6 Best Exercises For Depression

best exercises for depression

Many studies suggest that people who exercise have better control over their moods and are less likely to be under stress. Though depression does not have any factual benefits from exercises, but some studies suggest the levels of depression can reduce as workouts give happiness and relaxation. Best exercises for depression is based on our effort to combat stress and anxiety levels in our lives and strengthen healthy living. As there is a positive link between physical and mental health. If physical fitness is improved and enriched it will further the positivity to mental well-being.

Though it is extremely difficult to exercise while under depression, but efforts must be made to adopt a good exercise which not only brings you peace and relaxation but some much needed change from your bouts of depression. Moderate exercises with dance or music based regime are known to cure most of the stress in people. Do not indulge in weight training or strenuous exercises while under severe depression. You may damage your body further. Begin with some healthy and pleasant warm ups, and forget the conventional work out format when exercising to cure depression.

Some unconventional warm-ups for people under depression include:

1- Gardening:


Gardening stimulates the creative juices and brings a positive energy into our system. Gardening is considered as a moderate physical activity which helps in preparing your body for more beneficial exercises

2- Take your dog for walk:

Take your dog for walk

An invigorating and thrilling walk with your dog can be a wonderful and welcome warm-up for the people who are depressed. The furry friends are known to bring peace and contentment into our lives. And indulge in some more games like fetch the ball, run in the park and jump along. This will sure captivate your

3- Clean your home:

Clean your home

Decluttering is intense, it is more than just capturing. It delights us to be able to tidy and clean up our surroundings. And while it is a good moderate exercise it is sure to bring happiness to all.

Best Exercises for Depression include:

1- Running:


Running is enthralling, rigorous and it brings peace to mind, body and soul. Running is considered one of the best exercise for your health and fitness. Not only burns calories but balances and tones the body too. Running brings spiritual healing to our mind. The hormones released as a result of running are known to bring mood change. Also running makes a good workout and helps in sleeping well. This will further relax and act as an anti-depressant. Also running builds up confidence and self esteem which in turn makes way for more positive thoughts

2- Yoga:


Yoga is more for the spiritual and meditating effects. Though the fitness and health benefits are far too immense, but for people under depression some light and relaxing yoga poses and workouts must be done. Yoga is also known to improve the overall lifestyle of an individual Which is a much needed change to cure depression. The breathing controls and enrichments within a yoga pose are almost perfect for relaxing our mind. It further calms and relaxes nerves, muscles, mind and entire body

3- Zumba:


Zumba is a dance based fitness workout, which not only makes you fit but also brings excitement and fun to your dull mood Zumba has several variants with additional props and surroundings, play with kids of zumba and get a quick mood swing. Zumba also helps in relaxing the mind and helping us in better sleep.

4- Tai Chi:

Tai Chi

A slow motion form of eastern workout, tai chi is known to be a wonderful cure for depression. Specially tai chi done in group settings is more resourceful and helpful for giving a relaxing social time. In addition to some marvelous poses

5- Brisk Walk with your chums:

Brisk Walk with your chums

A brisk walk is a sure mood enhancer and calorie shedder. Have your buddy be your partner and walk while you talk. This will strengthen your overall balance, flexibility in addition to making a good mood change

6- Swimming:


Water relaxes, calms and excites us. And summing is a great way to unwind, destress and workout. Some more fun can be added by involving in some leisure activities with ball or swim toys. Also swimming helps in mood change and after swimming you sleep better too

Best exercises for depression

The above compilation on ,”Best exercises for depression” is to help your conquer your stress and anxieties in the most enriching way. Be sure to check with your health care provider before attempting any. The effects of anti-depressant drugs must also be checked before attempting any activity. It is more about your state of mind, so talk more, relax and keep away from things that depress you. Seek help and guidance for depressed person needs someone to talk with, do not take any fatal steps, as you have the most precious gift, ‘LIFE” which is sacred and celebration. Be a part of physical fitness for mental peace and enjoy overcoming your anxieties.

Enjoy working out and keep sharing your feedbacks, we love hearing from you.

Minu Manisha