12 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps And The Pain

get rid of leg cramps
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Leg cramps are nasty, aren’t they? How often has it happened to you that you are sleeping and the sudden jerking of the legs end up causing a nasty strain on the legs? Feel like crying, don’t you?

In such situations of pain, all we want to do is stop leg cramps immediately to be able to handle the situation a little better. While this condition can affect anyone and anytime, it is predominant during the night, making it harder for people to get quality sleep. Home remedies have been found to have beneficial impacts in the treatment for leg cramps.

By the end of this article, you will possibly know the remedies around you that can help ward off a nasty and painful leg cramp or muscle spasm.

What Are Leg Cramps?

What Are Leg Cramps
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A leg cramp is nothing but a painful stretch in the muscles of the leg which is often caused by a sudden involuntary contraction or shortening of the leg muscle.

Primary of the leg cramps that people experience on a daily basis are caused in the calf muscles and rarely around the feet and thighs.

The stretch of the muscles and the pain because of the cramp does leave behind numbness around the area, making it feeble for hours end.

What Causes Leg Cramps?

What Causes Leg Cramps
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When it comes down to discussing about the potential causes behind the leg cramps, the picture is not that clear around the same.

There is not one concrete reason as to why these sudden cramps happen but muscle fatigue and nerve dysfunction has been regarded as the common causes behind the same. Although why, it is still a question.

Additionally, yet another possible (R) cause the many researchers do believe could be a contributing factor to the same is the way we sleep at night with our legs outstretched and the calf muscles shortened.

Exertion and persistent impacts on the muscles in the leg could be one of the contributing factors to the condition of induction of leg cramps. Nerve damage in the athletes is also often one of the common causes behind this condition.

Dehydration could be a viable reason behind the leg cramps but the lack of studies is what tends to end up being a problem altogether.

Underlying health conditions is yet another one of the common issues that could be a contributing factor to the overall factor of leg cramps. There are a plethora of health conditions that could trigger this which is why it is best suggested to keep the problem in check and get regular health checkups to keep up with everything all the more.

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Check Out These Effective Remedies For Leg Cramps.

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps

Home Remedies For Leg Cramps
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When it comes to getting fast relief for leg cramps, the options are viable and quite extensive. It is important to ensure that you know about the possible home remedies that can stop leg muscle cramps and help handle the condition effectively.

In here, we are going to walk you through some of the effective home remedies for leg cramps that does provide with impactful results altogether.

1. Supplement with magnesium

Supplement with magnesium
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You’d be surprised to know but the lack of proper levels of magnesium in the body has been found to have contributing impacts in the induction of leg cramps.

The deficiency of magnesium in the body is often a contributing factor for the leg cramps (R) (R) because of muscle fatigue or some other underlying health issues.

Magnesium is a beneficial mineral which has impacts in calming the muscles in the body, even that in the heart too. The lack of optimal levels of magnesium in the body has been found to be the contributing factor behind the shortening or contraction of the muscles (R) (R) that cause the spasms and cramps.

It is the subclinical magnesium deficiency (R) which ends up causing the primary issue because the individuals don’t have an idea of the deficiency. If statistics are to be believed, more than 50% of the US population suffers from this condition, contributing the constant string of leg cramps that they suffer from.

When it comes to getting magnesium naturally from the diet, the process isn’t necessarily the most ideal one.

Some of the effective ways to supplement with magnesium in the cure for leg cramps include:

  • Opt for a slow release magnesium supplement for 15-20 days
  • Taking one-third of the dosage of milk of magnesia daily helps too
  • Absorb magnesium through the skin by soaking yourself in the Epsom salt baths

It is important for individuals in a low carb diet to opt for magnesium supplementation to get rid of the problems altogether.

2. Calcium

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Additionally, apart from magnesium, there is yet another one of the important minerals that does have a very crucial role when it comes to handling the condition related to leg cramps.

Calcium has been regarded as one of the most important minerals as it is not just related to the bone density and the nervous system function, the same has also been found to have impacts in handling the condition associated with the smooth muscle contraction.

