Heart disease causes and effects

Heart Disease Causes And Effects Due To Common Habits

Do you believe that heart health is important? But do you think you are helping the heart to be healthy enough? May or may...
Cosmic Energy Meditation and Its Benefits

Cosmic Energy Meditation and Its Benefits- Feel Connected To the Universe

Meditation has always been helpful to get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings from your mind. Although many a time we...
Phone Addiction

10 Tips And Strategies To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

In today’s world, technology does have a lot of advantages, but your phone should not always be the only thing you should...
10 Benefits of Silva Method of Meditation

10 Benefits of Silva Method of Meditation

One of the best ways to achieve mental tranquility, feel relaxed, and have positive thoughts is through meditation. There are several ways...

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Congenital heart disease

Congenital Heart Disease – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

“He has some issues with his heart,” we often come across this statement after a baby is born, right? Congenital heart disease is defined...


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