7 Foods To Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

naturally cleanse your liver

As we live on planet earth, the whole world around us is highly toxic. It not only harms our outer body, but it also affects various important organs in our body. Hence, it becomes highly important to you cleanse your body on regularly. Various experts say that it is highly important to cleanse your body to keep your body organs healthy, especially liver, which is one of the largest gland found in the human body. Your liver is responsible for doing various functions such as strong mineral and vitamins, producing bile, which helps in digestion, breaking down old red blood cells along with insulin, hemoglobin and hormones. It is highly important to naturally cleanse your liver, without any chemical remedy.

Liver detoxification occurs in two important phases, according to the experts, at stage one, liver dissolves toxins which are fat soluble, at the second stage it absorbs and eliminates all such toxins. To fully cleanse your liver naturally it required to eat various natural foods which boosts the liver detoxification process.

We have brought you a list of such foods which are helpful in cleansing liver naturally without any side effects.

Foods To Detoxify Liver Naturally


Apples contain an important product, known as pectin, along with other useful chemicals which helps in cleansing the liver as well as digestive system naturally. It is important to eat apples regularly for better cleaning of your body as well as for proper body development.

2Lemons And Lemon Water

Lemon juice helps in triggering the natural detoxification process of the liver, according to the experts. It also helps the liver to release all its poisonous substances. Experts say that lemon is also plays an important role in cleansing your intestines. To get more benefits, experts suggest adding lemon into the water to make another natural detoxifying beverage.

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3Schisandra Berry

This berry is highly helpful in cleansing liver. It boosts the two phases of detoxification of the liver. It also helps in protecting liver from various poisonous materials by producing an important antioxidant, known as glutathione. Additionally, it also helps in the regeneration of liver tissues that has been damaged by intake of alcohol or hepatitis.

4Broccoli And Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli as well as broccoli sprouts helps in enhancing the stage two of the liver’s detoxification processes. Broccoli not only raises the body’s ability to detoxify pollutants, but it also helps in the production of glutathoine, helps in protecting liver from toxins.


Asparagus also helps with liver drainage and also helps your body release toxins through urine. It also helps in removing all the toxins as well as other waste from the body. Asparagus is also known as a great diuretic.


Experts say the cabbage helps in detoxifying the liver through providing various important enzymes which helps in detoxification process and breaks toxin materials and flushes them from the liver. As a great source of fiber, cabbage also helps in aiding the detoxification process.


According to the experts, cilantro is fully packed with various health-beneficial antioxidants. This herb is also known as the heavy metal detoxifying agent. Various studies have shown that it helps in protecting the liver against the exposure of lead as well as triggers the release of mercury, lead and aluminum from the body.

Apart from these food items there are various other natural detoxifying agents available which helps in cleansing your liver along with the whole body. Consider these agents to cleanse your liver to keep yourself away from various health diseases as well as health-related problems.