All You Need to Know About Lip Piercing

lip piercing

Getting your lip pierced is one of the famous beauty trend these days. A large number of young people try to get their lip pierced as it has suddenly become a thing which everyone want to show off. It is always important lip piercing done by the expert as sometimes piercing of lips can cause various problems.

Here we have tried to provide important information about the concept of lip piercing. Read on to get to know about the types of piercing as well as how to get your lip pierced along with some of the amazing tips for the aftercare of lip piercing.

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Types Of Lip Piercing

Except vertical labret piercing and lowbret piercing, all the other piercing does not actually pierce your lips. There are various other types of lip piercing which are listed here.

1. Horizontal Lower Lip Piercing

In this type of lip piercing, the piercing is done beneath the lower lip horizontally in a way that one side of the jewelry remains in the mouth and the other outside of the mouth, which can be visible. The horizontal lower lip piercing is placed either on the right or left side of the lower lip. Some of the examples for jewelry are circular barbells, captive rings.

2. Labret Piercing

The horizontal lower lip piercing which is placed at the center of the lower lip is known as labret piercing. In labret piercing, labret studs is the most famous piercing jewelry. However, others such as circular barbells, captive rings, studs as well as lip loop labrets can also wear in this type of piercing.

3. Medusa Piercing

In medusa piercing, the piercing is done through the philtrum or the central upper lip tissue. You can only wear labret studs ideally for the medusa piercing.

4. Monroe Piercing

In this piercing, the placement is done at the right or the left side of the upper lips. Monroe piercing is also known as other names such as Madonna piercing and Crawford piercing. In Monroe piercing, labret studs are one of the best types of jewelry, which you can wear.
There are various other individual lip piercing types are also available. Some of the best individual lip piercing types are listed below.

5. Cyber Bites

When the labret piercing as well as the medusa piercing is done at the same time, the combination is known as the cyber bites piercing. While you can wear labret studs in both the piercing, you can also change it with wearing labret stud in upper lip piercing and circular barbell or captive ring in the lower lip piercing.

6. Dolphin Bites

In this piercing, a pair of horizontal lower lip piercing is done very close on the skin beneath the central lower lip. Some of the best examples of jewelry for dolphin bites are captive rings, labret lip loops as well as labret studs.

7. Angel Bites

This, in reality, is one of the pairs of the Monroe piercing which is placed to the right of the philtrum by going through the skin on the upper left. Another piercing is done to the left of the philtrum. For angel bites piercing, labret studs are the amazing jewelry.

8. Snake Bites

This is again a pair of horizontal lower lip piercing which is done to the right as well as the left side of the lower lip. In this piercing, you can wear captive rings, circular barbells, lip loop labrets and labret studs.

How is Lip Piercing Done?

How lip piercing is done

The process of lip piercing has been provided in detail below.

Get all the required items

While trying for lip piercing, it is important to get all the materials ready. Some of the important items, which you need to lip piercing are as follows.

  • Numbing agent such as ice cube
  • Alcohol wipe or the Isopropyl alcohol
  • Gloves made up of latex or nitrile
  • Sewing needle or any sharp instrument for piercing
  • Jewelry of your choice
  • Hand sanitizer and lighter
  • A permanent marker

1. Sanitization and sterilization

Now it is important to sterilize all the instruments which you have gathered. First, clean the place where you are going to keep all your items with the help of alcohol wipe. Now take the needle or piercing tool and apply some hand sanitizer on it. After that with the help of a lighter heat the instruments for a minute. Keep the hot object away and get a marker.

Mark on the body part where you want to pierce. First outside and then inside the lip. Ensure that both the markers are in line with each other. It is also important to wipe your whole lip with the help of alcohol wipe. At last, wash your hands and put on the gloves.

2. Piercing

For numbing your lip before piercing, put on an ice pack on it for around 5-7 minutes. Now hold the lip in thumb as well as middle and index finger. Take the needle and push it from inside to outside. Make sure that the needle is coming out from the mark you made outside the lips. Push the needle till it comes out from the opposite side. Ensuring that the needle is coming out from the marker, helps in making the hole in the line. Once the needle comes out from the opposite side, your piercing is done.

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3. Puting in jewelry

Now, turn the needle left or right and remove it from the hole and again put in. Do this several times till you get the desired hole. Once you are satisfied with it, get the jewelry and sterilize it properly. Now get the earring jewelry and put it in the hole and after putting in check it properly.

4. Cleaning and Caring Of Piercing

Aftercare of the lip piercing, once it is done, is also highly important. You can use various aftercare products available on the market for cleaning your piercing. You can use isopropyl alcohol or the salt water. However, never use peroxide for cleaning. Always try to move the piercing left and right and put it on until first or second week. Use alcohol to clean the surrounding body part of the piercing.

After the first week, you can take out the piercing and clean it again. Then again you can put the piercing back. During all this process, your lip will be swollen. To reduce the swelling, you can use ice as the remedy. Continue to put on ice on lips till the swelling goes away. The wound will take around 6-8 months for complete healing. After that, you can also change the jewelry if you want.