All You Want to Know About Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

estrogen dominance symptoms

Estrogen is a female sex hormone which is essential in initiating sexual development. Estrogen is female is what testosterone in men. However, both the hormones are present in both the genders. Their quantity may vary. In a female, estrogen is high and in men, the amount of testosterone is high. Estrogen is also helpful in regulating women’s menstrual cycle along with the reproductive system. While estrogen deficiency may cause sexual problems, excess estrogen symptoms can be shown when there is estrogen dominance.

Here we have tried to provide all the important information about the problem of estrogen dominance along with its various symptoms as well as causes. Read on to get full details about the estrogen dominance natural treatment to cure this problem.

What is estrogen dominance?

estrogen dominance

Estrogen dominance is the condition which takes place when the amount of estrogen in the body is high. Even though it is considered as the high estrogen levels may occur naturally, this can also be done due to the result of certain medications. A popular treatment during menopause, known as estrogen replacement therapy can trigger the estrogen levels to increase beyond its limits, according to the experts. This may also happen due to the very low production of testosterone by the body. Just like estrogen deficiency, natural remedies for estrogen dominance can be used to bring back the balance in the body.

● What are the common causes of estrogen dominance?

In women’s body, estrogen is produced in high quantities for the first two weeks in the menstrual cycle and results into ovulation. This large production of estrogen is balanced by the production of progesterone in last two weeks of the cycle.

When the women enter into the perimenopause and beings to experience the cycle, in which no ovulation takes place, the estrogen starts to produce without any resistance can result in various symptoms. Thus, the major causes of estrogen dominance in women’s body is the skipping the ovulation. However, there are some other causes as well. Some of them are listed below.

    • Weak immune functions
    • Various agents in environment
    • Consumption of a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fiber as well as important nutrients such as high-quality fats.
    • Accumulation of excess body fat.
  • Taking too much stress, which may result in the excess production of insulin, cortisol as well as norepinephrine, which may result in adrenal exhaustion and disrupts the whole balance.

● What are the common symptoms of estrogen dominance?

The major symptoms of excess estrogen production may arise due to the overstimulation of brain as well as a body by the estrogen. It is important to note that the estrogen dominance symptoms can be elevated more due to stress. Women in their forties and thirties experience the low or raised intensity of the estrogen as they begin to reach the perimenopause. Some of the major estrogen dominance symptoms are listed below.

    • Fatigue○ Decreased sex drive
    • Bloating
    • Swelling and tenderness of breast
    • Fibrocystic breast
    • Memory loss or foggy thinking
    • Hair loss
    • Thyroid dysfunction○ Headaches
    • Mood swings
    • Weight gain
    • Coolness in feet and hands
    • Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping
    • Abnormal or irregular menstrual periods
    • PMS
  • Decreased metabolism

In various studies, the problem of estrogen dominance is also linked with serious health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, allergies, breast cancer, infertility, ovarian cyst, uterine cancer, an increase in blood clotting as well as triggering the rapid aging process.

● Diagnosing estrogen dominance

It is important to undergo some blood tests to find out the estrogen levels in your body. Your doctor might ask you for a blood sample and then send it to the laboratory for testing. The report will suggest whether estrogen level in your body is low, high or in a healthy range. It is recommended to follow the medications as well as lifestyle changes suggested by the doctor after a complete assessment of your condition.

Best ways to reduce symptoms of estrogen dominance

educe symptoms of estrogen dominance

Following some effective ways in decreasing the estrogen dominance in the body can help you getting complete relief from the condition. Some of the interesting ways for estrogen dominance are as follows.

● Balanced diet

Consumption of certain balanced diet which is filled with health-friendly nutrients is highly helpful in curing almost all the health conditions. Adding high potency multi vitamin as well as minerals in your diet and making a good combination of them is helpful in treating estrogen dominance.

● Follow diet helps in hormone-balancing

Maintaining the balance between the sexual hormones in the body is essential to treat the estrogen dominance symptoms. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet which are high in protein as well as healthy fats in required amounts to get relief from the symptoms of high estrogen.

● Consume fiber

Fiber is an essential nutrient in the body which is highly helpful in regulating bowel movements. Estrogen in the body is flushed out through bowels. If your stool remains in your bowel, the estrogen will not be removed from the body and will be absorbed. To counter this, it is recommended to eat lots of fiber to allow stools to pass out quickly.

● Lose weight 

Another best remedy to treat almost all types of health conditions is losing your weight or doing exercises regularly. To treat estrogen dominance, doing strength training regularly is helpful. Losing the excess mass from the body also cures obesity, which can cause various severe health conditions.

● Remove stress

Decrease the amount of stress by performing yoga or meditation exercises daily. It is important to take care of yourself while in perimenopause. Invest your valuable time as well as energy to do that effectively.

● Liver detoxification

According to the Chinese culture, the excess estrogen symptoms are caused due to the problems in your liver and kidneys. Liver plays a vital role in eliminating all the dirt as well as impurities from the food that we eat. The liver has to work hard to throw out excess impurities from the body such as alcohol, caffeine, drugs as well as various environmental agents. This may negatively affect the ability of the liver to cleanse the blood and taking out estrogen.

● Use bioidentical creams

Estrogen dominance can also be treated with the help of bioidentical progesterone, which is easily available in the pharmacy. You can use this lotion on the skin such as face, breasts, hands as well as abdomen daily for the period of 2-3 weeks till the appearance of periods. You can also use the cream from full moon to the dark moon if your periods are not regular.

Conditions related to estrogen dominance symptoms

estrogen dominance symptoms

Consumption of certain estrogen supplements as well as high estrogen foods can cause the problem of high estrogen level and shows the estrogen dominance symptoms. As mentioned earlier, the conditions which are linked to the disease can be severe.

Conditions linked to estrogen dominance symptoms are linked to breast cancer, infertility as well as increased blood clotting along with various severe or mild allergies and autoimmune diseases. So it is recommended to take the medical help as soon as possible.