12 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Trying – Educate Yourself!

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Just as putting on weight is tough. Likewise, losing weight is not a doddle either. All of us do what not when something is going imperfect and especially we are all conscious about being over-sized. It is good to accept our weight for the way it is. On the contrary, there is no harm in trying our ways to take those measures. If it is not happening then one should re-work on it.

There is no point in feeling upset over what is not happening, do give your best and then one has to leave it to time to reach the goal of losing weight. For now, you know you are doing each and everything to lose weight, but maybe you have to alter the approach you are considering to lose weight.

In this article, let’s think of the possible reasons at to why one is not able to lose weight in spite of trying hard. Once we know the reasons, we can turn the reasons into a solutions on whatever is going wrong.

Possible Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

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Check Out These Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Trying.

Determine If You Got The Right Weight

Below is the list of how much should be your waist size as per your height. This is a way of seeing how much weight you should ideally be losing comparing your waist size and height to this list.

  1. If your height is 5’2’’ – Your waist size should be 31
  2. If your height is 5’5’’ – Your waist size should be 32.5
  3. If your height is 5’8’’ – Your waist size should be 34
  4. If your height is 5’11” – Your waist size should be 35.5
  5. If your height is 6’2” – Your waist size should be 37

Fact: We do not get belly fat under the skin, but the fat grows under the muscles.

Possible Reasons
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Its time to check on what’s not going right and rectify it to reach the goal of losing weight.

Reason No 1: Perhaps You Are Not Sleeping Well

Perhaps You Are Not Sleeping Well
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You tend to put on weight when you do not sleep well and then you may end up waking up late the next morning. Then, you may not exercise and not eat on time because your routine is disturbed. When you do not do things at the right time it is sure to hit on your health.

Apart from this, if you are awake you would want to grab something to munch on and just not with your weight, you might face further more problems such as difficulty in concentrating, you may not be active in the entire day and your body gets lazy.

Solution: If you want to avoid and put a stop to this right here, ensure to give your body the sleep that it needs.

Reason No 2: You are Doing it All Wrong

You are doing it all wrong
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The biggest mistake you can do while wanting to lose weight is by adopting to dieting. Usually, we all have this perception that to lose weight we must eat less or not eat at all. Is it really true? Not at all!

In fact, we put on more weight if we eat nothing. The science behind this is, the body goes into a starving mode and the food that is reserved in the body gets stored as fats. Apart from this, your body craves for more food when it is starving.

Solution: If you want to start doing this the right way, you have to stop dieting and taking your meals at the right time, so that your body does not get a chance to store all the fats.

Reason No 3: You are Being Negligent of Your Eating Pattern

You are being negligent of your eating pattern
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When you innovate something new in your life, be it with an exercise or with your skin or your weight for that matter. You are probably eating the right food, you are giving your body all that it needs to lose weight and still you aren’t losing weight because somewhere you are being negligent of keeping a check on your diet, on how many kilo’s are you losing every month, so on and so forth.

Solution: Therefore, start to keep a track of what are you eating and how has it made progress in your weight.

Reason No 4: You are Missing on Essential Nutrients

You are missing on essential nutrients
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When you want to lose weight you have to eat the right food and that includes grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and certain vegetables. Besides these, you have to make sure you are taking in the right quantity of protein in your body.

Why protein? Reason being, protein is a source of nutrient that keeps your body full and you would be away from unnecessary craving which is good for your body, it also boosts up the metabolism in your body. All of these are good reasons for you to lose weight.

Solution: You must not be eating whole foods and food that has proteins which is why there is a delay in losing weight. Start to include all of these nutrients in your diet to be able to lose weight.

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Reason No 5: You are Going High on Calories

You are going high on calories
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As you aim to lose weight, you must be doing it the incorrect way. Eating foods rich in calories, high carbs and sugar foods are strong reasons for you to put on weight. It is definite that you must eat on time and follow a good diet. But, check on yourself if you have cut down on your calories and high carb food. You must have not been cautious about what you are eating so far which is why you are not able to lose weight quickly.

