23 Foods With Electrolytes You Must Include In Your Diet TODAY

Foods with electrolytes

“Make sure to get your electrolytes.” How many times have you had a doctor say that to you? Quite often, isn’t it? Foods with electrolytes are a must in every person’s diet because of the kind of impact it has on our overall well being.

If you have been steering clear off of eating foods high in electrolytes, chances are that you will experience drawbacks when it comes to your health.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the foods rich in electrolytes that need to be part of your overall diet.

Why are Electrolytes Important?

Why are electrolytes important
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Electrolytes play a very important role in maintaining our body’s overall homeostasis. Given the fact that our body is made up of 60% water, it is important to ensure that the electrolyte balance is maintained accordingly to ensure that there are no drawbacks to one’s overall well being.

Before jumping into assessing why electrolytes are important for us, it is necessary that one knows what they actually are. Electrolytes are the essential nutrients in the body which is responsible for maintaining the homeostasis, hydration as well as the pH of the body. Any form of disturbance in the levels of electrolytes in the body often end up causing obstruction to the electrical signalling in the body which end up causing muscle fatigue, cramps, inflammation and pain.

Some of the common types of electrolytes found in the body include sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and chloride.

Now, the Main Question of the Event – Why are Electrolytes Important?

In order to help you understand better, we will walk ourselves through the importance of each of the five beneficial electrolytes that are found in our body.

As mentioned before, electrolytes play a very crucial role in the overall well being, hydration and pH of the body. So, let us go through the common benefits of these electrolytes and then we’ll jump onto the foods containing electrolytes.


Not only does sodium contributes to maintaining the overall fluid balance of the body, it also helps in boosting the overall enzyme function and prevention of the muscle cramps. It plays a very key role in osmoregulation and prevents the excess retention of water in the body which often contribute to edema.


Potassium has a collaborative function along with sodium. The main benefit of potassium is the fact that it has impactful benefits in maintaining blood pressure and prevents the possibilities of strokes and other diseases. It plays a key role in overall kidney health.


Magnesium has an indirect role in maintaining the proper functioning of the enzyme functions by being a cofactor to the processes. It plays a very crucial role in regulating the overall metabolic functions of the body including the proper functioning of the smooth muscles which make up for a number of muscles covering of our internal organs.


Not only is calcium beneficial for our overall bone health and for the strengthening of the bones, they do have other benefits too. Calcium, along with Vitamin D has beneficial properties for our body functions. It also has beneficial impacts in the prevention of high blood pressure and diabetes.


Much like how potassium works accordingly with sodium, phosphorus works best along with calcium to provide with effective benefits in boosting one’s overall bone and oral health. Phosphorus has a very important role in protecting the enamel from wearing down.

Now, let’s move on to the natural foods with electrolytes that you definitely need to add to your everyday diet for better well being.

What Foods are High in Electrolytes?

What foods are high in electrolytesIn this section, we are simply going to delve into some of the effective foods high in electrolytes that can help maintain your body hydration and pH and overall homeostasis.

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Check Out These Foods to Maintain Electrolyte Balance in Body.

1. Watermelon

WatermelonWatermelon is one of the best foods high in electrolytes. Aside from the general electrolytes, it is also 92% water and consists of other compounds like lycopene (R) which have beneficial cancer preventing properties that have beneficial impacts in one’s overall health. Watermelon can be consumed in any form, raw as it is or even in a slushie or smoothie.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 1.5 mg
2. Potassium 170 mg
3. Magnesium 15.2 mg
4. Calcium 10.6 mg
5. Phosphorus 16.7 mg

2. Pomegranates

PomegranatesPomegranates are yet one of those foods with electrolytes that have multifaceted benefits for our overall well being. Not only is it loaded with beneficial electrolytes, it also has amazing blood glucose lowering properties after a meal and has important impacts in cancer prevention (R) (R) (R) as well as the cartilage destruction. Not just that, the antioxidant properties (R) help quench up all the unwanted free radicals in the body and gets rid of them for good.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 8.5 mg
2. Potassium 666 mg
3. Magnesium 33.8 mg
4. Calcium 28.2 mg
5. Phosphorus 102 mg

3. Oranges

OrangesOranges are primarily known for their Vitamin C content which has an amazing impact in combating the high levels of free radicals (R) in the body. Not just that, it is also rich in folate as well as potassium which has beneficial impacts on the body. It is also believed to being an aromatose inhibitor which lowers the risks of induction of breast cancer (R) in women.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium O mg
2. Potassium 326 mg
3. Magnesium 18 mg
4. Calcium 72 mg
5. Phosphorus 25.2 mg

4. Cucumber

CucumberNot only are cucumbers loaded with 95% water, but it is also rich in a number of electrolytes, magnesium and calcium being the pivotal ones. It is also loaded with essential vitamins. Not just that, it also has effective cooling as well as anti-inflammatory (R) properties on the body which is quite an added bonus.

