16 Extraordinary Benefits Of Soursop (Graviola) For Well Being

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Have you ever heard about the fruit Soursop? No? Graviola? Does it ring a bell yet? I am hoping the answer is yes because the soursop and soursop health benefits has been the talk of the town for quite some time now.

Soursop imposes amazing healing properties and helps boost one’s well being. So, if you are on the lookout for a natural ingredient that takes care of multiple health ailments without imposing severe side effects, soursop (graviola) is the one to go for.

In this article, we are going to share the list of amazing health benefits that the consumption of soursop has on one’s body. Not just that, we are hoping that by the end of the article, you’ll be well versed with everything that one needs to be know about soursop.

What is Soursop?

What is Soursop
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Soursop is an exotic fruit grown primarily in the regions of Central and South America. It is also grown in a few parts of the Caribbean. It is considered as one of the most unique fruits when it comes to its taste. People who have eaten it have described its taste to be a cross between strawberries, pineapple and a few other citrus fruits.

This is exactly where it gets its name, “SOUR”sop from. With the unique taste that it possesses, this fruit is intermingled and eaten in a number of forms, primarily eaten just as it or in the form of juice or ice-creams.

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Check Out These Benefits of Graviola on Health.

Even with the amazing taste, this fruit is hyped amidst the masses because of its amazing healing properties and amazing health benefits it has on curing a number of health ailments. Right from the treatment of cancer to ensuring betterment of one’s mental health and depression, the benefits of soursop covers it all.

What are the Benefits of Soursop?

What are the benefits of Soursop
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If you have been pondering on the common benefits of soursop, it ranges along a wide spectrum. The soursop benefits compliment not just specific system of the body but has pronounced effects on the several systems of the body, be it hair or even skin.

1. Cancer

CancerAny kind of plant or fruit with a cancerous cell killing potential is considered amazing. Soursop is right up the alley with its amazing contributions to the treatment of cancer. The fruit and even the leaves have an amazing and pronounced cancer fighting ability which make it a much desired plant.

The health benefits of soursop (Graviola) for cancer are primarily effective because of the fact that this helps in scavenging the harmful free radicals in the body which is the primary causative agent of cancer. It is also believed that it arrests the functioning of the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) of the cancerous cells which is yet another way of killing the cancerous cells.

Apart from promoting the process of apoptosis or programmed cell death in the cancerous cells, the Soursop doesn’t inflict any kind of side effects. It also ensures to target just the cancerous cells which is an added bonus because the anti-cancerous drugs and treatments not just affects the unhealthy cancer cells but sometimes also the healthy cells surrounding it.

2. Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids
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Uterine fibroids are extra muscular growth on the uterine wall of an individual. These are primarily benign and are dependent on the levels of estrogen in the body.

It is said that the uterine fibroids tend to wither away and decrease in size following menopause because of the fact that the estrogen levels in the body go down by then. Soursop leaves have an amazing benefit in the treatment of these tumour like outgrowths.

Even though the plan of action isn’t that clear, people who have consumed the concoction made with the leaves have claimed that they have noticed amazing results in terms of cure of the fibroids in their uterine wall.

That being said, even with the soursop benefits, it is always best to consult a doctor before jumping headfirst into the treatment.

3. Diabetes

DiabetesDiabetes has become a very common disease in our day to day life now and is primary contracted because of our irregular and unhealthy lifestyle. If you were wondering, yes, the extension of health benefits of soursop aids with eradicating diabetes as well.

Extensive reports and studies have claimed that the amazing properties of soursop or graviola helps in alleviating the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

But, are you wondering how the same is achieved? It is believed that the consumption of soursop has inhibitory effects on the actions of the α-amylase and α-glucosidase which is how they impose beneficial anti-diabetic impacts on a diabetic patient. Not just that, it is also believed that it aids in the production of more beta cells that in turn increase the levels of serum insulin and helps maintain the glucose levels in the blood.

Not just the fruit but even the leaves of this plant have pronounced benefits on the treatment of diabetes.

4. Weight Loss

Weight lossThere are little to no specific explanations regarding the effects of soursop for weight loss but it is believed that the same actually does work wonders for weight loss. In an experiment conducted on mice, it was found that the consumption of soursop actually did contribute to drastic weight loss.

