6 Reasons Why You Can’t sit Cross-Legged – Which is bad

Cant sit cross legged

Are there times when you find sitting cross-legged challenging? The reason could be because of being less active. I’m sitting all day. Your hips and knees may have become stiffer which actually limits your motion. Another reason could be muscular weakness and imbalances that you may have acquired when you were younger.

Sitting cross-legged has lots of benefits and they also make your body flexible and your muscles relax but if you are not able to do so can be an issue for you and you might experience numbness, pain, and cramps when you sit cross-legged this tells us that there is something wrong with your health.

The muscles of the lower body are not as strong as they used to be, so what could be the reason behind not being able to sit cross-legged? Let us understand that in this article today. We will talk about all the possible reasons that could be leading you to this issue. So keep reading further to know more.

Reasons For Not Being Able to Sit Cross-Legged

1. Your blood may not be circulating properly

If you feel numbness in your body especially in your lower body it means that your blood is not circulating properly because of the step muscles and that is why you feel numb, it can be an issue when you age because with age it will create much more stiffness in your knees, ankles, and joints and that might actually stop you from doing any moment like sitting cross-legged blood circulation. As it is most important and when it does not reach any part of your body it may lead to an issue.

2. Your thighs can be weak

Your thighs can be weak

Your thighs need to be stronger if your thighs seem to be weak, it can be because you do not have much lower body movements that is why it is necessary that you at least work out for some time daily or have physical activities related to your lower body. If you fail to do so that is when your thighs become weak and when you sit cross-legged your thighs stretch but if you do not have strong thighs you would not be able to sit in that position for a long time and that is why you may feel discomfort or uncomfortableness when you sit cross-legged

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3. You may have weak pelvic muscles

Your body should always be balanced and your pelvic muscles should not be way too tight or way too loose as well. Therefore you need to maintain a balance, when the pelvic muscles are too tight it becomes hard to do any movement so to provoke any activity you have to be regular with your pelvic exercises.

When your pelvic floor muscles are too tight it can cause tension in the hip and pelvic muscles. Your pelvic floor muscle supports important parts of your body and also bowel and bladder, it is because of pelvic floor muscle you would feel weak and may tend to clinch or contract when you sit in a cross-legged position that is why you need to strengthen your muscles and relieve tightness

4. Not so strong glutes

Not so strong glutes

There are lots of lower body movements when you sit cross-legged, also your whole body weight when you sit cross-legged lies on your glutes and if they are weak you will feel numb that is why you must have a strong lower body and indulge in some good exercises which can help you to build stronger glute. If you are someone who does not work out much you can always do some lower body movements while working like standing up, moving from one place to another, and walking which will help to improve your blood circulation and make your glutes stronger.

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5. Poor hip mobility

Poor hip mobility means the hip must be able to turn and rotate comfortably and if you fail to do so then you have poor hip mobility. The muscles that connect to the leg along with the motion and your hip joints will make it difficult for you to be seated in a cross-legged position and you may even feel pain. When you sit in a cross-legged position you should be able to rotate the leg and should not be able to feel any pain in your joints too.

6. Muscle Stiffness

The reason you feel numb in your lower body or even feel discomfort and pain is because of stiff muscles and that is a sign that your blood is not circulating properly in your lower body. In fact, as you grow older the problem can even become worse. With age, you might have joint pain, knee pain which can make sitting cross leg even more difficult because muscle stiffness also leads to stiffness in your joints and your ankles.

This can hamper your mobility and you might not be able to do any movements. That is why it is necessary to do some activity related to your lower body so that there is proper blood circulation to all parts of your body.

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Not being able to sit cross-legged can be an issue and knowing the cause will help to find the solution to it. It is also important to work on this as soon as possible because with growing age it may tend to get worse and you may feel discomfort always. Also working out and doing physical activities is necessary so you can have better health and a stronger body. Hope this post has helped you to understand that. Thank you for reading.