Solution: You have to adopt to a reversed plan for yourself now. For some time, stop eating junk like burgers, pizzas, fried stuffed and chocolates. In case you crave to eat these yummy stuff, go for it only once a while. Maybe just once a month. If you want to see yourself in shape, it is worth the compromise.

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Reason No 6: Your Habits are Disorganized

Your habits are disorganized
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Sometimes our own habits come our way and stop is from getting what we want. In this context, some of the reasons you are not losing weight is because you are blinded by some habits that are not good for you and they are.

  • Your water intake is minimal
  • You must not be concentrating on your food while eating and you may be busy watching TV or looking into your phone when you are supposed to focus on what you are eating and how much you are eating
  • You must not be into the practice of moving around and you are just stationed at one place. Just being seated at one place is also problematic
  • Not limiting yourself on your alcohol consumption

Solution: Start drinking enough water, while you are having your meals dedicate that time only to your food and every 45 minutes, get up and move around if you are working or studying sitting at one place for too long.

Reason No 7: You Have Gone off Track With Your Exercises

You have gone off track with your exercises
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It is known that exercising is a good way to lose weight or gain weight, it is based on what you are looking for. Maybe you have not been doing the right exercises to lose weight and until now you are unaware about it.


  • Go for lifting light weights to maintain the mass in your muscles by cutting off all the fat and it makes your metabolism better, ensure not to overdo weight lifting because it can overbuild your muscles and you do not want to gain weight
  • Focus on cardio exercises the most because that helps in burning down your calories instantly
  • you can do a brisk walk for an hour every day
  • you can skip with a skipping rope and it is an effective way to cut down all your fat well

Reason No 8: You are Not Maintaining Consistency in Eating

You are not maintaining a consistency in eating


There is a mechanism in which your body works and when you go against that mechanism by overdoing it or not doing it, you would land up facing consequences to all those problems.

For instance, if you start over exercising all of a sudden you may get a muscle pull or it will lead to you getting joint pains, this may or may not happen. Just in case it happens, it will be because you are going against your natural self.

This applies to our habits of eating as well. If we starve our body would store fat in the body and if we eat at irregular intervals and we don’t maintain consistency in eating at right intervals that leads to weight gain. Maybe you are overeating and eating every now and then which is why you are not losing weight.


  1. You must small frequent meals throughout the day
  2. Between every meal let there be at least 4 hours of time gap
  3. Eat in the right proportions

Reason No 10: Your Genes are Doing all the Talking

Do not wrack your brains if you have done each and everything possible to reach your target of losing weight. If nothing has ever worked out it could also be genetic that you are fat.

Solution: The only solution to this problem is, keep doing all that you need to do to live a healthy lifestyle and joyfully accept the way you are, do not let weight be a reason for you to feel demotivated there are tons of other good things about your that make you awesome for who you are

Reason No 11: Health issues are being a barrier

There are some health related problems that stands as a huddle when you are trying all means to do everything possible to lose weight. It is something that you cannot do much about. To mention of few, if you are someone who has thyroid, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome etc. and you are in a situation where you are unable to lose weight. It could be because of suffering from these problems.

Solution: Keep in mind that you can take a few steps to work on your health problems but you can’t get assured of how much weight you can lose. Consult your physician and get educated on what can be done to keep control over your weight with all these health problems.

Reason 12: Counter Effects Of Tablets

When you are under medication and you need to take tablets frequently, you are left with no choice than taking those tablets. These tablets have reverse effects on your body and you tend to put on weight with no other genuine reason apart from just the medicines side effects.

Solution: The only solution to this problem is not taking too many antibiotics until and unless it is not necessary, try home remedies or natural ways of treating yourself when you have a health issue.

To bring it all together, you have a collective idea of the possible reasons that is stopping you from losing weight. One by one check on every point and see where is it that you have to change things from the way they were to what they are now.

All you need at this point of time is, a tinge of patience and determination to give it another shot whether it happens or not. Follow the right diet, eat the right way, sleep the right way and take this challenge of losing weight sportively rather than letting it upset you.

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