8 Eco-Friendly and Organic Period Options to Try this 2021!!

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Giving rise to environmental wastage is uncool. Be it menstrual cycle, the environment is highly affected. We are being unfair to nature by generating waste and litter out of monthly periods. We are doing it in spite of having the best alternative options. It is because we lack knowledge. Here are we to educate you about a clean and eco friendly period options.

You have handful of options to go eco friendly with your periods. We have given all the obtainable alternatives. You can prioritize your comfort while making it a environmental friendly.

And not worry about the availability of the eco friendly products in the market. All these options are widely sold through out the globe. The manufacturers ensure the user’s safety and comfort while still keeping environment in mind. Check out the options.

Which are the best types of eco friendly period options?

1. Reusable sanitary pads

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Do you want to stick to the sanitary pads for an eco friendly period? Then it is possible for you to continue it. You have to pick reusable sanitary pads which don’t cause any waste or litter in any way. It is most popular option for women who are comfortable only with pads.

The pad is composed of cotton cloth to sustain for longer time. You can use for at least 4-5 hours and reuse it. For women with less blood flow, it may sustain for 10 hours. It completely depends on the period flow.We must admit that these eco friendly pads are extremely easy to use as it comes with a ling band to wrap around the panties.You can secure it with the band.

Generally,the pads come in a set that costs you around $9 to $40 based on the quality and other features.

2. Cotton tampon applicator

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If you are experiencing skin irritation during your every menstrual cycle then you must switch the period product.The period products you use contributes for skin irritation during or post periods.

You can pick cotton tampon to prevent skin irritation. They are made of synthetic fibers to avoid the bad odor and enhance the absorbency. The tampons are free from the chemicals, perfumes and other irritants. Moreover, the applicator is free of harmful plastic. If you are looking for tampons with applicator then specifically choose cotton tampons that come with non plastic applicator.

3. Menstrual cup

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Menstrual cups are a best eco friendly period product. The first factor that must motivate you picking menstrual cup is “reusable”. You can use a single menstrual cup for several cycles.

Basically, the cup comes in funnel shape. The cup is mostly made of skin friendly silicone or rubber. The shape and material of product allows makes it a flexible product to use. You need to insert the cup into vagina. You are inserting it to hold the blood. The sustainability of the menstrual cups is convincing for many women. You need to wash out the blood for a fresh reuse. Each menstrual cup lasts for 10-15 years.

You are incredibly reducing the wastage by using the eco friendly menstrual cup. The cost of the menstrual cup ranges from $8 to $38 approximately. It is worth spending every penny for this hygienic and eco friendly period option.

4. Reusable Menstrual discs

Reusable Menstrual discs | Healthspectra

Menstrual cups are similar to menstrual discs but the way you use it is different. You need to insert in vagina to collect the period blood like a cup does. Whats different is, you need to squeeze it into a tampon shape and place it pointing downwards. You neednot insert the disc near to cervix like a cup. You just have to place it near to the pubic bone.

If it is menstrual cup Vs menstrual disc then cup is a befitting option when it comes eco friendly period. Discs are mostly disposable and less of reusable. But it reduces the wastage when compared to traditional pads and tampons as you can change the disc after minimum 4-5 hours. Maximum sustainability of each disc is said to be around 10 hours or more. The price of reusable menstrual discs would be $11 to $14.

5. Leak Proof underwear

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Another best alternative for a comfortable period with eco friendly concept is leak proof underwear. You can wear the panties alone which are said to be stain free, leak proof. These panties are reusable which creates no wastage. As it is like any other panty, you can be carefree.

These pads are chosen for multi purpose by women. It is not only alternate option for eco friendly period but also for postpartum bleeding, the excess vaginal discharge. You can use the leak proof underwear for 2 years.

6. Interlabial pads

Interlabial pads | Healthspectra

Interlabial pads are the small sized pads to insert between your labia. They come in the shape of lead or petal. These pads are usually made from cotton fabric that is also breathable. The main purpose of using these pads are to slow the blood flow. As it is placed between your labia it stops blood flow from buttocks or through the labia.

These tiny pads are used along with a tampon for extra protection. As it cannot give good coverage, it remained as a less alternate option for eco friendly period.