The same effects are witnessed in humans too, the only thing to keep in mind is to never overdo the dosage and ensure to consult a doctor before jumping head first into consuming it for weight loss.

5. Reduces Eye Diseases

Reduces eye diseasesThe soursop fruit is loaded with amazing anti-oxidants which makes it a favourable option for the treatment of a number of eye diseases. Not just that, even the soursop leaves are loaded with a number of Vitamins like Vitamin A, C and E and even zinc and several other carotenoid compounds that come in handy for the treatment of eye diseases.

It aids in ensuring the restriction of macular degeneration and also helps rejuvenate the eye tissues which add to the better health of the eyes.

6. Insomnia

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The health benefits of soursop are extracted from both the fruits and the leaves. Studies show that soursop leaves have amazing constituents like that of acetogenins, linoleic acid, annocatalin and a few another form of anti-oxidants.

These, altogether, aid in keeping the body functioning and the stress levels in check. This aids in ensuring to help with sleep and the condition of insomnia. If you have been struggling with issues regarding insomnia, the soursop leaves can be a very beneficial ingredient in curing them for good.

7. Fights Inflammation

Fights inflammation
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Every component of soursop is rich in anti-oxidants which are what aids in fighting the inflammation that often is a side effect of a number of diseases. If you are wondering on the mode of action of the same, it is primarily dependant on the action of the antioxidants.

There has been no significant research or studies that actually claim how the same is achieved but the same has been seen to provide with promising results for the treatment of inflammation that one faces due to diseases like normal pains and arthritis.

8. Boosts Immune System

Boosts immune systemSoursop plant has an amazing effect on boosting the overall immunity of an individual. In prior conducted research by a Korean group of scientists, it has been found that the consumption of soursop can increase the immunity of an individual. The study further concluded stating that the consumption of soursop leaves or extract can help treat problems faced by several immunocompromised patients.

It is vividly advised to include soursop as a part of a daily diet and consume the same for promising results. The benefits of soursop leaves provide with amazing micronutrients to the body. If you are consuming the pulp, even that is rich in Vitamins, especially Vitamin A and E which play a crucial role in increasing the immunity of an individual.

9. Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones of the body undergo degradation because of the loss of calcium from the body. If you weren’t aware, calcium and phosphorus make up for the primary constituents of the bone which is why it is necessary to ensure that the levels of these minerals are in check.

Soursop is rich in calcium and phosphorus which is very beneficial for bone health. If you are consistently complaining about pain in the joints because of the condition of osteoporosis, you can definitely try and consume the soursop (graviola) extract from the leaves at least once a day.

It helps replenish the lack of calcium and phosphorus from the body which is what contributes to the overall lacking bone health in an individual.

10. Stomach Ulcers

Stomach Ulcers
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Stomach ulcers are mainly caused because of the erosion of the mucus lining of the stomach wall. If you have been consistently suffering from pain and burning sensation in the stomach region, it is primarily because of these ulcers.

This is contracted when a person either consumes very spicy food on a regular basis or is on high non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers. It erodes the lining which ends up developing ulcers in the stomach.

Soursop, which is rich in anti-oxidants, help in replenishing the mucus linings of the stomach and aid in providing the stomach with a boost of antioxidants. This helps keep the stomach ulcers at bay.

11. Aids Digestion

Aids digestion
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With amazing anti-ulcer properties, soursop helps keep the stomach in proper working condition. This, in turn, ensures to secrete a proper amount of stomach juices and acids that contribute to the proper digestion of the ingested food.

If you have been pondering on the soursop benefits for gastrointestinal health, let me clear it off for you stating that the flesh of the soursop fruit has high fiber content which is what aids in ensuring proper digestion.

12. Liver Health

Liver health
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In several conducted studies, it has been found that the consumption of soursop helps regulate the levels of bilirubin levels in an individual. Not just that, it has also been found to help protect the liver from any kind of chemical damage.

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body, if not the most, which is why it is necessary to ensure that the organ which helps process all the toxins in our body is looked after and taken care of and the soursop is definitely an amazing remedy for that.

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13. Diarrhea

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If you have been consistently suffering from diarrhea, the consumption of soursop can help alleviate the problem. Even though there are little to no studies backing it up, the results for the same are definitely pronounced.

Many experts believe that it is the amazing anti-oxidant properties along with the wide array of vitamins that help replenish the lost nutrition that one face during diarrhea.

