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14 Cure For Fingertips Peeling – Get Rid Of The Issue!

14 Cure For Fingertips Peeling – Get Rid Of The Issue!
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With the winters dawning upon in majority of the countries across the world, it isn’t surprising that you might have started experiencing skin peeling around your fingertips. It is more common than you realize and does bring along a lot of complications. Finding a proper cure for fingertips peeling is actually quite important.

All that said, the skin peeling around the fingertips can not just cause dryness and roughness around the hand but also can cause pain and irritation if the skin breaks into more.

To help you get rid of skin peeling on fingers, we have sorted you out with some of the best remedies.

What is skin peeling on fingertips?

What is skin peeling on fingertips

Skin peeling on the fingertips happen when the upper layer of the dermis starts to get dry and peel off leaving behind dry skin flakes coming off.

The condition can either be because of the dry skin and the dehydrated body or sometimes even because of a number of underlying reasons.

If you have been experiencing it quite often, it is best suggested that you do get it checked from someone if the remedies that we mention tend to not get the job done.

What causes skin peeling on fingers?

What causes skin peeling on fingersWhen it comes to the causes of skin peeling on fingers, know for a fact that there are a number of factors influencing this condition. Given that the condition does impose negative impacts on the look and texture of the skin, it is best suggested that you have a better idea of the possible reasons so you can tackle them with the necessary remedies and treatment options.

Some of the causes include:

1. Dry skin

Dry skin

If you suffer from dry skin, chances are that the same is one of the most common reasons behind the peeling fingertips. While the season could be the one to blame, we would definitely suggest that the same can happen in normal situations as well.

In addition to that, bathing in extremely hot water can also cause the skin to become dry and showcase the signs of extremely flaking of the skin which we know as skin peeling.

Other possible causes behind dryness do stem from the harsh chemicals present in the soaps and the creams that you use.

Making a switch to these products can further help impose a smoother and softer skin that you didn’t even think was possible.

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2. Washing hands frequently

Washing hands frequentlyMany people do have the habit of washing their hands very frequently and that too with harsh chemical soaps. Since our skin produces natural oils, it is very important for one to keep an eye out on the water that they are using and even the kind of chemicals involved in it. This does make all the difference if you come to see.

If you have the habit of washing your hands very frequently, change that habit for good.

3. Climate

ClimateAs we did mention before, our skin is more likely to become dry during the winter months than the summer ones. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you keep an eye out on the same.

If you already have dry skin, opting for ways that can help combat this can actually be very helpful. Just make sure to take precautions and opt for ways to help with the dryness. Maintaining proper hydration for the skin is a very important factor that one needs to look out for.

4. Sunburn


For those unaware, even sunburn on the skin can result in causing skin peeling that you didn’t even realize was possible.

Given that the sunburn causes the skin to become extremely irritated and dry, the same does have direct impacts on the skin, causing the peeling around the fingertips without any questions at all.

Often times when the sunburn area starts to heal, the same comes out in the form of dead and dry skin cells which you see as peeling.

5. Finger sucking

Finger sucking

Children tend to experience peeling skin on fingertips quite often and one of the most common reasons behind the same is because of the finger sucking that they indulge in.

This causes the skin to become a lot tender and cause not just the finger skin peeling but also causes issues related to sores on the fingers which can get quite painful for them.

The same case happens with the adults when they have a habit of biting them nails constantly, thus causing the issues with skin peeling.

6. Allergies


Allergies are often quite common in individuals. If you are experiencing constant bout of allergic reactions around your fingers and the hand, chances are that the same will end up causing discomfort for you along with the fingertips peeling.

It is thus best to ensure that you apply moisturizers and opt for other ways to keep your skin hydrated through the time. If possible, apply anti allergenic ointments for better and faster cure for fingertips peeling.

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7. Hand eczema

Hand eczema

Hand eczema is yet another one of the common reason for skin peeling on fingers. For the most part, this condition does affect that skin and causes constant irritation and dryness of the skin that leads to peeling even further.

8. Kawasaki disease

Kawasaki disease

For those who aren’t aware, Kawasaki disease is a very common condition which causes inflammation on the walls of the blood vessels that later impose impacts on the skin. The condition isn’t chronic and often does happen for a few days or weeks before it gets better over time. This condition is very common in children below the age of 5.

