4 Benefits Of Eating Banana With Milk – Effective Reasons!

benefits of eating banana with milk

Banana and milk are two ingredients that has been a part of our diet growing up. These two items are staples in every home because of the nutritional balance that they have. But, did you know of the benefits of eating a banana with milk.

While some believe in the benefits, some don’t necessarily rely on the same. So, it is more or a hit or miss among people. But, to be fair, the benefits of these two are actually very promising, irrespective of the criticism.

Here, we have sorted out some answers to what happens when you eat a banana with milk. Let us take a look, shall we?

What are the Benefits of Bananas?

What are the benefits of bananas

When it comes to eating bananas, the benefits are surplus. They not just taste good but they are actually quite dense with nutrients, so make sure that you include them in your diet. But, before that, stop and look through the benefits.

  • They are a storehouse of nutrients, especially potassium (9% of RDI) and magnesium (8% of RDI)
  • Loaded with Vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C
  • Helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in the body
  • Help keep the blood pressure levels in control
  • Aids the proper functioning of the digestive health
  • Promotes better heart health
  • Might aid weight loss
  • Boosts the energy levels in the body
  • Loaded with beneficial antioxidants for the body
  • Helps attain satiety quickly to prevent overeating
  • Helps improve insulin sensitivity in the body
  • Promotes better kidney health

What are the Benefits of Drinking Milk?

What are the benefits of drinking milkKids are not always the biggest fans of milk and if that habit has carried forward with you to your adulthood as well, you need to change it as soon as possible. Drinking milk has been associated with some of the best benefits on the body.

If you have been struggling to keep your health in check, adding milk to the diet has been found to be quite beneficial in helping improve the condition effectively.

Some of the benefits of milk include:

  • Helps boost the body with essential nutrients including calcium and potassium
  • Helps improve your skin healthy and complexion
  • Might improve heart health because of the calcium present in it
  • Promotes better oral health and strengthens the teeth and gums
  • Helps reduce the risks of dehydration in the body
  • Promotes better muscle growth and impacts bone health
  • Reduced the constant acidity in the body
  • Might promote weight loss
  • Does have anticancer impacts in some cases
  • Helps in fighting the postmenstrual symptoms
  • Reduces the digestion complaints like heartburn
  • Boosts the overall energy levels in the body

How Does the Banana and Milk Diet Aid Your Well Being?

How does the banana and milk diet aid your well being

If you are wondering about the things that happen if you eat banana and milk together, the benefits are quite extensive. While some suggest steering away from it, there is nothing wrong with its consumption if done in moderation.

The main objective with the banana and milk diet is to boost the energy levels in the body without consuming anything that could possible jeopardize the overall health.

The key to this diet is to maintain a balance of things. You can’t necessarily eat an unlimited amount of bananas and expect the same to work because each banana consists of 200 calories, roughly.

But, easting 2-3 bananas and 1 cup of fat-free milk can help you with a number of benefits that you possibly didn’t know of.

Some of the benefits of eating a banana with milk include:

Might Promote Weight Loss

Might promote weight loss

When it comes to talking about the combination of banana and milk diet for weight loss, know for a fact that it works, provided that you are strictly following it.

In one of a conducted studies published in the Milwaukee Journal, it was clarified that the consumption of the milk and banana together can effectively help you lose weight in just 4 weeks.

The key to this is to ensure that you are consuming 4-6 bananas in a day paired with 2-3 cups of milk.

This diet was initially developed by Dr. George Haropp back in the mid 1930s to help people struggling with diabetes. It is necessary for one to follow this diet religiously for 3 days to a week to notice results.

But, the key to this diet is to be conscious and insightful of the amount of calories that you are consuming. It is a calorie restrictive diet and allows you to consume just 1000 calories a day, so make sure that you plan things in a healthy way.

One of the ironies to the banana and milk for weight loss is that the researchers (R) suggest drinking full-fat milk instead of the low fat one. This has been found to promote better weight loss results in comparison.

Boost the Nutrient Levels in the Body

Boost the nutrient levels in the body

The combination of banana and milk is enriched with nutrients, be it the vitamins or the minerals.

The same has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping boost the overall functioning of the body and prevent unnecessary weight gain or discomfort that you might be encountering.

Not just that, the banana and milk diet has been found to help enrich the body with all the essential nutrients that are required for better overall health, unlike the rest.

It boosts the levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, manganese, and a number of other nutrients that are actually necessary for the seamless functioning of the body.

Possible Weight Gain

Possible weight gainIf you are someone who is into exercises and gyming, you’d know that the trainers suggest drinking a combination of banana and milk with protein powder to help with the muscles and bone health.

Not just that, the banana and milk diet for weight gain is just as much of a popular concept as the weight loss.

The best thing about this diet is that it replenishes and provides the body with all the necessities including the beneficial proteins, potassium, and even the calcium and phosphorus which have been found to impose beneficial impacts on bone health.

If you have been trying to gain weight successively, one of the best ways to do so is with the banana and milk diet, all because of the kind of impacts it has on the muscle growth of the body.

The calcium from the milk helps with strength retention contributing to muscle growth and better bone health.

Promote Better Satiety

Promote better satiety

If you are someone who faces a hard time in feeling full after consuming food, the banana and milk diet can effectively help with that.

Bananas are very satiating which helps you feel fuller a lot quicker than the standard. It also contains a good amount of calories in it which further has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping prevent the risks of overeating.

They are also loaded with fiber, which further helps in keeping you full for a longer time. So, when you eat bananas, the same has been found to have direct impacts on your hunger pangs, helping promote better well being.

Possible Side Effects of Eating Milk and Banana Together

Possible side effects of eating milk and banana together

As we mentioned in the beginning, the impacts of the banana and milk diet has been found to have grave differences when it comes to the impacts. While some do believe in the benefits, some tend to brush aside the side effects.

When you are opting for the banana and milk diet, it is likely that you will feel the side effects kicking in. This is the reason why it is necessary for one to practice caution if you don’t want the same to end up as a possible negative impact on the body.

Some of the caution and side effects that you do need to look out for include:

  • Owing to the fact that there is going to be a drastic reduction in the calories that you consume, you are going to feel very weak. This will last for the initial two days until your body adjusts to the changes. Once that is sorted, it does become a lot easier for the body to handle things along.
  • Can hamper the body’s balance during menstrual cycle which is why it is necessary one avoid following this diet during such days
  • Impacts on the energy levels can be low in the initial days but the same does recover as the times passes, so look at that accordingly

If you have been looking into the benefits of eating banana with milk, know that the results won’t come in easily. It does take quite some time for your body to adjust. If you want the best results for your health in terms of the overall well being and especially weight gain or weight loss, this is quite an amazing pick.


Is it great to have a banana shake after exercise?

Not many people realize this but consuming a banana shake with an added scoop of protein powder is one of the best post workout drinks. Not only does it help with muscle recovery, it also helps promote better muscle stability and even tones down the muscles after a heavy session of workout.

What is the best time to have banana and milk?

If you just want to just consume it as a part of your daily diet, we would suggest that you eat it for breakfast but if you want to indulge in the banana and milk diet for weight gain or loss, indulging in the same for 3 consecutive days will provide with the best results. It all does come down to your goal with this diet.

Can we eat banana and milk at night?

There is nothing wrong with eating banana and milk at night. Just ensure that if you aren’t following the banana and milk diet, to include more of the substantial ingredients to the mix. It could be oats or even cereal for that matter.