7. Bio degradable sanitary pads

Bio degradable sanitary pads | Healthspectra

These are like sanitary pads that we have been using since years. But whats different with this kind of pads is the “material”. Bio degradable sanitary pads are made of eco friendly plastic. Bio plastic is easy to decompose.

Also the bio degradable pads are made of the other alternate material like banana fiber and bamboo fiber. These help you make an effort to reduce the plastic usage.

8. Cloth pads

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Another replacement for the tampons and sanitary pads is cloth pads. These are made with cotton cloth. You can have a good protection and coverage. Though it is not an extremely popular option that women use, it can definitely be. It is easy to wear along with your panties. It is good for the women who only prefer to use pads but not cups or tampons. The cotton fabric makes gives a comfy support and protection through the wear.

If interested, you can learn making your own cloth pads at home. Making it according to your requirements is easier.

Why go eco friendly with your period products?

The motive of opting the selective period options is to prevent wastage. Tampons, pads and panty liners that are plastic made generate over 2,00,000 tonnes of wastage every year, according to the analysis of Women’s Environmental Network.

The pads are made of non biodegradable plastic which takes long years to decompose. We are being a part of environment distraction hugely. To avoid the worsening condition of mother nature, you must choose eco friendly products.

Another reason for proposing eco friendly period products is personal hygiene. Several women experience skin irritation during and post their menstrual cycle. It is caused due to the irritants that are sued to compose the products. Eco friendly products are mostly made out of synthetic fiber, cotton and other organic material.

A study has found that most of the regular sanitary pads are composed of phthalates and VOCs which can be harmful for skin health.(R)The chemical free formula of the products make your period experience better and comfortable in any situation.

Is reusable really sanitary? Is it safe to use?

The reusable period options are the best for hygiene and safety. Mostly, the products with eco friendly period ensure to use safe materials. The material used to make the products are organic and chemical free. Cotton fiber, synthetic fibers are soft to touch. It also keeps you away from rashes during or post your menstrual cycle.

There are the menstrual products that sustain for 10-12 hours. They give you the needed coverage for no leak period. In fact, the eco friendly substitutes are the safer when correlated to the regular pads and tampons.

You must know the quality of the product you choose. Look for various favourable features that help cooperate for a comfortable period.

Is Disposable ever eco friendly?

According the study of Menstrual Health Alliance India, its found that one sanitary pad takes over 600 years to decompose. The cause behind it is pads made out of the non biodegradable plastic. The plastic is both hazardous to health and environment.

What to check in the best Eco friendly periods products?

1. Reusable

Reusable is the main factor that you must consider for the eco friendly period alternative. If the products are not reusable, then you are generating the waste anyways. Keep reusable a primary quality as saves you costs you less as well.

2. Antimicrobial technology

The products that you pick for your periods must be antimicrobial. The hygiene and skin safety is one of the features you must look for in eco friendly period products. Antimicrobial technology prevents the skin irritation, inflammation. This helps your menstrual cycle go smoothly without any issues.

3. No plastic

If there is plastic inclusion in the period products then it is not the best alternative for eco friendly period. The plastic used for pads and tampons is biodegradable as mentioned before which again giving raise to environmental damage. And plastic is not all safe for skin.

4. No harmful chemicals

The eco friendly products are meant to completely safe for environment. Chemical made products are not considered as eco friendly. Neither it is skin friendly. See if the formula and material of the product and only then choose it for your periods.

The menstrual products made from cotton, bamboo fibers, synthetic fibers and silicone are free from chemicals.

5. Reviews

While you are buying a period product have a glance at the reviews. See what reviews of the products says. The experience, comfort level of using the product will be known form the feedback given by the users. Go for the well known brands that assure quality of the material, sustainability and their eco friendly concept.

6. Price

As you have good number of option for eco friendly period, price comes in the picture. See which product fits in your budget. Most of the options are available and accessible. The availability comes through various brands and costs. Compare the costs of the products and other factors before choosing a product.


If your periods was a biggest challenge of every month then I’m sure the products you used played a part. Changing the used pads and tampons is a hectic while you are suffering with the cramps. Post periods, it may cause rashes with consecutive use of products. You must blame the chemicals and the low grade material used to compose the period products.

Another agony that adds to all this is expenses of the products. From next time, you can get rid of this complication that periods bring with it. Just pick the suitable alternative for your eco friendly period. It must give your enormous happiness as you are using environmental friendly products. It is a progressive change that you are doing to the nature.