Lower Right Back Pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Lower right back pain

Lower right back pain not only causes severe pain but also makes you uncomfortable. Back pain also creates difficulties while walking, sitting as well as laying down. There are numerous reasons through which you may experience pain as well as discomfort in your lower back. Sometimes the pain can be so severe that it may cause several severe health conditions.

Here we have tried to provide all the details about the problem of lower right back pain. Read on to know the major symptoms, causes as well as treatment to get rid of the lower right back pain.

What Are The Causes Of Lower Right Back Pain?

lower right back pain

Some of the major causes of lower right back pain are listed below.

1. Muscle Strain

This is considered as one of the most common causes of experiencing back or lower back pain. You may face the problem of muscle strain due to various reasons. Lifting heavy weights without proper posture is considered as one of the common ways. Moving quickly or in a wrong way can also be the main cause of straining of the muscles.

2. Degenerative Disk Disease

Even though it is rare, degenerative disk disease is considered as the most severe cause of back pain and may cause various other health condition. This occurs when the discs in the lumbar region start to break down slowly. While it may start with simple muscle ache, it can grow bigger and can cause severe lower back pain.

3. Kidney Problems

Sometimes the back pain may also cause due to the problems in the internal organs. Health issues with kidneys, which are placed near the spine, can also cause severe pain. Some of the common problems of kidneys which can cause pain are kidney stones as well as kidney infection.

4. Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is the condition of bone infection which can also be the reason behind causing the lower back pain. This infection arises in the body due to bacterial infection or staph infection.

5. Herniated lumbar disk

In this situation, the outer ring of the lumbar disc gets cracked and the gel-like solution inside it starts to leak from the crack.

This may result in the eruption of moderate to severe pain. Along with this, it can also cause the loss of control over bowel as well as lower part of the body. The pain also depends upon the mode of the rupturing of a disk. This condition appears when you lift something which is beyond the spine’s handling. Degenerative disc disease can also be the reason behind herniated lumbar disk.

6. Sciatica

The compression of the sciatic nerve, which is located at the back of your legs can cause severe pain which may spread to your legs from the lower back due to the length of the sciatic nerve.

Some of the other reasons for the pain in the lower back are Sacroiliac joint dysfunction as well as some cancers.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lower Right Back Pain?

symptoms of lower right back painSome of the common symptoms of lower back pain are listed below.

1. Dull, Aching Pain

The continuous pain in the lower back region is known as dull aching pain. The pain will be mild and not sharp, burning or stinging. The pain might come along with the mild to severe spasm of muscles as well as difficulty in mobility as well as hips and pelvis aches.

2. Pain In Legs, Feet, And Buttocks

The pain in the lower back may spread to the thighs, lower legs as well as feet. This pain will be stinging, sharp as well as provide a numb sensation. This pain is normal when you are suffering problems with the sciatic nerve. It usually appears on the one side of the body.

3. Pain After Sitting For A Long Time

The disc may feel extreme pressure after prolonged sitting. This may cause severe pain. Thus, it is recommended to perform some stretching exercises as well as walking to reduce the pain in the lower back pain. However, you need to be regular as the symptom might return once you start sitting again.

4. Feeling Better After Changing Position

Sometimes you may feel the pain reducing after changing the existing position, which provides you temporary relief. For example, in spinal stenosis, you may feel relieved by leaning forward on something, while it gets highly difficult to walk. You can recognize the source of pain if your symptoms are changing after changing the position.

5. Pain After Waking Up

A large number of people who are experiencing pain the lower right back area also experience the sharp pain while waking up. This pain can be reduced after moving around. This occurs due to the decreased flow of blood while sleeping or the use of bad quality mattress or pillow.

How To Get Rid Of The Lower Right Back Pain?

get rid of the lower right back painSome of the best ways which you can try to get rid of the pain in the lower right back area are listed below.

1. Rest

Sometimes the problem caused due to working for long hours. You just need some rest many of the times to get rid of the pain. Also, avoid lifting heavy weights for 2-3 days and limit your back movement. Making yourself more comfortable may help in relaxing the back muscles and repairing the damage it may have experienced. Bring yourself back to the routine after 2-3 days, however.

2. Ice

Providing the cooling compress to the affected area can also be highly useful. It helps in reducing the pain as well as swelling on the affected area. Along with reducing pain, it also helps in its recovery.

Just avoid placing ice directly on the painful area. Just put some ice in the cloth and make an ice pack. Place this ice pack on your skin for 15-20 minutes.

3. Hot Compress

A Hot compress can also be highly effective. Heating the affected area helps in loosening the tightened muscles which are causing pain. You can use it in combination with the cold compress. Just apply the hot as well as a cold compress for 20 minutes alternatively.

4. Light Stretching And Exercising

Performing light exercises, as well as stretching, prove beneficial in reducing the lower right back pain. Do not perform any activity if you feel that the pain is caused due to the injury. Also, avoid doing exercises if you are experiencing problems after exercising.

It should be kept in mind that the abovementioned treatment is only for lower right back pain caused due to muscle problems. If you are experiencing the pain due to more severe reason, it is recommended to consult with your doctor immediately.

When To See The Doctor?

see the doctor?

It is necessary to take the expert medical help if you see any severe sign as well as the symptom. Some of the major symptoms of lower right back pain which required medical attention are listed below.

    • Prolonged pain for more than 3-4 weeks.
    • Pain which is worsening with the time
    • Back pain with fever due to unknown reasons
    • Pain which makes performing daily activities such as doing household works and picking items up difficult.
    • Lower back pain which is not curing due to home remedies.
    • Lower right back pain along with abdominal area.
    • Numbness as well as tingling sensation in other areas of the body along with lower right back pain.
    • Severe pain which causes difficulties in sleeping
  • Back pain which arises due to any type of accident.