8 Healthy Foods To Eat During Menstruation

healthy foods to eat during menstruation

Its a women’s pain and only a women can understand the discomfort and disarray of the monthly undesirable friend. Menstruation brings random cravings, brutal cramps, wavering mood swings and stress of being a woman. We don’t know what and when to eat, our love for our own body fades, we dislike every aspect of being what we are and it’s just for those 3 days. To help you with the diet and health we bring some healthy foods to eat during menstruation, to maintain a balance of nutrients within the body and get the additional strength to withstand the pain and discomforts.

Some woman start their periods at age 11 and some don’t have menopause until 60 years. So its a specific journey for every woman. And every female goes through their clutter and muddle. But all woman share the misery of their monthly companion, which brings some cruel attributes along. Theres a traumatic emotional roller coaster which is too complicated for even our own self to gauge. And we are meant to be the same for every moment of those diabolical days. The only pleasant hope stays, for rearing and bearing a child, we must bear all this traumatic experience.

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Healthy Foods

Some Healthy Foods to Eat During Menstruation Include:

1- Vegetables: Specially green leafy ones


Vegetables are rich in fiber and iron. A woman loses 30-80ml of blood and 20-25ml of iron along with it, during every menstrual cycle. It is extremely important to replenish these with green leafy vegetables. Do not binge on them as they may cause additional bloating. Avoid peas and onions for they cause refluxes. Add more of parsley, spinach, cabbage, celery, herbs, kale, brussels sprouts, soybeans, artichokes and other vegetables.

2- Fruits: Specially juicy melons and berries

FruitsFruits are rich antioxidants and help in replenishing minerals and vitamins back to our body. Since they are rich in fluids they help in increasing circulation thus removing the toxins off our system. Calcium and proteins are needed the most, so increases banana intake and add more citrus to heal the damage and loss incurred by periodic outflow. Also pineapple must be consumed everyday for it contains bromelain, an enzyme which helps in muscle relaxation and eases out the spasms.

3- Cashews and peanuts:

Cashews and peanutsFor severe menstrual migraines and headaches in addition to spasms in muscles add cashews and peanuts to your daily munching routine. These help in curing most of the inflammations and relieving pain. In addition add more walnut, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, fenugreek seeds and some more nuts like almond pecan pistachio to purify the blood by taking more proteins to the diet.

4- Water:


Water is a universal solvent, it is definitely needed for everyday functions of our body. Drinking more water during periods will alleviate water related stiffness. Our body retains water during menstruation as it needs for functioning of our system. If more water is added in the system it will increase circulation and reduce inflammations and swelling.

5- Tea:


Though caffeine is a big no otherwise, but during periods this is a helpful partner for most women. As warm beverages are helpful in relaxing the body and calming our mind. Add ginger for digestion and the prevention of bloating, add peppermint for soothing and relaxation. Green tea also helps in improving functions of endocrine glands and must be taken for its great benefits.

6- Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

Only raw or organic cocoa powder has the nutrients which are mentioned here. The milk chocolate is not having any benefit rather it will add more spasms and fat to your body. Raw cocoa is high in antioxidants and a good source of iron. It also satiates our random cravings. Also cocoa is a natural mood elevator as it increases serotonin in the brain. It also contains magnesium which helps in balancing mood swings.

7- Blood enriching foods:

Blood enriching foods

In addition, we must also consume some foods which will enrich and enhance blood within our body as ample loss have already been done. If the blood is pure and rich it will sustain most abnormal and traumatic impacts of periods and thus it is necessary to enrich the blood. Egg yolk, beet, spinach, pomegranate, carrots, soybeans, raisins, dried prunes and oysters must be consumed for adding rich blood to our system.

8- Don’t consume a lot of salt:

Don’t consume a lot of salt

As bloating and water retention can occur if we consume a lot of salts. So natural flavors of lime and honey must be taken instead. Which will be healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich and antiseptic too.

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Choose healthy versionsIn addition to the above do indulge in comfort foods, as the excruciating pain and discomfort prevents us to have an elaborate meal. A comfort food covers up for it all and makes us stable and brings strength and contentment. Choose healthy versions of your comfort foods and avoid spicy and oily fats.

Do not indulge in strenuous sports and workouts during your periods, a comforting walk or biking is fair and fulfilling. See your OB-GYN for more specific conditions and discuss before opting for any of these.

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Minu Manisha