18 Best Exercises For Balance – Get Your Posture Fixed


How much of a clumsy Bambi are you? Do you find yourself tripping and falling around the space because of the lack of balance that you have? Finding and knowing about the best exercises for balance can actually help a lot in handling the condition a lot better.

Having a feeble balance and stance is often quite common in old people and these exercises to improve balance are often advised for people suffering from the same. If you yourself have been struggling through this, we have got your back (literally!)

By the end of this article, you will know a bit more or less about the balance training exercises and everything that there is to it.

1.Sideways walking

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This is possibly one of the best exercises to improve balance and stability in an individual. Owing to the fact this tests your posture and stance, it has actually been found to be quite effective in helping with the balance that people lose with their age.

How to do?

  • Stand at one corner of the room with your feet apart
  • Start by moving one foot away from the other
  • Following that, bring the other foot closer to regain the initial difference that you started with
  • Do this for 10 times
  • Take it slow and steady and don’t rush through the process

2.Sumo Squat Pulse

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The sumo squat pulse, especially with the outer thigh pulse has been found to be quite effective in handling the problems that one face because of the lack of balance and stability in their stance and posture. The process is a bit tough to go through but once you start doing it, the process does get a lot easier.

How to do?

  • Start by standing with and erect posture, with your feet placed at 45 degrees
  • Following that, bend at your knees to resemble the position of a sumo squat all the while ensuring to keep your torso straight and erect
  • As you are about to stand from the squat position, extend one of the legs and then the opposite arm simultaneously
  • Hold this position and then pulse your leg up 2-3 inches for three times or so
  • Bring back the leg to the initial position and then repeat with the other leg too
  • Do 12 repetitions of this for beneficial results

3.Tightrope walk

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Many people might deterred while listening about the tightrope walking because, let’s be real, how would it work out, right? It is not necessarily demanding for you to walk on the tightrope. All you need to do is pretend to be walking on one and the same can actually help you out a lot in stabilizing your balance through and through.

How to do?

  • Instead of actually walking over a tight rope tied around on two poles, you can easily pretend to be walking over the normal ground, mimicking the same
  • Take careful and measured steps much like how you would if you were walking on the tightrope
  • Do this for reps of 15 and that should be enough to help rebuild your posture and stance for the better

4.Standing balance

Yet another one of the exercises to improve balance is the standing balance exercise. It is often hard to get done because of the complexities that many often struggle with but this is most definitely one of the very best ones that you can opt for.

How to do?

  • Stand on a hardwood floor with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Once done, raise your hand to have a touching point of contact, either on your front or on the side, whatever suits you best
  • Hold that position for 25 seconds
  • Once you have mastered this, do the entire process without relying on any point of contact

5.Standing tree pose

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You’d be surprised to know this but the standing tree pose is most definitely one of the best exercises for balance, regardless of the fact that it is often hard to master. That being said, it has also been found to be quite effective in strengthening the ankles and even building your posture right.

How to do?

  • Stand erect, with your feet joined together and ensuring that your back is straight. Keep your arms outstretched.
  • Gradually, focus on working and lifting your left foot up and place it on the side of your calf and balance your entire posture on just your right foot
  • Once you have the legs sorted, work on lifting your arms up and over your head to resemble the branches of a tree
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds
  • Repeat the same thing with the other leg too

6.Simple grapevine

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Now, every one of us has seen a grapevine and is well aware of how it looks like. If you are here trying to find the easy exercises for better balance, you are in luck because the simple grapevine is most definitely one of the easiest yet one of the most effective exercises that help in improving one’s stance and stability altogether.

How to do?

  • Start by standing on a stable and flat ground
  • Once done, cross your right foot to bring it in front of the left one
  • Bring your left foot to join the right on along
  • Do reps of 5 cross steps on each side
  • If required, take support from around but it is best to do it without any support

7.Standing crunch

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Now, not every one of the balance and stability improve exercises is going to be easy to do. The standing crunch is most definitely one of the examples for the same as well. Given the fact that the exercise itself demands you to balance your weight on just one leg. Make sure that you have a good posture all along the way for the best of results in the end.

How to do?

  • Start by standing with your feet planted on the ground and your feet shoulder width apart
  • Balance on one leg with the other one in front of you making sure that you are bending your knee at a perpendicular angle
  • All the while, keep your hands overhead
  • Crunch in the forward direction
  • Do this same stance with both the legs with reps of 12

8.Rock the boat

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Yet another one of the best exercises for balance is the rock the boat exercise. It has been found to be quite amazing in helping you bring better stance to your posture and prevents you from being subjected to the lack of wonky balance and stability all along.

How to do?

  • Place a chair in front of you which stands up to your waist level and not taller than that
  • Put your hands on the chair for support and gradually bring the left up on the side
  • Shift your weight from one side to the other by lifting your legs up
  • Do this with both the legs, ensuring to hold your balance all along as well

9.Advanced standing balance

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Yet another one of the beneficial balance training exercises is the advanced standing balance. This might seem easy and it is, the only trick is to ensure that you hold on to the pose for a good amount of time altogether.

How to do?

  • Stand erect with your spine straight and then gradually bring your feet together
  • Make sure that you maintain your balance through the process while you count till 25
  • You can start off by having a point of contact but make sure that you avoid the same once you have mastered it
  • For the next level in the process, all you need to do is bring one of your feet in front of the other making sure it’s in the heel to toe position. Hold this position for 25 seconds as well
  • Make sure that you are doing this exercise without any point of contact once you have mastered it altogether

10.Single leg dead lift

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This is one of those exercises to improve balance that can be done with or even without a dumbbell. The Single leg deadlift has been found to be quite beneficial in strengthening the hamstrings as well as the glutes. It helps in strengthening the back muscles and thus helps you get a better posture and balance altogether.