The skin is peeling fingertips is often the middle stage of the condition. If you find the symptoms lingering, it is best that you do consult a doctor for the condition.

How to Cure For Fingertips Peeling?

How to get rid of skin peeling on fingersWhen it comes round to the ways to heal peeling fingertips, there are a few ways by which you can do that. It is very important that you focus on the basic ways of cure and treatment because if none of them work, it is important you consult a dermatologist for the same.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe veraIf you have been experiencing constant skin peeling and dryness around your fingers, the best way to get rid of that is with the use of aloe vera which has healing and moisturizing (R) properties.

Not only does it help in repairing the dry and dead skin cells, it also does help in preventing the peeling from recurring. If you have extremely dry skin which is getting cracked, the aloe vera can also help in preventing the risks of infection that you could possibly be struggling with.

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What to do?

  • Take some aloe gel on your palms
  • Rub it across your palm, focusing on the fingertips
  • Repeat this multiple times throughout the day

2. Warm water

Warm water

Since dry skin is a very common reason for skin peeling, especially round the fingertips, one of the best ways to get rid of that is by using warm water.

Soaking your hands and feet in the lukewarm water for some time helps in making the skin around the fingertips a lot softer which further helps in peeling the skin off easily without inflicting any pain. It also helps in getting rid of the unnecessary dry and dead skin cells and helps in keeping your finger in the best condition.

What to do?

  • Start by boiling some water
  • Make sure it’s lukewarm
  • Put your hands and feet into that
  • Leave it in for 10 minutes
  • Peel the excess skin off of the side of the fingertips
  • Do this once every day

3. Use of OTC anti-inflammatory cream

Use of OTC anti-inflammatory creamSince the condition of eczema and other skin disorders can end up causing the pain, irritation and the skin peeling around the fingertips, it is quite important that you do focus on getting rid of the same using the OTC medications.

They come a lot in handy and can even help in reducing the inflammation and the redness that you could be struggling with.

If you aren’t getting your hands on those ointments, the next best thing is to use aspiring because it imposes similar benefits.

What to do?

  • Crush a few tablets of aspirin in a mortar and pestle
  • Mix it with some water to make a paste
  • Apply the same on the fingertips
  • Exfoliate the skin gently with that
  • Wash the hand and get rid of the dead and exfoliated skin cells
  • Use some moisturizer
  • Do this once every day

4. Use coconut oil

Use coconut oilWhen it comes to the cure for fingertips peeling, the best way to get rid of it is with the usage of coconut oil. For the most part, it is best suggested that you do focus on using the virgin coconut oil without any kind of other additives because they do not good to the skin.

Apart from the moisturizing properties, the coconut oil also does help in restoring the overall moisture levels in the skin (R) and even soothes the pain and redness that you could be experiencing.

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What to do?

  • Just apply some coconut oil on the fingertips
  • Massage for a minute or two
  • Let it steep into the skin
  • Leave it on overnight
  • Do this every night before bed for better results

5. Honey

HoneyIf you have been struggling to find a good cure for fingertips peeling, honey can do miracles. The soothing and moisturizing properties of the honey have positive impacts in helping improve the hydration and get rid of the dry skin (R) that many often tend to complain about.

With skin peeling, dead and dry skin cells are bound to come off and the best way to get rid of that is by applying a generous layer of honey on the skin. Just make sure that you are applying organic honey because that does matter quite a lot.

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What to do?

  • Apply a generous layer of the honey on the affected area
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes
  • Once it has steeped into the skin, wash it off
  • Repeat this 2-3 times daily

6. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oilThe vitamin E oil capsules impose amazing benefits in getting rid of the dead and dry skin cells that many often tend to complain about. The main reason why that is the case is because of the presence of the moisturizing and skin regenerating (R) properties that it has.

Make sure that you use the all natural vitamin E capsules because those are the ones that can help the most. The vitamin E also helps prove as a barrier for the skin, thus further helping in keeping the skin peeling in control.

What to do?

  • Cut open a Vitamin E capsule
  • Apply a generous amount of the content on the affected area
  • Massage it lightly
  • Let it seep into the skin
  • Leave it on overnight

7. Avoid washing your hands frequently

Avoid washing your hands frequentlyAs we did mention under the causes of skin peeling on fingers, washing your hands quite frequently is often one of them. If you have been struggling to keep your dry skin in check, the best way to do so is by ensuring that you do avoid washing your hands quite often.

