Effective Home Remedies for Acidity

Home Remedies for Acidity

Acidity is caused due to the excessive secretion of acids by the gastric glands present in our stomach. Gas, bad breath and an aching stomach among others are the usual symptoms of acidity. A number of reasons could be sited as causes for acidity. Empty stomach for prolonged periods, unhealthy eating habits, excessive smoking, drinking and caffeine. All can be pointed out as independent and correlated causes. Heavy and spicy meals also trigger the excessive production of acids that lead to heartburn. Read on about these effective home remedies for acidity.

How to Cure Acidity at Home

1Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves is known to have a soothing carminative effect on our system, which is sure to give you instant relief from acidity. You may choose to chew upon a few leaves of basil at the first sign of gas. If the symptoms seem to be severe, then you may choose to boil a handful of leaves into a concoction and drink up the same for instant relief.


Chewing on fennel is known to be an ancient remedy to prevent acidity. Fennel seeds are bestowed with a number of gastrointestinal benefits, which are sure to positively effect the overall health of your digestive system. Tea prepared from fennel is rich in natural oils which are found in the seeds. The concoction is known to be beneficial against bloating caused due to digestive disorders.


This distinctively aromatic spice is a potent antacid, which brings about a calming effect on your bowels. Cinnamon tea is known to cure infections in the gastrointestinal tract and aids the digestive absorptive properties of the system.


Skipping the antacid after a heavy meal, and instead indulging in a wholesome cup of buttermilk might be an excellent idea. The benefits of buttermilk have been recognized since the times of the sages. The facts are documented in the Ayurveda. Lactic acid, found in abundance in buttermilk balances the acid content of our intestines. A sprinkle of black pepper, or a dash of ground coriander may just further enhance the benefits and taste of an otherwise prosaic drink.


Jaggery is rich in magnesium, which is known to be extremely effective for the overall health of our intestines. It promotes digestion by making the digestive tract more alkaline. Consumption of jaggery lowers the internal temperatures of the intestine, thus preventing the occurrence of inflammations, and also reducing the temperatures of the body. Sucking onto a piece of jaggery, specially during the summer in an excellent home remedy for the digestive tracts.


Cloves have enjoyed a position of importance in ancient medical literature hailing both from the far east, as well as India. Been carminative in nature, they prevent the development of gas within our intestines. They can be easily added to a host of recipes, in order to enjoy their benefits. Alternative they could be ground and mixed with equal amount of ground cardamom in order to heal the digestive tract.

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7Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are an efficient, natural antacid, which aids digestion and alleviates stomach cramps. The cumin seeds may be slightly roasted and ground, and consumed mixed in a glass of warm water. You may alternative boil the seeds into a concoction in order to enhance the potency of its effects.


Ginger is known to have excellent digestive aiding and anti-infjky properties. Chewing on a thinly sliced piece of ginger is an excellent remedy to neutralize the acid content of the intestines. You may otherwise boil a knob of ginger into a concoction, or extract the juices.

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