9 Essential Oils for Sleep

essential oil for sleep
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You can use various effective essential oils in order to get better sleep and to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is important to have a nice and healthy night’s sleep to keep yourself away from various health issues.

It might prove a headache to choose for the best essential oil for a good quality sleep. However, once you chose the best one, it will only help in improving your overall sleep.

Essential oils prove beneficial for your sleep as it is helpful in calming your body and act as a mild sedative.

Essential oils can also be helpful in providing relief from muscular tensions and pain. Along with increasing the time of your sleep, essential oils are also helpful in decreasing the number of times you wake up from your sleep.

It is important not to buy essential oils which has written fragrance oil or perfume oil on it as these oils might prove synthetic and will not be providing the required benefits.

Opting for essential oils, which are 100% pure can provide you the required number of benefits.

Here we have provided some of the amazing essential oils, which can provide you good quality sleep. Read on to know more about the benefits of these major essential oils, which are good for your overall help.

9 Essential Oils for Good Sleep

1. Chamomile Essential Oil

There is a reason behind the use of chamomile for treating the condition of insomnia. Among all, the Roman Chamomile Essential oils provide some of the amazing health benefits. An ancient herb, chamomile contains major therapeutic properties and relaxes the mind by providing sedative effects. This essential oil is also good for the treatment of insomnia, stress as well as nervous tension and helps you in falling asleep quickly.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is another one of the highly effective essential oil, which is helpful to you in falling asleep fast. Lavender essential oil is mainly made up of alcohols and esters, which are linked with relaxation and also provides other major therapeutic properties. True lavender essential oil is considered as one of the best among all the lavender essential oils, which are available.

Along with providing healthy sleep, lavender is also useful in relaxing the body, reducing anxiety and providing relief to the muscle and headaches. It is also useful in controlling asthma and improving digestion.

3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang oil is good for mental health as it reduces stress and help us recovering from the emotional traumas by helping us in connecting to our own hearts. This oils also cut the stress of the mind by promoting the overall feeling of well-being.

You can use ylang ylang essential oil in the evening if your mind is not stable and you are finding it difficult to settle down.

4. Marjoram Essential Oil

Sweet marjoram essential oil is one of the proven medicine in treating the condition of insomnia. Marjoram oil has also been proven as providing more effective sleep inducing properties others such as chamomile and lavender essential oil.

Along with acting as a sedative, marjoram is also useful in relaxing the whole nervous system. This is very much helpful in reducing anxiety, reducing blood pressure and providing sooth to the the feeling of loneliness, grief and rejection.

However, for major benefits, it is important to choose only sweet marjoram oil. Only sweet marjoram essential oil has been proven effective on treating the condition of insomnia.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is also highly effective in treating the condition of insomnia and provides a good quality night’s sleep. By reducing anxiety, it is also helpful in promoting the meditative stress. Sandalwood essential oil is also helpful in treating the condition of chronic insomnia.

Applying sandalwood essential oil also helps in protecting the cramped muscles. This is one of the amazing essential oil for relaxing the mind and for proper rest.

6. Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian essential oil is also highly amazing essential oil to treat the condition of insomnia. Better and regular application of the valerian essential oil is also helpful in providing better sleep at nights, according to the experts.

Valerian essential oil helps in providing good quality deep sleep and also helps in decreasing the number of times you wake up from the sleep at night.

7. Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil also helps in providing good sleep by working on the limbic system of the body, which is helpful in calming the nervous system. This is highly helpful in reducing stress and improving the overall mood by making you relaxing.

Along with this, it is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and indigestion and counters the effects of cold, flu and provides relief from pain as well as inflammation.

Another useful benefit of this oil is it is helpful in opening up the air passageways, which is helpful in cutting snoring and allows the body to go into the deep sleep by calming your respiration down.

8. Clary Sage

Clary sage is said to have been good in receiving the GABA receptors, which is helpful in reducing the stress.

The mood-lifting properties in the clary sage oil is highly effective for the patients suffering from the problem of depression. Clary sage essential oil is also found to be highly effective in treating the problem of stress more effectively than lavender as well as chamomile essential oil.

9. Sleep Tight Essential Oil Blend

This blend of essential oils contains Bulgarian lavender oil, Spanish marjoram oil roman chamomile oil as well as sandalwood oil.

It is helpful in calming your body and helps you in falling asleep. Along with this, it also acts as an amazing muscle relaxer and mild sedative.

This oil blend should be applied directly on the skin or can also be used in the air as diffuser to calm the sleep environment.