The best way to do keep your skin hydrated and not that dry is by ensuring that you do keep a close eye on the kind of soaps you are using for washing your hands as well.

Often times, it is the harsh chemicals in the soaps that causes the skin to become dry, thus further leading to the unwarranted skin pealing that many tend to complain about.

8. Use a humidifier

Use a humidifier

Often times, it is the lack of hydration in the body that causes the skin to seem dull and dry. If you want to keep the skin in the best condition and not dry and scaling, the best way to overcome that is by using a humidifier for the room that you are sleeping in.

You might not realize but it actually can make a lot of difference for your health, especially for your skin given the kind of hydrating effects they have. They also do help in making your skin look fresher and rejuvenated.

What to do?

  • Purchase a humidifier
  • Fill it with water
  • Switch it on during the night when you are asleep
  • Do this every night for better measures

9. Milk and Oats

Milk and OatsMilk and oats is a combination that brings about amazing exfoliation for the skin. If you have been looking for cure for the skin peeling fingertips, the best way to do so is with milk and oats.

The roughness and coarseness of the oats paired with the amazing hydrating property of the milk has amazing benefits in getting rid of the dead and dry skin cells that could have been peeling off. It is best suggested that you do opt for cold milk for the process because it seeps into the skin better.

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What to do?

  • Blend the oats in a mixer to form a coarse powder
  • Once done, add some milk to the oats mixture
  • Make a smooth paste
  • Use that paste to exfoliate the skin evenly
  • Rinse the remnants under water
  • Moisturize the skin well to avoid any issues

10. Cucumber

CucumberCucumber is yet another amazing one of the treatments that can help get rid of skin cure for fingertips peeling. Since they are loaded with soothing and moisturizing properties, the same comes in handy to work on the dead and dry skin cells that you might have been constantly complaining about.

While you are making the paste with the cucumber, add in some honey to the mix because even that helps in improving the condition a lot better.

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What to do?

  • Start by peeling the skin off of the cucumber
  • Once done, mix it in a grinder and extract the pulp and juice
  • To that, add some honey
  • Soak your finger inside the mixture
  • Leave it in for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse off and get rid of the dead skin cells once done
  • Do this once every day

11. Keep your hydration levels in check

Keep your hydration levels in checkDehydration is one of the most common reasons of skin peeling on fingers. If you want to keep that in check and avoid the unnecessary skin peeling, the best way to do that is by ensuring that you always drink good amount of water every day.

As per the experts, it is suggested that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to ensure the best impacts on the skin and your overall metabolism of the body.

If you have extremely dry skin, drinking your optimal levels of water on a daily basis is a necessity above anything else.

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12. Get rid of harsh chemical products

The soap and creams that you are using now could very well be the reason behind the rough and dry skin cells that you are complaining about.

It is always best suggested that you switch the harsh chemical products with something as good as the fragrance free and the dye free products because those will do your skin good.

Just avoid washing your hands with these chemical rich products and make healthier switches because at the end of the day, that is what that matters the most.

13. Maintain a healthy diet

Maintain a healthy dietEating a healthy and balanced diet is very important if you do want to keep your skin in the best condition.

It is best suggested to ensure that you eat the healthy fats and the proteins which directly impact the quality of your skin and ensure to keep the cells in the best condition.

It is quite important that you do avoid eating junk food all the time because the trans fats and the unhealthy components in them take a toll on the skin in the long run.

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14. Bananas

BananasIf you are planning on throwing away the stack of bananas because they have gone bad, don’t do that. The overripe bananas have amazing skin repairing and moisturizing properties which have been found to have beneficial effects in helping with cure for peeling skin on fingertips.

The best reason why that is so is because of the fact that bananas have beneficial potassium levels in them which have amazing benefits in the skin.

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What to do?

  • Mash an overripe banana into a smooth paste
  • Once done, simply apply the same on the fingertips and leave it on
  • Let it stay for 10 minutes
  • Rinse off the banana after that
  • Wash your hands properly
  • Do this twice daily for better results

If you have been trying to find a good cure for fingertips peeling, it is important that you go through the ones we have shared. Try the remedies and if you find that the condition is still there, consult a doctor to get it checked out. It is best that you understand what’s causing it and opt for the treatment from there on.