14. Rheumatism

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If you weren’t aware of the term, rheumatism is a condition primarily characterized by the swelling in the joints accompanies with pain and discomfort. This, for the most case, is treated by the use of steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs which tend to impose a good amount of side effects even when they are healing.

Soursop leaves have an amazing effect on the treatment of rheumatism, mainly because of its amazing anti-inflammatory effects. If you feel like, munch on the pulp of the fruit but the main effect lies in the leaves.

Crush the leaves and blend it to a smooth paste. You can also boil the leaves and make a paste out of it and apply it over the swollen joints and bones for effective healing. Apply it twice or thrice daily for promising results.

15. Skin Rashes

Skin rashesWhile you just emptied your pockets splurging on the over the counter ointment for treating your rash, there was something much more effective that you could have used for the same. Yes, I am talking about Soursop.

Soursop is not just loaded with amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it is also high in Vitamin C which contributes to give you a flawless skin that leaves you stoked and stunned.

It helps in healing skin rashes, especially helps soothe down the irritation and itchiness that comes along with. Primarily, the leaves of Soursop are more beneficial than its pulp. If you are aiming for skin purposes, the benefits of Soursop leaves are far more pronounced.

16. Improves Hair Health

Improves hair healthMuch like with skin, soursop has beneficial effects for the treatment of hair as well. The amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory along with natural constituent of Vitamin C helps in bettering one’s hair health.

The health benefits of soursop for hair have pronounced important in treating the infestation of lice. Application of a paste made from soursop leaves helps get rid of the lice without any kind of chemical damage to the hair that could have happened if you used any of the over the counter anti-lice treatment.

Not just that, Soursop also helps in ensuring the stoppage of hair loss. With its amazing antioxidant and Vitamin C properties, it helps in preventing hair damage, premature greying of the hair and even those pesky split ends. Yet some other amazing soursop benefits include keeping the scalp dandruff free because of its anti-parasitic properties.

Nutrition Facts of Soursop

Nutrition facts of soursop
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As per the mentioned statistics and numbers at United States Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Services food database, soursop, otherwise known as graviola is loaded with amazing constituents and composition which is what makes it an ideal natural remedy for the treatment of a number of health ailments.

If a bowl of soursop soup is made and eaten, this is the nutritional value that you are going to consume:

Constituent Nutritional quantity
Water 81.16 gm
Energy 79 Calories
Protein 0.79 gm
Fat 0.00 gm
Carbohydrate 14.17
Dietary Fibers 0.8 g
Sugars 11.81 gm
Calcium 0 gm
Iron 0.57 mg
Magnesium 21 mg
Copper 0.086 mg
Vitamin C 18.9 g

Chart source:

Side Effects of Soursop

Side effects of soursop
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Much like the wide array of benefits of soursop, the same comes with a number of downsides too. Side effects make up for a good portion of this natural ingredient but, if consumed in sparing amounts, and keeping the red alerts into account, the same doesn’t inflict that much of a negative impact like you would be imagining.

Some of the common side effects of soursop include:

Decreases Blood Pressure

Soursop has been found to lower blood pressure and that too in drastic levels. If you are someone who suffers from low blood pressure, it is best to stay wary of this natural remedy. Soursop dilates the blood vessels, thereby lowering the blood pressure.

Even if you are consuming it because of your hypertension, it is always advised to consult a doctor before doing so.

Movement disorders

Consumption of soursop inflicts a number of problems concerning movement disorder. Even though the reason behind the same is unknown, there have been reports regarding the side effect of this remedy.


If you are relying on the soursop tea made from the leaves along with the steam often leads to neurotoxicity, if consumed in uncontrolled amounts.

Suppresses action of antidepressant

Depression and the medication for it have its own course of action. If you are on such medication, it is always best to stay wary of soursop because it negates the results of antidepressants.

Development of Infections

Yet another downside to consistent consumption of soursop is the development of bacterial and several other fungal infections in the body.

Worsens the Condition of Parkinson’s disease

Studies have revealed that the chemical that is normally found in the Soursop coincides with what affects and causes Parkinson’s disease. So, if you are suffering from the said condition, it is best to avoid soursop as the same can make the disease even worse.

Negative Impact on the Cardiovascular System

This is one of the most daunting side effects out of them all because of the fact that it has the capability of completely shutting down one’s body.

