the health of your retina, by reinforcing the conditioning of the capillaries.

The fruit is often available as a sweet and sour jelly, called murabba. Juices are also available commercially, which may be the easier, yet effective mean to the remedy. As juicing these gooseberries is a tedious process which requires sun drying them. Drying the fresh berries in the sun, cuts down on the acidity of the fruit, while still maintaining its vitamin C content. A glass full of an equal mix of amla and carrot juice is known to be miracle, when consumed first thing in the morning in an empty stomach.

3Clarified Butter

What we know as ghee in India. Ghee is known to be extremely beneficial for the eyes, as it promotes the healthy functioning of the eye lids, by boosting the conditioning of the extra ocular muscles and the tear glands.

Ghee, since the ages of the sages has been used as a remedy for healthier eyes, with application belonging to both internal as well as external benefits. Glaucoma is a disorder to the eyes, which finds its prompt recovery in clarified butter.

It is in fact recommended by physicians to administer a drop of lukewarm ghee to each eye before going to sleep. The practice is known to promote healthy eyes in genera, besides improving eyesight. Although, soothing, and strengthening process is brought about by a burning sensation.

4Triphala Powder

Triphala is an aurvedic mic which translates to three fruits in sanskrit. The mixture consists of equal parts of three fruits, which are dried, deseeded, ground and mixed. Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) been the three fruits

This vedic medicine is known to provide strength to the muscles of the eye, thus in the process enhances the eyesight. Cataract, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, as well progressive myopia, have their respective cures in this essential medicine.

Stir in a teaspoon full of triphala powder into a glass full of water, distilled preferably. Let the mixture rest overnight. The morning after, you may pass the concoction a few times through a fine sieve, before rinsing your eyes with it. The procedure cures minor infections, and as well as treats impaired vision. You may otherwise choose to boil a couple of teaspoons full of triphala powder, in a glass of water. Reduce the mixture, until it is reduced to a quarter of its original volume. Strain it upon cooling, and drink it every day with a spoon full of honey. It is sure to boost your vision.

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By Abhro