10 Ways Prevent To Stomach Bloating- Causes and Remedies

10 Ways Prevent To Stomach Bloating

Do you feel discomfort soon after eating? Then it could due to bloating which makes you feel stuffed. You may wonder the reason behind the unpleasantness of your stomach. If you are often experiencing bloating then you are committing diet mistakes which must be changed. Not changing over your diet but you must stop eating a few foods, stop overeating a few foods and follow the right meal time. This is how you can prevent stomach bloating.

Get to learn about what exactly bloating is and how it feels when you are face it. And knowing the exact causes of bloating can prevent from letting you face it. We are providing the information on the causes of this condition.

This is quite a common health problem for many. Is there any stop for this very common condition? Of course, there is. You have the remedies that can treat bloating naturally. You can follow the ways to prevent bloated stomach.

What is a Bloated stomach? Why do you feel it?

Bloating is the condition of your digestive system when you swallow air. The undigested food also leads to bloating when it breaks down in the digestive tract.

When your stomach is bloated, you feel full. You will see your stomach bulging out and will be able to feel the tightness, excessive burping. Sometimes, it comes along with pain. Other signs of bloating are excessive gas, frequent burping and abdominal rumbling.

Causes of Bloated stomach

Causes of Bloated stomach

In some cases, bloating is caused by medical conditions. But often, it is problem due to food intolerance and the unhealthy diet habits. Here are some of the causes listed that possibly causes bloated stomach-

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Bloating is a symptom of IBS. (R) It may have the symptoms of abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. IBS is a common disorder and familiar for many. It affects the large intestine and makes the bowel movements difficult. Due the slow or poor bowel movements, it results in bloating.

Muscle movements

Bloating the caused due to muscle movement is termed as abdominal spasm. The altered muscle movements may release the air that converts into gas in the intestine. Eventually, this can show the symptoms the includes bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Monthly periods

For a few women, before their menstrual cycle, they experience bloating. Bloating accompanied with fatigue, irritability, cramps in stomach are the symptoms. This is a condition termed as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Due to PMS, body retains of water and make you feel bloated or full. The hormonal changes during premenstrual cycle is the cause for these conditions in women.

Other causes for bloated stomach

  • Acid reflux
  • Constipation
  • Diseases like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s
  • Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs)
  • Heart burn
  • Intolerance to few foods
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal flux in women
  • Intestinal parasite infection
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental health conditions
  • Few medications
  • 10 Ways To Prevent Stomach bloating

1.Eating smaller meals through out the day

Eating smaller meals through out the dayThe common risk factor for bloating is a big meal after a long gap. As you skip your early meals, you tend to swallow air while eating quickly. The swallowed air filled in intestines converts into gas and cause bloating.(R) What you can do with this is avoid eating food at once. You can split your meals into smaller portions and eat it through out the day. This can keep you away from bloating.

2.Avoid excess sugar foods

Avoid excess sugar foodsThe sugars added to the foods are hard to digest. It becomes tough for the digestive tract to digest the sugar foods. Most of the sweet foods have the fructose. And if you are intolerant to fructose then you must cut off the sugary foods to prevent bloating.

3.Be conscious of food intolerance

Be conscious of food intoleranceFood intolerances with the symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence.(R) You must know your food intolerance and try to at most eat the selective foods. Some of the common food intolerance is with lactose (carbohydrate food) and also fructose. People who are sensitive to eggs must avoid it as it causes bloating. And it is noticed that several people are gluten intolerant which may also cause bloating.

Hence, know your intolerance and eat as per what suits your stomach. Mindful eating is a clever move to prevent stomach bloating.

4.Don’t drink fluids through straw

Dont drink fluids through strawWhen you are drinking fluids through straw there is a possibility of swallowing gas. This leads to bloating. Avoid using straws instead drink it through glass.

5.Don’t take fizzy drinks

Dont take fizzy drinksAnother cause that you took as a prevention of bloating. Drinking carbonated drinks make you feel relieved from heaviness of a noon meal. But then the bubbles in these drinks contains carbon dioxide which leads to bloating in your stomach. You feel even more bloated. You can drink buttermilk or a herbal tea replacing the fizzy drinks.

6.Avoid eating chewing gum

Avoid eating chewing gumIf you have a habit of eating chewing then avoid it to prevent bloating. You tend to swallow air as you chew the gum. And swallowed air reaches your intestine and results in bloating.

7.Regular exercise

Regular exercisewe mentioned previously that altered muscle movements can lead to gas accumulation and then bloating. Regular exercise is the best way to prevent bloating that may caused by muscle contraction. Exercise also helps in developing a health digestive tract. Easier digestion is another solution to prevent or treat bloating.