Experts do suggest that the lack of optimal levels of calcium in the body could very well be a contributing factor to the leg cramps. The main reason behind the same is believed to be because it ends up preventing the proper muscle control and movement (R) (R).

If you wish to get rid of leg cramps, it is important that you maintain a steady calcium level in the body. Some of the food sources that are rich in calcium include milk, cheese, leafy green vegetables, almonds and fish.

3. Massage

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Often times, when we are experienced with a leg cramp, especially around the calf muscle, our first instinct is to reach out and rub it vigorously to make the muscles function back properly.

Massage is actually one of the best ways under the prospect of leg cramps remedy. The main reason behind the same is because it helps to improve the muscle motility and even boosts the overall blood circulation around the area, further helping to prevent the condition altogether.

As mentioned before, the condition of the pain and numbness often tends to accompany after you have experienced the leg cramp.

Massaging the area with gentle yet firm grip has been found to have beneficial impacts in getting rid of the numbness and even gets rid of any kind of residual pain that you might be feeling altogether.

When a leg spasm hits, start by walking around vigorously to get the blood circulation going and then opt for the massage for the better impact altogether.

4. Stretch away

Stretch away
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Stretching is yet another one of the effective remedies for the leg muscle cramps treatment. As we did mention before, indulging in exercises is often times one of the most common reasons behind the induction of the muscle cramps.

In order to prevent leg cramps, it is always best suggested to stretch your legs before as well as after you are done with exercising.

Exercising can end up causing fatigue to your muscles and in order to recover from that, it is very important to ensure that you do indulge in some stretching exercises to handle the situation for the better.

Don’t throw yourself head first into this but start out slow and then gradually pick your pace up for better impacts altogether. This helps in improving the blood flow to the muscles altogether for the best of impacts altogether.

For the best of impacts, get yourself a trainer and they will most definitely sort out the issue for you altogether.

5. Potassium supplementation

Potassium supplementation
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Much like the magnesium and calcium, even potassium does have a very important role to stop leg cramps immediately.

Not many tend to realize this but the importance of potassium for the body is actually quite extensive and important altogether.

It does have beneficial importance in the nervous function as well as in the muscular function, especially in the generation of resting and active potential which is associated with contraction.

The lack or deficiency of the proper levels of potassium in the body is thus one of the primary reasons when it comes down to the leg cramps and the muscle spasms in general.

Potassium can be supplemented with your diet and the food sources that you binge eat. Some of the beneficial sources of food effective for maintenance of the levels of potassium in the body include bananas, melons, citrus, avocados, potatoes, pumpkin, dairy and fish.

6. Manage your Hydration Levels

Manage your hydration levelsDehydration is often considered as one of the common reasons behind the induction of leg cramps, especially that in the athletes who do indulge in strenuous workout regimes.

Due to lack of proper evidence in this prospect, it is often hard to deduce it as a viable option altogether. But, the lack of proper hydration levels in the body could impact the levels of electrolytes in the body which is often one of the primary reason behind the condition of leg cramps altogether.

Not just dehydration, overhydration is a risk as well when it comes down to the electrolyte levels in the body.

While many think that drinking water during the exercise regime is effective enough to help ward off the fatigue in the muscle, studies have found that the same does have the potential to end up causing over hydration which is responsible for hyponatremia.

If you want to keep a check of your hydration levels, look out for the colour of your urine because that is actually one of the best indicators of the same. If it is too yellow, chances are that you are dehydrated. Alternatively, if the colour is way too pale, chances are that you are drinking too much water which is also not that good for you.

7. Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil
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Extracted from the leaves of the Gaultheria procumbens evergreen plant, the Wintergreen oil is one of the best remedies to relax leg muscle cramps effectively. It is rich in antioxidant, energizing as well as immune enhancing properties which does have positive impacts on the leg cramps too.

If you have been looking for effective leg muscle cramps treatment for immediate effect, the topical application of this essential oil can actually inflict beneficial impacts in eliminating it.