Loaded with beneficial phytonutrients (R) and cancer preventing (R) properties, cucumbers are definitely a must include in your diet if you are in the lookout for foods containing electrolytes.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 4 mg
2. Potassium 273 mg
3. Magnesium 24.1 mg
4. Calcium 28.1 mg
5. Phosphorus 42.2 mg

5. Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries
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Just as good and delectable it looks, the tart cherries are just as beneficial for our overall health as well. Cherries are very beneficial in treating conditions associated with muscle soreness and inflammation (R) that is often caused because of the imbalance in the electrolyte levels. Even studies (R) have shown its beneficial impacts in regards to the same.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 4.7 mg
2. Potassium 268 mg
3. Magnesium 13.9 mg
4. Calcium 24.8 mg
5. Phosphorus 23.2 mg

6. Banana

BananaIt is not new knowledge that the best source of potassium, as well as effective hydration, lies with banana. Not just that, bananas are also loaded with Vitamin B6, magnesium as well and a good amount of fiber (R) that helps relieve the condition of constipation. It is one of the most amazing foods rich in electrolytes and helps with your hunger pangs (R) too.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 1.2 mg
2. Potassium 422 mg
3. Magnesium 31.9 mg
4. Calcium 5.9 mg
5. Phosphorus 26.0 mg

7. Beets

BeetsBeets are considered as a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. It is an amazing source of sodium and potassium for the body and also consists of elusive betaine. It is not just a beneficial blood detoxifying (R) vegetables; it is also reported to have beneficial impacts in lowering the blood pressure (R) (R) levels and boosts one’s endurance levels.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 64 mg
2. Potassium 267 mg
3. Magnesium 18.9 mg
4. Calcium 13.1 mg
5. Phosphorus 32.8 mg

8. Strawberries

StrawberriesThe combined composition of folate, as well as Vitamin C in the strawberries, has quite a lot of benefits (R) in the treatment of a number of health ailments. Not just that, it has phenol compounds in it which have positive impacts on the prevention of certain cancer like properties (R) and also helps protect the mitochondria of the cells.

Apart from being one of the best natural foods with electrolytes, it is also loaded with malic acid which helps increase endurance and physical energy.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 1.5 mg
2. Potassium 233 mg
3. Magnesium 19.8 mg
4. Calcium 24.3 mg
5. Phosphorus 36.5 mg

9. Celery

CeleryApart from being one of the foods rich in electrolytes, celery is also considered as one of the vegetables that are rich in nitrates. Nitrates have very beneficial impacts in getting rid of higher levels of blood pressure (R) and get rid of endothelial dysfunction and also help in enhancing the exercise performance and endurance in an individual.

Because of the presence of apigenin (R), celery also has mild cancer prevention properties (R) which further aid in boosting the overall well being of an individual.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 32 mg
2. Potassium 104 mg
3. Magnesium 4 mg
4. Calcium 16 mg
5. Phosphorus 10 mg

10. Mangoes

MangoesMangoes might be a bit of a NO-NO for the diabetic patients because of its high composition of sugar but the fruit is actually quite beneficial in other aspects. Apart from being considered as one of the foods with electrolytes, mangoes are also quite loaded with photoprotective (R), anticarcinogenic (R) as well as effective anti-inflammatory (R) properties.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 3.3 mg
2. Potassium 257 mg
3. Magnesium 14.8 mg
4. Calcium 16.5 mg
5. Phosphorus 18.2 mg

11. Lemon

LemonThe rich combination of citrus, Vitamin C as well as the antioxidant properties (R) (R) in the lemon (R) all have amazing and beneficial impacts in getting rid of the excess free radicals in the body. The same also has beneficial impacts in the prevention of cancer (R) which is an added bonus.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 0.5 mg
2. Potassium 53 mg
3. Magnesium 2.8 mg
4. Calcium 3.3 mg
5. Phosphorus 2.8 mg

12. Yoghurt

YoghurtWhen talking about foods with electrolytes, it is futile to not mention yoghurt in the same, primarily because of the fact that the same makes up for quite a lot of our daily electrolytes that our body needs. The probiotic enzymes in the yoghurt (R) are not just beneficial for better digestion and also help boost bone health and hormone secretion.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 189 mg
2. Potassium 625 mg
3. Magnesium 47 mg
4. Calcium 488 mg
5. Phosphorus 385 mg

13. Watercress

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Watercress might not be the first option people reach for when it comes to maintaining and regulating their overall electrolyte balance but the same sure does work quite well for the same because of the fact that this aquatic plant is actually one of the most beneficial natural foods with electrolytes. It is quite beneficial in boosting one’s overall well being (R).

