Incredible Benefits of Cardio Based Exercise

Benefits of Cardio Based Exercise

Cardio is a more convenient, rather a colloquial term used for its technical counterpart cardiovascular. Cardio exercises, may include a variety of movements of the body parts, which are supposed to get your heart pumping, and get the blood in their respective streams to flow with added vigour, that it is usually not used to.

The very mention of Cardio may send shivers down the spines of the most dedicated gym rats. Yet for other more passionate ones, it may be a way to finding their inner self. A process of self realization, wherein the effects of exercising transcend to a higher plane. Every exercise that brings about an acceleration of your heart rate can be put into the category of cardiovascular exercises. From running on the treadmill, lifting heavy weights, polymetric combinations and other forms of free hand exercising. All these and much more. They all boost the capacities of your cardiovascular system, and hence may be categorized into one or the other form of exercising.

Since this form of exercising brings about extensive movements in various parts of the body, it may be used to bring about weight loss, by burning of the fat layers in the body. Every specific movement that you perform while exercising any part of the body, would have its individual effect on that specific part. The exertion that you experience is what brings about the increase in heart rate, as the heart increases the supply of blood to the fatigued parts of the body.

Whether you are trying to balance our the calories expended against those consumed, in order to maintain your figure, or you are aiming for inch loss. Cardiovascular exercises are you never stop solution. Read on about these incredible benefits of cardio based exercises. A little bit of breathlessness never harmed no one.

How Cardiovascular Exercises Benefits Us

1Healthy Heart

    • The most essential benefits of cardiovascular exercises is on the part of the body after which they are named. The human heart through its muscular movements accomplishes its functions of blood circulation. Hence, like any other of its kind, the heart as well needs regular exercising to stay in shape.
  • Failing to workout your heart, would only lead to its weakness over time. The adverse effects, which an unhealthy heart may have on our welfare and lifestyle are immense. Increasing the heart rate every now and then, keeps the muscles supple and agile. Getting winded, while performing simple motions like climbing stairs, or walking up a hill, is a symptom of weakening heart. The earlier such issues are looked into and addressed, the better it is for your longevity and health.

2Better Metabolism

    • The effects of regular cardiovascular exercising on your metabolism are too crucial to be ignored. The speeding of your heart rate increases the rate of blood flow in the stream. This leads to the prompt utilization of the nutrients present in the body. As a result the digestive system works overtime so as to keep churning out nutrients from the food that we consume. Thus, there is a hastening in the overall metabolic rate, because of the cardiovascular exercising.
  • The more intense your cardio training regime, the higher would be the percentage increase in your rate of metabolism. High intensity interval sprints, have the most potent effect on your rate of metabolism. A process called Excess post exercise oxygen consumption, is undergone by the body, which maintains your body weight, and as well burns down any unwanted calories in the body. All brought about by the increase in metabolic rate of the system.

3Healthy Hormone Secretion

    • Regular training in cardiovascular exercises has an immense beneficial effect on the hormonal profile of an individual. The secretion of the feel good hormones, that our body needs and utilizes, is increased. There is relief brought about from depression and fatigue as a result of this increase in the levels of the particular category of hormones.
    • Moreover appetite satiating hormones are also released by the body, while you are performing the exercises, in order to compensate for the hastening of the rate of metabolism.
  • Exercisers who regularly indulge in cardio training are known to have a more positive perspective towards life. This is due to the stress relieving benefits which their cardiovascular training brings about on their systems.

4Improved Repairing Capacities

    • A light session of cardio exercises just after a heavy workout session is known to beneficial in hastening the recovery time need of your body, to repair the muscles off their fatigue and wear.
    • The delayed onset of muscle soreness is the condition that we experience, when we workout the muscles past their usual capacities. Some cardio at the end of your schedule would help your body in getting rid of the toxins which bring about fatigue in the body.
  • Better blood circulation prior to working out, brings about optimal gains in the muscles.

5Managing Sugar Levels

    • The levels of the various types of sugars present in our blood stream is an extremely essential counter to our overall well being.
    • It is through the burning of these sugars that our body acquires the energy that it expends. In the absence of adequate levels of sugars in the blood stream, the body eats into the deposits of proteins and fats, in order to keep on proving the body with the amount of energy that is required.
  • On the other hand, excess amount of sugar would only lead to obesity. Cardiovascular exercising is an extremely efficient way of maintaining the calorie balance in your system.


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