10 Best Acupressure Points For Relieving Stress, Anxiety And Depression

acupressure points for relieving stress

Acupressure is a variant form of acupuncture, and an alternative medicinal therapy. The pressure points of energy lines over the body are pressed to stimulate better energy flow. Hand, elbow and instruments maybe used for acupressure. And with recent studies and researches , acupressure is by far accepted and utilized for most of the ailments. So we bring you “ Acupressure Points For Relieving Stress, Anxiety And Depression” As our current day lifestyle is filled with tension and crunch of time, we need to have a balance of work-life and moreover our own self-reflection needs to be built up. With workstation concepts at the office and tablets to digitize our lives at home, spinal cord and backbone are strained way past our threshold.

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Our growing tendencies to become machines with machines, have made diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety and stress an indispensable part of our lives. We need to ensure an immediate recovery plan or we ourselves are reducing our own life span. There is nothing more cruel than sitting on a laptop for 2 or more straight hours, and while we may progress on a professional front, but that’s momentary and our body and mind are compromising heavily on peace and contentment. The below draft is written to help you prevent popping pills and starving from your digital partners, just a few sessions of acupressure and it reflects with a peaceful mind, relaxed body and refreshed soul, in addition to sound heart health.

Some acupressure methods for relieving depression

Depression and anxiety cures by acupuncture can even be done by ourselves, after a few sessions by a therapist. Be careful to first warm up your body and relax your mind, to get the most out of the oncoming acupressure method. Practice simple breathing and stretching exercise first. A little session of Pranayama or anuloum-viloum are known to be best for this warm up. Now for the acupressure method:

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Check out these 10 Best Acupressure Points For Relieving Stress, Anxiety & Depression.

1- Union valley or the point between thumb and index finger:

 Union valley or the point between thumb and index finger

Stimulating this point helps in relieving and reflexing muscle tension and ultimately relieving stress. This is a special point which may give immediate relief in case of severe headache from migraine. And if continued for long this may even cure all stress and depression.

2- Shoulder well or point at ridge of shoulder and end point of neck:

point at ridge of shoulder and end point of neck

They specially relieving the tension in the nerves. They are situated on the back side of your body. Apply gentle pressure and benefit from the effects of de-stressing and stiffness in neck too

3- Inner gate the 3 finger width from wrist inside your hand:

Inner gate the 3 finger width from wrist inside your hand

This is a point where nearby, mostly heartbeats may be measured. It helps in relieving tension from the heart. It also helps in preventing nausea and aids in heart health. It also relieves wrist pain and fatigue in the area

4- Outer gate or just opposite side of the inner gate:

Outer gate or just opposite side of the inner gate

This point is just opposite to the inner gate on our hands. This is believed to be the source of our body immunity. Stimulating this helps in increasing body immunity and also increases energy flow in our body.

5- Third eye point or just where the two eye brows if extended, would meet:

just where the two eye brows if extended, would meet

This is the most special point on our body in many cultures, and it is said to relieve stress. This helps in healing nervousness and anxiety in addition to improving tranquility and peace within body.

6- Grandfather-grandson point:

Grandfather-grandson point

This point is on the inside of the foot as shown. This is said to be the major source of energy and circulation within our body. Stimulating this point will help in the nourishment and balanced circulation of energy in our body. It helps in relieving our minds from stress and anxiety. Additionally, it also helps in reducing ankle pains.

7- Great Rushing point on the toe of your legs:

Great Rushing point on the toe of your legs

This point is known to cure the blocked meridians of energy points in our body. These blocking may result into ailments and stress. The energy when flows well helps in curing most of our diseases.

8- Inside elbow point:

Inside elbow point

It is very effective is relieving anxiety, stress and discomfort in the chest. Stimulating this point on both the hands results in healing anxiety, stress, pain in arms, pain in elbow, stomach disorders, chest distress.

9- Wrist point:

Wrist point

Just at the end of your palm and beginning of your writs on both hands, lies this wrist point. This helps in curing anxiety and fear. It also helps in recovering from poor memory and retention. Stimulating this point will help you get over your fears, nervousness, anxiety, memory loss and tensions.

10- Centre of the chest point:

Centre of the chest point

This point helps in providing relief from emotional instability and anxiety. Exactly at the middle of breastbones, this point. Stimulating this point will help in healing nervousness, anxiety, depression, distress in the chest and heart ailments.


The above compilation on, “Acupressure Points For Relieving Stress, Anxiety And Depression” is based on readings into this marvelous alternate form of medicine, which may not have the scientific facts backing but is sure a safe and refreshing way of bringing back balance in life. It is advisable to consult your healthcare provider for more details, and do not proceed without checking with acupuncture specialists.

We hope to bring the many marvels of medical sciences, alter medicines and some more insights in curing ailments.

Share ahead and keep sending us your feedbacks, we thrive and strive to follow them.

Minu Manisha


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