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 14 mg
2. Potassium 112 mg
3. Magnesium 7 mg
4. Calcium 41 mg
5. Phosphorus 20 mg

14. Peanut Butter

Peanut ButterYou must be shocked thinking how did peanut butter (R) even make it to the list, right? Well, it actually is quite beneficial in coping up for the regular requirement of the electrolytes by the body. Along with the much needed requirement of the electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, peanut butter also consists of healthy proteins and healthy fats which are beneficial for the body.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 17 mg
2. Potassium 649 mg
3. Magnesium 38%
4. Calcium
5. Phosphorus

15. Scallops

ScallopsScallops, which are often not available throughout the world, is yet another one of the foods that have electrolytes. Because of the fact that they are seawater creatures, the level of electrolytes in them are considerably high. These are primarily loaded with the beneficial amount of phosphorus in them which when combined with calcium provides a beneficial boost to one’s bone and oral health.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 567 mg
2. Potassium 267 mg
3. Magnesium 31 mg
4. Calcium 9 mg
5. Phosphorus 362 mg

16. Coconut Water

Coconut WaterCoconut Water is one of the best sources of potassium and magnesium and is often suggested as a drink to consume to patients who consistently suffer from weakness and such. Not just that, coconut water is also considered as one of the best remedies to combat excess dehydration in the body by instilling the necessary electrolytes back into the body.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 252 mg
2. Potassium 600 mg
3. Magnesium 60 mg
4. Calcium 58 mg
5. Phosphorus 48 mg

17. Spinach

SpinachSpinach is not just important to keep up and regulate the overall electrolyte levels in the body; it is also quite beneficial in the overall blood detoxification (R) and in boosting the overall immunity of an individual. It has the combined composition of all the necessary electrolytes needed by the body and not just that, even the presence of magnesium is quite beneficial in lowering of the blood pressure.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 126 mg
2. Potassium 839 mg
3. Magnesium 157 mg
4. Calcium 245 mg
5. Phosphorus 101 mg

18. Mushrooms

MushroomsNot all variants of mushrooms, but it is the white button mushrooms which have the most contributions when it comes to the overall levels of electrolytes in the body. Not only is it loaded with beneficial electrolytes, it is also quite nutritious and is a good element to add to your daily diet.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 371 mg
2. Potassium 555 mg
3. Magnesium 19 mg
4. Calcium 9 mg
5. Phosphorus 136 mg

19. Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard
ImageSource: downshiftology.com

Yet another healthy green which is known for its beneficial electrolyte composition is swiss chard. It is not just loaded with beneficial electrolytes but with beneficial nutrients and vitamins which contribute to the overall well being of an individual.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 313 mg
2. Potassium 961 mg
3. Magnesium 151 mg
4. Calcium 102 mg
5. Phosphorus 58 mg

20. Milk

MilkMilk accounts for yet another one of the foods rich in electrolytes. The best component of the milk is the fact that it is quite rich in calcium which is beneficial in aiding strengthen the overall bone health as well as oral health of an individual. Not just that, calcium is also quite beneficial in the overall body functions which is why it is quite important to consume milk from time to time or even daily, if possible.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 103 mg
2. Potassium 382 mg
3. Magnesium 27 mg
4. Calcium 299 mg
5. Phosphorus 247 mg

21. Butternut Squash

Butternut-SquashNow with fall around the corner, a hearty butternut squash soup is just what one needs to warm up their bodies. It has similar nutritious properties to that like a pumpkin and is thus one of the best options to include in your day to day diet if you have been looking for foods high in electrolytes.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 492 mg
2. Potassium 582 mg
3. Magnesium 59 mg
4. Calcium 84 mg
5. Phosphorus 55 mg

22. Yeast Extract Spread

Yeast Extract SpreadYeast Extract Spread, otherwise commonly known as Marmite is also quite an amazing way to get all the much needed electrolytes in a day. It is a lot of an acquired taste but the same is quite beneficial for one’s overall health which is why compromising on the taste is actually fruitful.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 203 mg
2. Potassium 126 mg
3. Magnesium 11 mg
4. Calcium 4 mg
5. Phosphorus 6 mg

23. Nuts

NutsNuts are not just considered as good foods with electrolytes, they are also loaded with beneficial nutrients and healthy fats which play a very crucial role in our overall well being. Beneficially, the majority of the nuts are primarily loaded with magnesium which has a pivotal role in a number of body functions.

In this chart, we have mentioned the electrolyte presence in that of almonds.

Sl. No Electrolyte Amount
1. Sodium 1 mg
2. Potassium 705 mg
3. Magnesium 67%
4. Calcium 26%
5. Phosphorus


Foods with electrolytes play a very crucial role in our day to day life and diet. It is very important to have a balanced diet with a little of everything to ensure the overall well being of an individual. It is very important to include foods rich in electrolytes because any kind of disbalance in the electrolyte levels in the body often ends up contributing to the deterioration of the body.


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