7 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Cardio exercises for weight loss

Cardio exercises include all your aerobic exercises which contain running, rowing, bike riding, walking as well as swimming. These are the exercises which cause moderate sweating and should be done quickly but steadily. It has been said that if you are not able to finish asserting a sentence while doing cardio, you are working on it too fast and you need to slow down. Apart from running on treadmills as well as working out on the rowing machine, there are various in-home cardio exercises which you can add into your workout to have better weight loss.

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Cardio exercises for weight loss include various small exercises, which can be done in less time and can be highly effective. We bring you a list of best seven cardio exercises which you can add into you routine workout to lose excess fat from your body.

Best Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight


By standing according to the width of you hips, bend from your waist and keep your palm on the ground. Keeping your legs straight, walk forward on your hands and come in high plank position. As soon as you come in high plank position, walk backward on your hands towards your feet and return to the original position. You can make it a bit difficult by adding a push up when you reach the high plank position. Repeat it for best results.

2Mountain Climber Twist

Take the high plank position with tightening your core. Reach your right knee with your left knee and then left knee with your right knee. Continue the process for better results. If you are not able to twist your knees, run your knees straight towards chest to make it easier

3Plank Jacks

Again come in high plank position with making your core tight. By jumping with the help of your hands widen your feet and by jumping them bring them back in original position. Ensuring that you have maintained a hip-level, continue the exercise for a while for procuring the best results.

4Plank-To-Knee Tap

(Source: Michele Lumadue)

While you are in high plank position, strengthening your core, pull yourself back and tap on your right shin with the left hand and on your left shin with the right hand. If you are more flexible tap the ankles. Repeat this exercise alternatively by taping with one hand first. Maintain a good form while doing the exercise and move as quickly as possible.


By standing according to the width of your hips and slight bending of your knees. Then jumping on your right side with right leg, land on your right side and take the left foot behind the right leg. While landing, try not to put all your weight on right foot and immediately jump to your left side with the left leg and take right foot behind the left leg. Repeat the exercise with alternating side and doing it quickly.


(Source: Ben Greenfield Fitness)

Once again come in high plank position by tightening your core. By putting weight on your right hand, raise the left hand upward and rotate to your left by kicking the right leg in the air to the right. Move quickly to the other side and repeat the cycle for the both the sides alternatively for best results.

73 Hops To Push Up

Stand on your right foot with tightening your muscle and left leg in the air. After hopping for 3 times, quickly bend downwards and do inchworm with right leg. Just add three push-ups when you are in high plank position on your right leg and left leg still in the air. Pull yourself backward while walking on your hand and return to your original position. Don’t immediately repeat with another side. Do with one side for half the time and then switch to the other side.

Choose any 2-3 moves from the list and add it your cardio exercise for effective weight loss. DO it regularly for the best results.


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