Studies (R) have found that the application of this oil over the cramped area on the leg and letting the oil seep into the skin can actually prove out to actually have beneficial impacts in handling the condition all the more better. It helps in reflecting on the pain and inflammation to get rid of both of them in a record time.

Make sure that you don’t go ham with the quantity of the oil you are applying and use it sparingly to avoid any kind of issues with the cramps and such altogether.

8. Compress

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Often times, when you are experiencing a leg cramp, chances are that you will end up walking around or vigorously massage the area. If the condition does persist even following that, it is always best suggested to ensure that you try out hot and cold compress in alternate turns.

Hot compress, when applied on the area of the muscle cramp, does help in improving the blood circulation around the area, thus helps in relieving the pain and inflammation.

Cold compress, on the other hand, is effective when the cramp doesn’t sizzle away even after various tries. Applying the cold compress on regular intervals does help in gradually helping get rid of the pain altogether that you must have been feeling all along.

If the spasm keeps on repeating and being persistent, don’t be scared of opting for either of the cold or the hot compress on the area that area affected. It also fights off the feeling of numbness that succeeds the condition.

9. Epsom Salt

Epsom SaltYet another one of the effective remedies for leg cramps treatment comes with the Epsom salt.

As mentioned before, the lack of magnesium in the body could be a contributing factor to the induction of muscle cramps. If you are consistently suffering from the same, try and get in the essential amount of magnesium into the body via the skin. For this specific purpose, the Epsom salt does stand out of the rest altogether.

Epsom salt has been found to alleviate the pain caused by the cramps by relaxing the muscles and also helping with the process of detoxification altogether.

For the best results, mix 1 cup of Epsom salt into your bath water and soak yourself in that for 15-20 minutes. Make sure that you let the salt dissolve into the water completely and then soak yourself in it for the best of impacts altogether.

If required, take a shower after that to get rid of the remnants of the salt from the body.

10. Avoid Caffeine

Avoid caffeineCaffeine is one of the most common triggers when it comes to the muscle and leg cramps. If you have been witnessing persistent signs and symptoms associated with this, chances are that your love for coffee is playing a major role in the same.

Studies (R) have found that not only is coffee a muscle stimulant, it also does have impacts in increasing the contraction force in the muscles.

With all the research evidences in coffee and caffeine being a trigger for the induction of the leg cramps and muscle spasms, it is always best suggested to ensure that you do find ways to combat the situation by getting rid of coffee from your diet for good to enjoy living a life free off of the pain of cramps and spasms.

Additionally, caffeine has also been found to be a diuretic (R) which further causes increased salt wasting in the kidneys as well as other mineral loss too which proves out to be a problem in the proper management of the levels of the electrolytes in the body.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarThe benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar on the body are endless and very extensive, making it one of the most potent remedies to get rid of leg cramps too.

While you might think that how can a remedy that helps improve digestion and immunity can be beneficial in handling the condition associated with the induction of the leg cramps.

Apart from having beneficial antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, the apple cider vinegar is also rich in potassium which has been found to have beneficial impacts in warding off the problems associated with the leg cramps and muscle spasms.

The potassium in it helps in proper maintenance of the fluid balance and thus maintains the optimal levels of electrolytes in check too for the best of impacts on the body altogether.

12. Clove Oil

Clove Oil
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Not many might deem this as a viable option but the application of clove oil has been found to have beneficial impacts in handling the condition associated with the pain and inflammation that the leg cramps bring about with it.

Clove oil does have beneficial analgesic and anti-inflammatory (R) properties which have been found to be quite beneficial when it comes to handling the condition associated with the cure for leg cramps.

This helps in lowering any kind of swelling that has impacted the tissues and muscles around and thus helps in keeping the condition in check for the better.

Next time you are looking around for treatment for leg cramps, simply take a few drops of this oil on your palms and massage it onto the area that’s cramped.

Managing your lifestyle to get rid of leg cramps can be an effective move in the long run. It is very important to ensure that you do focus on opting for the healthier options that will impact your life for the better. These home remedies that we have mentioned here are not just helpful in managing the symptoms associated with the leg cramps and muscle spasm relief but impacts your overall health too.