How to do?

  • Stand on the floor, making sure it’s well carpeted and flat. Make sure to keep your feet close together. This is what is important.
  • In the process, make sure to put more pressure on the right foot
  • Gradually and very slowly, lower your torso towards the ground while lifting your left leg behind you. Do focus on keeping your spine straight throughout the process because that is what helps boost the posture
  • Stop stooping down once you find that your back is parallel to the ground
  • Squeeze the important parts of the body and then slowly rise back up to return your foot on the floor
  • Do this with deadlifts

11.One leg stand

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One leg stand is everything that the name suggests. It is actually quite easy to do and is often one of the best exercises for balance that experts suggest sticking round to. It helps in building and strengthening the muscles and the posture, thus instilling better stability altogether.

How to do?

  • Start the process by standing facing a wall
  • Keep your arms outstretched in front of you ensuring that the fingertips are touching the wall
  • Lift the left leg up to the hip level all the while keeping a slight bend to the right leg as well
  • Hold this stance for 5-10 seconds at a stretch
  • Once done, gently bring back your left leg back to the initial position

12.Planks with flying plane arms

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All of us, well, majority of us are well aware of what planks are. Planks help in boosting and building one’s core strength and even helps get rid of the lack of balance and stability that many often time get through. The normal plank is quite amazing in doing but adding in the flying plane arms further helps bring about better choices all the more.

How to do?

  • Start the process by doing a high plank, ensuring to keep your hands directly under your shoulders
  • Keep your hips stable all along and spread out one arm in front of you
  • Keep holding this specific arm up and then fan it out to the side all along
  • Once done, return the hand to the front like the initial stage and then slowly lower it to the ground
  • Continue doing sets of 12 reps and that should be enough to get your stability restored

13.Flamingo Stand

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Often times, the people trying to rectify their balance and stability are often suggested to opt for flamingo stand for their better stance. It is not that hard to do but does require quite some getting used to for you to be actually able to master the process better.

How to do?

  • Stand with your feet close together, ensuring that your back is straight
  • Once done, place a chair in front of you and put your hands on it
  • Stand on one leg and support yourself like that for a few seconds
  • Once you start getting better with the process, you can easily opt for letting go off of the chair for support
  • Do the same with alternate legs for a few reps and that should get the job done

14.Dead bug

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Next on the list of the exercises to improve balance and stability is the dead bug exercise. It heftily impacts the transverse abdominus and has been found to improve the overall core stability of the body effectively. It is important to take your time doing it to avoid any kind of issues all along.

How to do?

  • Sit down in the centre part of the BOSU, making sure that you plant your feet wide apart and stable on the ground
  • Once that’s done, gradually lower down on your back until you are lying on the BOSU
  • Pull your abdominals tight and inwards to ensure the maximum and the best of the posture retained all along
  • Gradually lift one leg at a time keeping them wide around along with your arms so as to resemble the look of a dead bug
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then regain back the original position

15.Step – up

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One of the best exercises for balance and stability most definitely has to be step-ups. This also helps tone down your thighs and glutes for promoting better health altogether.

How to do?

  • Get a step-up elevation plank that will help you do this process
  • It is actually quite easy to do
  • All you need to do is put your right leg up on the step and then get your left leg to join in
  • Bring back your right leg back on the ground followed by your left leg

16.Back and side leg raises

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Leg raises, be it back or side, are quite effective in helping get your balance in check for the better. If you have been struggling along getting the best for your core strength and stability, this is most definitely one of the best forms of exercises to opt for.

How to do?

  • Put a chair in front of you and put your hand on the chair for support
  • Gradually, lift your right leg and move it backwards and then bring it back to the original position
  • Do the same with the left leg and repeat the same in repetitions for effective results
  • Once done, do the same sideways as well, both with your right and left leg

17.Reverse lunges to balance

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Yet another one of the best balance and stability improve exercises is the reverse lunges. It helps in not just toning and strengthening the core and the abdominal muscles, it has also been found to have effective results in boosting one balance, stance and posture as well.

How to do?

  • Stand on the ground with your feet close to each other
  • Bend at your right knee and then stretch your left leg to bring it back behind you until you are assured that both the knees are bent
  • Press straight up on the right leg and gradually bring up your body back to the initial position that you started out with
  • Do with alternate legs for at least 10 reps

18.Wall Pushups

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB0egDzsu18[/embedyt]

Wall pushups are yet another one of the best exercises for balance that you can opt for. This is particularly an amazing exercise for old people who are trying to regain their balance back. The process is quite easy and doesn’t put any kind of strain on one’s body which is why it is one of the best exercises to improve balance.

How to do?

  • Stand in front of a wall making sure that you maintain an arm’s length distance between you and the wall
  • Placing both of your palms on the wall, lean forward and then move back, much like how you would do in a pushup
  • Do this process around 15-20 times altogether

The best exercises for balance and stability can definitely help boost your stance and stability, all the while helping boost the core strength of an individual. Instead of opting for other treatment methods, it is always best to opt for the natural methods to get the very best results altogether. If you have been struggling with proper maintenance of posture and balance, we hope these exercises do come in handy.