8.Limit your sodium intake

Limit your sodium intake

Research says high sodium intake increases the risk of bloating. (R) Excess sodium can retain water in body which makes you feel full frequently. Over the time, the too much sodium content shows off in the form of swelling in various areas of your body like legs and hands. Cut off salt foods to prevent bloating and other side effects of it.

9.Prefer steam food over fried

Prefer steam food over friedWhen you are choosing foods, be choosy. Fried foods are likely to cause more bloating as its complex to digest. The foods that don’t digest easily are the direct cause for bloating. Steamed foods are easy to digest and light on your stomach. Now, what’s your pick?

10.Maintain a healthy weight

Maintain a healthy weightWe have listed weight gain as one of the causes for bloated stomach. You must maintain a healthy weight to prevent bloating. As you gain weight, it reduces space around your stomach which restricts your stomach from stretching. This can possibly lead to bloating. You must choose healthy weight loss methods and then try to maintain it.

Best Ways to get rid of Bloated stomach

When it comes to common bloating you can treat it at home. A few home remedies are potential in relieving a person from bloated stomach. The next time you are feeling bloated, try these home remedies-

1.Take a warm bath

If you have sore abdomen along with bloating and uneasiness in stomach then take a warm bath. Hot water relieves you instantly from abdominal bloating. The abdominal muscles relax with warmth.

2.Abdominal massage

Bloating is not just caused by swallowing air or diet habits. Sometimes, it is due to changed muscle functions. The movement of muscles can produce air that accumulates in the digestive tract and result in bloating. When you feel pain and discomfort in stomach, you can go for abdominal massage. It will give you a relief from bloating after a while.

If you feel any pain due to massage movements then it is advised to discard it right away.

3.Go for a walk

One of the crucial body function is the bowel movement. You must do the physical activities that assist your body for faster bowel movements. It helps you let the gas and stool pass through. When you are feeling bloated, go for a short distance brisk walk. This will you to some extent and relieve from bloating, promoting digestion as well.

4.Drink a cup of herbal tea

We all feel unpleasant with bloated stomach. We may face it as soon as we eat it. Just try having a cup of herbal tea You can take ginger, fennel, chamomile tea after a meal. This helps digest the food and avoid indigestion that causes bloating. It eases your stomach from tightness and uneasiness.

5.Eat probiotics

Colon bacteria is another culprit that causes bloating in your intestine. Here probiotic food or supplements help you get rid of this bacteria and have a relief from bloated stomach. You can eat a cup of yogurt, some buttermilk, pickles, kimchi as the best probiotic foods to get rid of bloating instantly.

6.Essential oils

You can take the essential oil supplements to get rid of bloating. And peppermint oil is is a proven method for better digestion and to treat irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. It soothes the intestinal muscles. It promotes the movement of gas and stool easily through the intestine.

But we stress on not consuming the supplements without a doctor’s advise. Taking the safe supplements can help you otherwise it can lead to a new health issue. It is dangerous because all the supplements are not safe. Few consists the toxins and various other unhealthy formulation. So, be cautious.

7.Cumin seeds water

Cumin seeds are the soothing ingredient for the issues like acidity and bloating. It also cures the abdominal pain.

Cumin seed water is the proven method to treat stomach illness. It consists of the anti inflammatory properties that help fight against the bacteria that may cause indigestion. If you are experiencing stomach bloating frequently, then start having cumin seed water after a meal everyday.

8.Fennel seeds

You can eat fennel seeds when you feel bloated. The benefit of fennel seeds is due to fiber in it. Fiber rich foods help you for better digestion. It keeps you away from fullness and uneasiness which is caused due to bloating.

You can chew a tablespoon of fennel seeds after your meal or when you feel bloated. You can make a habit of eating fennel seeds everyday after your meal.

When to see a doctor?

Bloating all the times is not common to neglect. There are certain conditions that needs medical check up. In some cases of bloating, it is a sign of inflammatory bowel disease, liver problems, kidney problems, heart diseases and certain cancers. Hence, there is a need of consulting doctor to avoid health hazards of bloating.

If you are ever experiencing bloating accompanied with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite then you must get a medical checkup. If you are noticing any weight loss, extreme abdominal pain, red blood in the stool, black or maroon stools then don’t ignore these unhealthy signs. Even then you need timely doctor consultation.

Bottom line,

You have the handful ways to treat bloated stomach at home. The best way to fight bloating is to prevent it. Includes the healthy diet habits in your daily routine that keeps you away from bloating. Over all this, you must be aware of bloating which may seem like a serious health issue due its frequency. However, you have certain health conditions that are associated with bloating as a a symptom. Under certain health conditions, you consult your doctor to stay healthy.