As much as the benefits of soursop are pronounced, it is also rich in depressant properties which are not good for someone who suffers from heart ailments. Try and avoid it if you have suffered or are suffering from any kind of cardiovascular diseases.

Uncontrolled uterine issues

Soursop is a big NO for pregnant ladies, primarily because of the fact that consumption of soursop results in unwanted contractions of the uterine walls which can impose negative impacts on the fetus and even cause miscarriages.

Neurological disorders

Consistent consumption of soursop (graviola) often contributes to the development of neurological disorders. It is believed the same occurs because of its depressant properties but there has been little to no information regarding the same.

Recipes of Soursop to try

The list of recipes of soursop is literally endless. There are so many variants you can try this in. From making it into a smoothie to churning it into luscious scoops of ice cream, you can enjoy it in any form.

In this segment, we are going to share a few easy soursop recipes that you can easily make and enjoy, not just the taste but the amazing soursop benefits as well.

Soursop smoothie

Soursop smoothie
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One of the easiest soursop recipes is the smoothie. It is jam packed with beautiful fruits and flavours that can kickstart from the slow morning.

Things you will need

  • Soursop fruit
  • A mix of fruits as per your choice
  • Milk / Almond Milk / Coconut Milk (as per preference)

Process involved:

  1. Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend it to a smooth paste
  2. Add some ice cubes, if required and enjoy the delicious and nutritional smoothie with your breakfast

Soursop ice-cream

Soursop ice-cream
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If smoothie is not right up your alley, switch it to something more exciting and delectable like that of soursop ice-cream. Eat it in sparing amounts and enjoy the wide range of soursop health benefits that it has on the body.

Things you will need

  • Milk and cream
  • Soursop fruit pulp
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla (if required)

Process involved

  1. For the custard base of the ice cream, put equal amounts of milk and cream to boil in a saucepan
  2. Separate egg yolks from the whites and beat them for a few seconds to break them quickly
  3. To the egg yolk mixture, add a cup of sugar and whisk it till the egg whites become frothy and almost pale white in colour
  4. Add this to the boiling mix of cream and milk and continuously stir for a few minutes till you notice a smooth and luscious mixture. Don’t overcook it; you need a “liquidy” mixture
  5. Add the vanilla extract and strain the liquid
  6. Pour this inside an ice cream churner and wait till it solidifies and becomes ice cream
  7. Scoop it out and enjoy

Soursop soup

Soursop soup
ImageSource: herbalpapaya.com

If desserts and sweet dishes don’t entice you, don’t worry, we have got you. The soursop soup recipe is just as easy and the benefits of soursop even with this are just as pronounced.

Things you will need

  • Soursop (fruit and leaves)
  • Choice of meat/fish
  • Vegetables
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper (as per taste)

Process involved:

  1. Clean the meat/fish and cut them into moderate size pieces
  2. Cut the choice of vegetables into big chunks
  3. Cut the soursop into chunky pieces and clean the leaves thoroughly
  4. Add some olive oil to a deep vesseled pan
  5. Add the vegetables and the soursop to it and stir properly
  6. Salt and pepper your meat/fish and keep them aside for a few minutes
  7. Add it to the veggies and stir gently, making sure to not break the pieces
  8. Add salt and pepper as per taste and mix again
  9. Fill the pot with water and simmer till it boils
  10. Keep cooking it till the meat/fish along with the veggies are cooked through and are tender

These three accounts for the most common yet the most delectable soursop recipes that help impose amazing health benefits with its consumption. Try these in sparing amounts, keeping the red alerts in mind and you will be able to enjoy the amazing health benefits of soursop.

Where to Buy Soursop?

If you are from India, chances are that you will be able to get hold of this amazing natural exotic fruit in a few of the local store around your locality.

That being said, it is always best to opt for the best brands when you are buying them because there are chances you might be sold something completely different for what you paid for. If you want to enjoy the actual soursop benefits, it is necessary that you buy the actual fruit and the original extracts.

The best and the most feasible option are probably buying it online. You will be able to tally your choices based on the reviews of the other customers and even get it hand delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle.

Soursop and the benefits of it are amazingly effective. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you never overdo the dosage and always consult a doctor before jumping head first into using or consuming it. We hope this comprehensive article encircling the benefits along with the other details regarding soursop was helpful enough.